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Robert Ferguson Food Lovers Fat Loss System Review Print E-mail


It almost seems like you’ve found the holy grail of fat loss when you start reading about this program.  The weight loss program seems to have the ability to induce strict weight loss in your body while at the same time giving you the choice to eat all of the foods that you love.  Anyone that has looked at these types of programs before will feel intense suspicion instead of a sense of wonder, but both feelings are going to be very strong in nature.  The rest of this article will comment on the program, allowing you to decide for yourself whether this program is worth your time.

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How it Works

One thing that you need to realize when it comes to this particular system is that it is not telling you that you can eat all of your favourite foods in any amount and that is how to lose weight fast.  No program in their right mind would tell you that because it is obviously untrue.  Instead of that obviously untrue premise, the argument made by this program is that if you exercise strict portion control over the foods that you eat and then combine that diet with an exercise program, you should be able to experience the weight loss that you’ve been looking for this entire time.

Evaluating the Claim

Anybody with any amount of knowledge regarding the fitness industry can tell you that the above is obviously true.  This is because it is not the actual foods themselves that are the issue.  It is the amount of calories that you take in.  If the calories that you take in equal or are less than the amount you burn off, you’ll lose weight.  The actual foods are not important, but the caloric intake is.  This is not particularly innovative thinking.  There have been many other programs in the past that have tried the same gimmick, but most of them have failed because of a lack of discipline on the part of people that were eating their favourite foods.  Unless this system has the ability to change those discipline levels, it could end up falling to the same fate as a number of the systems that came before it.

Other Points

This program keeps its cards very close to its chest when it comes to explaining the particulars of the program that they have.  They will give you instructions to follow, but at no point will they really tackle the business of explaining to you why those instructions will work or why those instructions are necessary.  The end result of that is that during the first 21 days of the diet, you can often feel as though you were the victim of false advertising.  You will get to eat some of your favourite foods, but the portions will be so small that at some point you might get the feeling that you can’t really enjoy them this way.  Things do get better after 21 days, but not by much.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Robert Ferguson’s Food Lovers Fat Loss System is not a new way of doing fat loss.  The fact of the matter is that it is actually something that has been done so many times before that it has become tired in the eyes of many of the fat loss reviewers that are around today.  However, it is a system that is worth trying for people that have not tried this type of system before because there is no telling what might work for someone that has been through other programs before.  Weight loss is often about going through programs until you find the one that works for you, so keep that in mind when taking a look at this program.

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  1. It looks to me like FLFLS has people post phony reports to try and keep the lie in effect.
  2. Had and am still having many problems with the company. The 60.00 program turned into over 180.00 before it even arrived, and I only ordered one extra thing, the restaurant guide. It said 20-- dollars, and I really wanted it but when I was billed I found it was three payments of 20-- dollars. I returned the whole program, still waiting for refund-been 6 weeks-
  3. cant wait to be skinny!
  4. I had no problems with the company; did not want and did not receive the supplements, and the package came quickly. I started at 203 lbs and now weigh 168! Losing about 1 1/4 lb. per week - which I'm fine with. I'm over 65 and had so much trouble losing weight before I found this plan, that the steady weight lose while eating plenty of healthy food seems like magic to me! I'm only 5'3/4" and have always thought I had to eat so little to lose weight that I couldn't do it. Now I get it, it is a lot about the combination of what you eat, and eating often enough to keep my blood sugar level. I'm never hungry and the weight keeps coming off. Just take the plan 1 step to a time and it is easy to follow, and works. If you order online at their site, and fill in the order exactly as you want it, and are really ready to lose weight - this is the best system out there!! Thanks Robert!
