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Three Day Diet - Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days? Print E-mail

There have been a number of questions regarding the 3 day diet in recent times.  The three day diet is a fad diet, meaning that there is no real scientific evidence behind whether a 3 day diet plan can work.  

However, there is anecdotal evidence regarding the success of 3 day diets in the form of many people that tried a particular 3 day heart diet or 3 day tuna diet and ended up better off for the experience. The results of many of these different diets can only be viewed in that anecdotal context because the 3 day apple diet that worked for someone might not work for someone else and likewise you might end up feeling extremely sick with the 3 day cardiac diet and then a week later find out that you actually lost 10 pounds through the use of the 3 day chemical breakdown diet.

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Because of the uncertainty related to any 3 day fad diet, regardless of whether it has a fancy name like the 3 day detox diet does (or the 3 day miracle diet for that matter), it is important to keep close tabs on your progress throughout the 3 day weight loss diet that you choose to pursue.

The 3 Day Diet

Here are your meals for a free 3 day diet that you can follow to lose weight fast.  This free 3 day diet plan is just one example of the many 3 day fad diets currently circulating the internet and while there are some good points to it, there are some cautions as well.

Day 1

  • For breakfast, have black coffee or tea, half a grapefruit and one slice of toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter
  • For lunch, have a half cup of tuna with one slice of toast as well as coffee or tea
  • For dinner, consume seven slices of any meat product, eat one cup of string beans, one cup of beets, one small apple and one cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 2

  • For breakfast, eat one egg, half a banana and one slice of toast with either black coffee or tea
  • For lunch, eat one cup of cottage cheese and three saltine crackers
  • For dinner, eat two hot dogs, one cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots and one cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 3

  • For breakfast, eat three saltine crackers, one slice of cheddar cheese, one small apple and drink a cup of black coffee or tea
  • For lunch, eat one hard boiled egg along with a slice of toast
  • For dinner, eat one cup of tuna, one beet, one cup of cauliflower, half a cantaloupe and half a cup of vanilla ice cream

This is an example of one of the 3 day diet plans that works on the chemical breakdown principle.  Now, while there are some good aspects to this diet, as previously mentioned the three day diet stated above also has some serious drawbacks and criticisms that can be made of it. The only way to get a true picture of this or any other three day diet plan and ultimately decide whether it is appropriate for your situation is to hear both sides of the coin.  With three day diets in particular this is vitally important.

The Good of a 3 Day Diet

The main good aspect about this 3 day 10 pound diet is the fact that it mixes things up, allowing you to eat a wide range of foods while at the same time allowing you to keep your calorie intake extremely low. The foods used with this diet in particular are reminiscent of many of the 3 day cleanse diet plans that are out on the market in which your goal is to eat a number of good foods in order to cleanse your body of all of the bad junk that you have been eating.  Whether or not these 3 day cleansing diet plans actually work is an open question, but that is the principle that they try to follow.

Another good aspect of this particular 3 day detox diet plan is the fact that it allows you to eat vanilla ice cream at the end of each day.  The vanilla ice cream acts as a reward for your discipline in sticking to the 3 day diet meal plan and therefore more people can finish this diet.  Finally, some people have used 3 day diet plans that were exactly like this one in order to achieve results, which is empirical evidence that at least for some people they seem to work.

The Bad of a 3 Day Diet

The main bad point that would have to be considered in a 3 day diet review of this particular diet is the fact that you are essentially starving yourself for three days in an effort to lose a large amount of weight.  This is in fact the main point of criticism that 3 day diet reviews level on diets like this one and many of those same reviews tend to dismiss 3 day diet results or 3 day diet success stories that come from the diets, citing that something else must have been going on at the same time.