  5. I was just about to order this program when I decided to read some reviews on it. Thank you everyone for your input. I don't care how good a product could be, if you lie, cheat, and steal to sell it, obviously you don't believe in it much yourself because a great product will actually sell itself. I don't deal with any one or any company that attempts to take advantage of consumers, especially those that genuinely need help with something. Once you have shown yourself to be crooked, underhanded, misleading, and downright rude with one consumer, that's enough for me. No way will I even think about purchasing this product anymore and I will warn eveyone I know about the awful bussiness practices in every way I can (word of mouth, social networks, local and national newspapers, etc. I really don't like when people try to take advantage of others.
  6. I posted in feb. that I enjoyed this program, and while I think the program is sound, i had to come back to say the companies business practices are horrible!. I had to replace the Million Meals Menu Planner in the kit. It took 3 weeks for someone to get back to me. I was told it would cost $24 plus $4 for shipping. I agreed and gave credit card number. I was billed $66 dollars on my credit card. When I called, I was told it was because it had to be shipped to Canada. That's such a crock because I just had a cookbook shipped from the US and it cost $6 for shipping. On tops of this, I never recieved the planner and the company is refusing to refund my credit card!. I did recommend this program, but I must retract that because of the customer service.
  7. Before you buy!!!! I have read so many of the comments here about the horrible buisness practices of the compny selling this "system". Thank you all for posting your comments. It lead me to find another way. I was still interested in the concept of this "diet", so I went to Ebay to see if there were any for sale there. YES!!! Ebay has the system for sale. It gets around the problem of not getting your money back, and it eliminates automatic shipments of stuff you don't want or did't order ...AND the best part is... free shipping as well as $30 less in price. I hope people read this before getting involved with payment problems.
  8. Elisha, cider and other juices are lacking the fiber , so they metabolize super fast and become more of a challenge to losing. You will probably be able to enjoy the cider as a part of a fiber type snack but you do have to be aware of total snack calories and even the natural sugars bump calories way up. I love learning what fuels I need to bump up my metab and the re-training of which food options work best to burn fat. Getting this kit as a re-sale was perfect for my budget PLUS no sales pressure or repeat charges on my card. Requires reading daily and small daily changes toward better health so no over load. This is right for me now bc I have time for it . I take my own supplements as theirs had been opened and kept by previous owner. Otherwise, completely unused kit! I'm on Day 20 of 21. Feel great! THANKS, Robert!
  9. I clearly told the customer service rep I was not interested in the pills, I wanted the advertised program for a charge of $19.99 for six months. However, last week I saw a charge for $29.99 on my bank statement, and this afternoon, I received a package of pills. If their product was any good, they would not have to result to fooling consumers. I would caution anyone who wants to buy from these Jokers. They are not worth the trouble.
  10. I got the program from someone that bought it and never used it so I didn't have to deal with poor customer service that people are talking about. I think the program is one of the best that I've tried. It may seem elaborate and alot to learn, but it is about teaching you the fundimentals of proper nutrition and eating to control insulin. It really is about re-training you in the way you eat. This is alot of information and I think he's done a great job of teaching small lesons over a 21 day period. It's not so overwhelming. At the end of the program you have learned and made the proper changes for the life style change that is needed for long term weight loss. A quick fix program, this is not, so if you are looking for long term permanent weight loss, then I would recommend trying this program.
  11. I was expecting a refund for diet pills I didn't want and had been put on an auto ship auto pay program resulting from my orginal order. In my opinion, this company intentionally trains it’s reps to use language that provides “loop holes, a means for an argument” in order to miss-lead, berate and dupe consumers. BUYERS BEWARE! I agree, good program but, this companys business practices are horrible!
  12. The best part about charging the program to Visa or MC is that you can complain to them and they will take off the charges until the case is resolved. Do it now and don't let these crooks win.
  13. Seems that all the negative comments are about the business practices, not the actual product. I am thinking about buying this product, but think I might go to the library first. This program does not sound new, it sounds Ike common sence. If I'm not mistaken, I have seen this plan before. Investigating
  14. Thank you all for your thoughts and reviews on this product. I think I will pass on this purchase. I haven't the money to waste on a product that may or may not work and if it doesn't I expect to get my money returned as promised without the hassles or monies taken out of my account when I have returned something. Thanks again for the reviews
  15. I watched some of the infomercial yesterday. I read the review and the comments and it seems it is about will power - portion control - exercise. I don't need another program. I have Richards Simmons Deal-a-Meal and it worked for me before. This sounds like a similar system.
  16. I tried this a few years ago and i lost the 15 lbs i was trying to lose. 7 lbs in the first week by following it EXACTLY! The exercise dvd is great too and really works! There is no miracle out there that makes a person lose weight without a lot of will power and desire to really want to change what we really do have the power to change. This helps you do that. I thought it had more than enough info to understand it fully. The bottom line is that it really is all about portion control in any diet and staying active helps speed it along.
  17. What a rip off!!!! This product ended up costing me $274.95 on my credit card. This diet is too involved. I had to pay an extra $12.50 to have it mailed back. I will get back $227.00. Now I have found out I will be sent each month some pill for extra energy and to control my eating. What happened to the $ 19.99 for six payment?? Yes, this is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I ordered the program 5/24 and cancelled it 5/26. They sent it anyway on 5/29. I contacted customer service when it arrived, followed their instructions exactly and returned in on 6/14, confirmed it was delivered on 6/19. On 6/30, they charged my bank account again. After numerous requests for a full refund, I received an email from them on 7/6 saying, "Sorry, you did not return it within 8 weeks"! It's not the amount, it's the horrible way they have handled this. I have had to contact the CA Attorney General's office. And the product is nothing new or different.
  19. Becareful...I got charged I never agreed to and they will not credit me anything back or let me speak with a manger about all these charges.. I'm very upset so becareful.. I wanted to just send whole works back but she then said they charge me other careful! Very upset with service I got
  20. Thank you everybody for the help in making a truly informed decision about this product. Everytime I see an infomercial and really want something, I get online and read the reviews. So far the only thing I have found good reviews about is the perfect tortilla bowl, and I still didn't order off tv, I bought it on amazon. Whenever you get this many bad reviews in one place with only a few good ones peppered in, I can't help but believe the good ones are phony, coming from the company themselves. I definitely will not spend my money on this and will probably just stay eating healthy foods.
  21. i have been on food lovers for 7 months now and i have no problem with them...It really works u have to follow what they say and things like that....If u don t follow what they say then it will be hard for u ....I m on food lovers now and i staying on it i m not giving up i was 245 pounds now i m down to 220 pounds thanks to them...Customer service are very nice to me and they never overcharged me..i got my package when i ordered it came to my doorstep in 5 days which i was really excited about it....And don t listen to the other people saying the program doesn t work it works well and fine
  22. Do not order from this company, terrible customer service. I ordered the Food Lovers product and it did not provide any additional information over was the commercial states. I cancelled it immediately. I was given a very tedious process of steps to complete for returning it properly and had to pay for all shipping costs to return it. They "claim" the package was not received within the guarantee time and they are charging me the $109 for the package. Even worse, they did not contact me in regards to never receiving the package & sent me to collections. Now I am being harassed by a collection agency that is telling me I am better off just paying it!!!! I called Food Lovers Customer Service and the man on the other end was very rude & refused me a supervisor when I requested one. He said I have no need for a supervisor. I googled Provida's corporate offices and called them. Again, receiving another call center lacky (you can tell for the background noise).
  23. I started this program at 63 years old. I've lost 17 pounds in 2 months. I started dieting at 12 years old (good & bad diets) including 4tries in Weight Watchers--lost some, gained MORE back. As far as I am concerned, this is my last weight loss program--it works, but you have to work the program. It is EASY to figure out, but not always easy to do. It is called discipline...the food is simple and easy to prepare--it is all a matter of balance. Nothing in this life that is worthwhile is easy! Maybe this time, I am just ready to do the work--really ready to eat healthy and get healthy...I say this program is WELL WORTH THE MONEY. (I didn't buy any extra pills or vitamins and no one tried to get me to buy them!)