The main reason that people are so critical of the 3 day fad diet is the fact that it seems to be counter to what nutritionists generally believe about the human body.  They tend to believe nowadays that the human body stores food and has a starvation mode that it goes into when it does not get a certain amount of calories a day.  This means that any initial weight loss on the part of a three day diet would only be temporary and those gains would be rolled back when the body went into starvation mode and started to conserve the food that you put into it.  Unfortunately, at the same time this might end up leading to dizziness and general weakness on your part.



This has led some people to suggest a 3 day on, 4 day off diet that could counteract some of those effects, but at the moment the debate is still going on as to the overall effectiveness of these diets. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal choice as to whether you would like to pursue these types of diets.  As always seek medical advise from your doctor before doing any diet plan or exercise plan.

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  1. I started this diet on Monday, 8/25/14 weighing in at 218lbs now im on day 3 just waiting to weigh in the morning Thursday, 8/28/14. I will keep you all posted and good luck to all who are trying to lose weight.
  2. I did lose 10pounds after the 3 day diet,but it showed up the next week . I did it again .My friend noticed I was 150lbs then 140lbs I later ate whatever I wanted drank alcohol ate cookies and yes gained it all back to what I was not more weight though I did lose after following the diet and it showed iup a few days later on the scale.
  3. Guys hw many times v can hv coffee or tea?and with what can I substitute beans beet n cauliflower with...n yes can v eat chicken hot dog instead of beef? Plsss tell me really wana do dis diet...plssss guys answer my ques wud b really thankful :( luv x
  4. I lost 7 lbs in 3 days,I need to lose 15Lbs more...
  5. how do you maintain your weight once you lose the weight you want to lose on the 3 dd
  6. First day today and I'm feeling positive as weight it 206 I gained weight being on birth control:/ but I'm hoping to lose some pounds and do it again till I reach my goal. Best of luck to everyone on this diet. :)
  7. i need to lose 10lbs by valentimes day
  8. Hi All!! I have a few questions... 1- can we spread out the food? For Example, can I have breakfast in a span of 2 hours so that I am not that hungry? 2- How do we measure veggies? I layed the carrots straight up in a one cup measure and at them.. is this ok? 3- Do we eat the veggies raw? 4- How much black coffee can we drink with the specified meal? for example day one allows for coffee during all times, but how much? jus one cup? 5- How are cheese and meat measured? I eye ba
  9. I'm starting this tomorrow. I'm 5'2 about 230 lbs. I need to lose the weight to save my knees. My husband lost a lot of weight on this diet years ago. I hope it works for me
  10. Hey!all i'm 14 my weight was 80 kg and my mom and dad was upset cuz of me so, i tried 3 day diet and it worked i lost 5 kg, i took it for a month and now my weight is 55. i tried to loss weight with 3 days diet and it effects i tried 1 boiled egg in the morning and green tea, in dinner i take salad i did it all 3 days.
  11. I think that would be fine.
  12. Question. Are we allowed to take vitamins or detox and cleanse pills during the 3 days? The detox pills are all natural with no strange things you can't pronounce or identify. Thanks!
  13. Okay this is my plan for this week: 9/9/13 to 9/15/13: Today is 9/9/13 Weigh: 200.2 Monday - Wednesday (3 Day Diet) / Thursday-Friday (Protein Shake Diet 2 Meals of Protein Shakes, Snacks every 2 hours and Dinner of 4oz protein and veggies) / Saturday (Cheat Day) / Sunday (Protein Diet) Crossing my fingers!
  14. There are several versions of the 3 day diet. I followed one and only lost 3 pounds. Could you send me the original 3-day diet plan please. The diet that I followed, suggested 2 bananas. (Disaster) the first day I gained a pound. Thanks for your help!
  15. I drink ACV with every meal. Will that change how the 3 DD works. I started to drink AVC a little over a week now.
  16. How many hours should i wait before i eat another meal?
  17. Hi Missy, No you can't add brown sugar or 1% milk. That is why it lists black coffee. If you don't like this, just drink water. Adding those things will screw up your metabolism.