  24. Please, Please, do not order this. I I just got off the phone with customer service (who hung up on me)I was charged 64.87 for what they say was an online coach and was not refundable. When asked to talk with her supervisor or billing she said no. When I continued to request someone else to speak to she said it will do no good and hung up on me. That said, I would not give them any charge info. because it seems they will deduct whatever they want from your account and then tell you to bad.
  25. Not only did I not really like the program (decided to go back to weight watchers, which I LOVE) but I sent my program back TWO MONTHS AGO and still have yet receive my refund. Plus they charged me for another month of "vitamins" and I never received them or a refund...
  26. I saw this infomercial and it made me mad...they say you can eat all sorts of unhealthy crap and lose weight. You would have to eat very very small amounts of food and it wouldn't be satisfying, or healthy. This program is way too expensive and anyone can do their own research to learn how to eat healthy. Stay away from fast food and fried stuff, keep portions small, eat every three hours, veggies and whole grains to keep full, good sources of protien with every meal: salmon, natural peanut butter, beans, nuts, yogurt, soy products, eggs, chicken, turkey, etc. If you want a treat, have it, but just a quarter portion and eat it slowly. Drink lots of water and avoid sugary drinks. Walk every day for 30 minutes and gradually add other exercise, including resistance training. Above all have patience and forgive yourself for screwing up every now and then. Weight loss that lasts takes time. Don't waste your good money on "quick fix" congames.
  27. Fat people have all the excuses for not losing weight and 99% of it comes from being lazy and having no self esteem. This in fact leads to you negativity when it comes to weight loss systems and your ability to stick with something because fat people have little self control. I was fat but no anymore since this brilliant program fell on my lap. This is the last thing I see as "quick fix" This is a lifetime of how, when and what combinations of foods to eat. I feel sorry for all those who comment without even trying the product or those who simply give up after a week because they can't control themselves
  28. What happens when you reach your goal, does your body just stay at that level, or do you continue to lose? (As long as you stay on the program?)
  29. Fat People will buy anything!!! I fell for the Food Lovers infomercial but knew my doctor wouldn't approve the use of anymore pills and asked if I could cancel the pills. The operator assured me that I could do that either by phone or online. I selected on line and for some stupid reason believed that would work. Yesterday I received another order of the Fat Fighter pills that were blissfully charged to my credit card. This time I tried the phone and the operator tried her best to convince me to keep them and give them to a friend or family member. She finally gave me a return number that must be put on the outside of the package and told me I have 7 days to get them returned. As with all shipments I still have to pay shipping - both ways. Very bad business practices. I can't blame them for selling the diet it's just another way to make money and I fault myself for yet again falling for another quick fix.
  30. I just started eating healthy and I lost 30 pds in 3 months and I feel like I'm eating great. I just eat chicken, fish, and turkey for my meat along with steamed vegetable's I cut out the red meat and I never eat fried meat or anything fried so having the lean meat with lots of green veg and all the fruit between meals I want and I am staying full. So now I just always eat this way and when we go out on the weekend I do a quick check on what would be the closest thing to the type food I eat and I eat that, like olive garden has a really fat apricot chicken which My husband and I have learned to cook at home now. I feel great my cholesteroll is normal now and this works for my family.
  31. The program might work for some, bu not for me. I did better getting a trainer & following their guidance. Were my BIG problem with Food Lovers is the way they do business. Their 100% money back guarantee states you can return it for any reason & you get your money back. What they don't tell you until you have the product in your house is that YOU DON'T GET BACK THE SHIPPING & HANDLING AND YOU HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING & HANDLING TO SEND IT BACK!!! I asked for a supervisor, but was denied. I pushed to speak to one, but they just stated that it would make no difference. I run a business & understant that good customer service would dictate transfering me to them even if it resulted in the same answer. TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES!