  18. I need to drink coffee, but do not like black coffee with out sugar and milk so, can I still use brown sugar and 2% milk or not at all.
  19. This sounds interesting, think I'll try it too, I"m currently on body bi vi and love my shakes, but I'm willing to try this to lose 10 pounds
  20. I'm currently on the second day and there are subsitutions. Such as tuna you can replace that with 2 onces of chicken. I personally hate tuna so this worked out for me. Banana guy, you can replace bananas with 2 apricots. Yum! I hate bananas. This diet hopefully will bring great results. I hope to lose 30 pounds!
  21. I'm on my 2nd 3 day period after 4 off, i lost 8 lbs. the first 3 days, gained 4 back on the 4 days off (darn beer) looking forward to wieging in tomorrow night
  22. I have participated in this diet multiple times and I can say it does work.. When you first start the diet, it is kind of hard because your choices are limited.. You can NOT substitute, but if you don't eat cottage cheese/hot dogs you may do without. If you DO decide to add seasoning you can use pepper.. Or Dash(Salt Free Seasoning) NO SALT, NO SUGAR Drink LOTS OF WATER.. The diet shown here is about 1200-1250 calories per day.. So the trick in keeping the weight off is to maintain your recent intake.. On your 4 days off.. DO NOT GORGE. EAT light.. Count your calorie intake.. And you should maintain your results. After the 4 days are up, you can re start your 3 day diet.
  23. My husband, daughter, and I did this diet for three weeks. We cut soda completely and reduce sugar consumption during the 4 off days. We had great results: my daughter lost 12lbs, my husband lost 18lbs, and I lost 10 and I went down a pant size (from 16 to 14). The diet was not too difficult to do and our appetite reduced after the second week.
  24. am on second day dieting.feeling great.need to lose ten pounds fast.
  25. Hi I want to try the 3 Day Diet but is allergic to bananas,is there a subsitute?
  26. I am on Day two! I weighed in this morning and am down 3.5 pounds! I Hope it continues! I hate hotdogs and that is whats for dinner tonight:( Is there any substitues that anyone knows of?
  27. I am going to start this 3 day diet plan on the 3-2-13...currently i am weighing 186 lbs. will keep you posted.
  28. Hi Linda, Yes you can exercise while on this diet. Keep an eye on how your body feels as this is a pretty restrictive short term diet. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, you should consult with your Doctor for an expert medical opinion.
  29. Hello everyone i've gained 10lbs in the last year. I'm 5'4 155lbs I don't feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. My husband is in the navy, when he is out to sea it's easy for me to loose weight and keep it off. When he's home it's eatting and drinking. I'm starting the 3day diet I hope it works. I did weight watchers in the past worked for me, i'm looking for something different other than points. I hope this works. I have a question does anyone workout during this diet. I'm a huge workout person the info will be greatly appreciated.
  30. can i drink green tea instead of black tea/coffee? and what can i eat instead of cottage cheese?
  31. Is it okay to add spices to the foods? Cinnamon, chili powder, cumin, etc?
  32. I'm going to be having knee surgery in about a month and my surgeon advised me to lose some weight if I can so it won't put more strain on my knee in physical therapy. I weigh 250lbs now and I am having surgery on the seventh of November. If I start this diet tomorrow, about how much weight do you think I will lose? Has anyone had any experience with this diet for that long? And also, I am allergic to eggs, can I substitute anything?
  33. I have heard amazing results from people that did this for 3 days. I have found a ton of feedback from people who did it for 3 days. I was curious to see what happen during the 4 day period you are off the diet. Because I would think we would gain all the weight back and maybe even more. If someone has done it more than 3 days, please let me know. Thanks so much!
  34. I'm really excited to start this diet,reading all these comments encourages me to wanna get back to 130,I just recently had ly son who is 3 months & I weight 196 :/ I'm so ready to get my body back & look good for my husband once again :)
  35. Second day today, weighed in at 164lbs (thats almost 6lbs weight loss!)feeling great- I did cheat on the first day as well having a small yogurt pot before bed and yet I still lost such a significant amount of weight!, very hungry but im not going to ruin it now! Feeling very positive and will keep you updated!
  36. First day today, doing pretty well so far, currently 5"7 at 170lbs aiming to lose at least 30lbs over the next month, done light exercise and stuck to the diet exactly with some subs butt feeling positive will keep you updated wish me luck!
  37. Wow since summer started i gained 25 pounds cuz all i do is eat junk food and play black opps all day haha, but i really wanna lose it all so i canlook good for when school starts up again. I think im going to start tommorow cuz i have to shopp for thoses foods today, well hope it works, i will put the results up after im done with the diet. #Hopeitworks!!
  38. Hi All!!! This is my 3rd day, and I will post my weight lost 2morrow. I'm 5 31/2 & 200. I did this diet before, & it wasn't hard @ all, but I did it with my mom & sister from NJ. It was very encouraging to get the phone calls to make sure we were all following the diet plan. This time i did myself, & I did cheat with a slice of mango on my 2nd day. So I will post my weight loss 2morrow. Good Luck to all because it does works, I will continue for two more weeks. I use to weigh 240 and it helped me 3 yrs ago along with powerwalking, and exercise, and I didn't gain it back. I just fluctuate back & forth between 190-200, and i want it to stop. I want to go below 185 and lose on my own from there. Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck!!!!!!
  39. My friend & I just started this diet this morning, after reading all these comments I'm pretty excited to see out end results! My only question is: is it okay to drink green tea? I am 5'6" & weight 170lbs right now. my target goal is 130, so I have a way to go yet. I will post back with my results in a couple days!
  40. Where can I get an exact copy of this diet. I know its been around forever and need to lose some weight fast for a wedding??? Please let me know. Thanks again, Diane
  41. Is the grapefruit a necessity to burn fat? Because I personally don't like the taste.
  42. Started diet today, have a late night snacking problem, if I can follow this, and avoid that, I should be able to reach goal of 130. That's 17 pounds from where I am now... I'll post results in 3 days... not gonna weigh until then. *crosses fingers*
  43. What can I sub in for cauliflower and beets?
  44. well im trying to lose weight because i going to deep river wate r park on the 23rd and i wanna get in a 2 piece!!!
  45. I'm on day 3 of the diet. I haven't weighed myself yet but I can def. tell I've lost weight. At least 5 pounds maybe more. I won't weigh in until a month later when I'm done with the diet. (Scales depress me) I know you aren't supposed to add anything but I added cayenne to my tuna with a little mustard, that's the only off menu thing i did. Surprisingly the dinner's very filling and I didnt find myself being overly hungry none of the days. My start weight's 177 I'm hoping to lose about 40 pounds. I'll keep u guys posted!
  46. I went from 21st to 12st on this diet which was great. But this diet does not train your mind and allow you to solve real issues in why your weight goes up and down. I was on this diet for 7 months, and family members I had not seen during the diet did not even recognise me when standing next to them after the weight loss. Good luck all !
  47. I've tried this in the past and I'm currently on the diet. I lose an average of 4 pounds a week. The key is to eat responsibly on the other days or you will gain the weight back and have to start all over again.
  48. i just started it today. am 5'4 and I weigh 132 lb. i have to lose 15 lbs. I hope it works for me cs am getting married in 2 months and my wedding dress doesn't fit anymore :(
  49. Day 1 was fine. Had to take a break at dinner...way too many veggies! I had canned- not that tasty even with s+p. Day 2 was harder than day 1, more so because of the small lunch. The vanilla ice cream really seems to help me get by. I'm in Chicago if anybody else is doing this.
  50. Can you drink diet soda on this diet? I see some versions that allow it. I am so tired of water and tea.

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