  32. I started the program two weeks ago, I feel great and I've lost 4 pounds. It really is about portion control and learning to make a fat loss plate! As with any diet program you have to exercise and if you are not good at eyeing a portion size be sure to measure and weigh. The books have great information and I've even learned a few things that I didn't know from prior programs. It's worth trying the only thing you have to lose is fat!!!
  33. They didn't deliver it to the right place. So after waiting forever. I just want my money back.
  34. My mother and I just started it.And I love the recipes as well as the work out They are fun. He makes it fun. And I been in fitness and nutrition industry 20 years. I'm already getting results. I'm working out at the gym and walking also. I am enjoying the whole program!
  36. I have been researching a lot about some of the best ways to loose belly fat. My younger sister has been trying to get rid of her belly fat for a long time now with little result. I would like to know if you know of other great ways of loosing belly fat apart from exercises. I have heard of foods that help reduce belly fat and as I was research I came across this website. It has important information about some of the foods that can greatly reduce belly fat.
  37. I have been researching a lot about some of the best ways to loose belly fat. My younger sister has been trying to get rid of her belly fat for a long time now with little result. I would like to know if you know of other great ways of loosing belly fat apart from exercises. I have heard of foods that help reduce belly fat and as I was research I came across this website. It has important information about some of the foods that can greatly reduce belly fat.
  38. I was going order this, but it sounds like the diet my doctor gave me for hypoglycemia. Eat every two hours, and eat fruits veggies, meat all in moderation. Just making sure you keep your blood sugar stable so you don't get hungry and reach for sugars to feel better. Low impact boot. I got that diet and advice for a simple copay ...
  39. I just ordered this program and I am very hopeful that something will work. I have tried pretty much everything out there. Other progrmas, HCG, starvation, MASSIVE and intense workouts, weight watchers and several other ways to loose weight to no avail. I am going to be 40 this year and totally embarrased by my weight. Top end I was over 200 pounds (lost about 10 with HCG) but I've never flet right about restrictive "dieting" because you ALWAYS want what you can't have when you're on a diet. The ones that were the hardest for me were the ones that wouldn't allow me to have carbs at all! This program makes the most sence to me which is why I, yet again, ordered another program. I will keep all updated on the progress, if any, as it goes on.
  40. I have had a couple of accidents an I really cant excercise and I cant stand the weight on my wasteline. Tell me what foods I can eat to get rid of it.
  41. Nothing but a hook to sell unsolicited vitamins on auto ship @ $30 a pop! Watch your credit cards!
  42. To be honest I bought this program over a year ago and I never actually did the plan step by step but I read the information and applied small parts of it to my daily life and started work out with his cardio funk fusion and fat burning kickboxing dvds (12mins who doesn't have time for a 12min workout and there actually fun) I only do them 2 or 3 times a week sometimes more or less but just that and eating more like his plan discribes I lost 10 lbs in 3months. Writing down everything you eat and drink ()not counting calories) just simply saying I ate 3pieces of pizza and chips and blahblahblah today and keeping track of ur weight really helped me hold myself accountable for what I was eating/drink watching cals isn't bad but don't let it control ur life.
  43. I agree with Ramona. I am a nurse practitioner with 13 years of nephrology and endocrinology experience. I just started Robert Ferguson's Food Lovers Fat Loss System and it is medically sound. Controlling your glucose levels is the key. Why do you think there are so many Type 2 diabetics? I applaud Mr. Ferguson for introducing the system in a way where you feel as if you have control while taking small steps everyday to change unhealthy habits. Too many people want a quick fix. Well Newsflash people, it comes down to eating healthy, portion control and exercising. The system teaches you how to eat and offers suggestions. The system utilizes a little reverse psychology of telling me what I can have vs telling me what I cannot have. Thank you Mr. Ferguson for creating a system that empowers people and I'm looking forward to my new lifestyle. If more dieticians could teach this system, we would have more compliant patients and less insulin dependent ones.
  44. I find it difficult to see how my metabolism will increase when I eat every 2-3 hours. I am about 80 lbs overweight now and I already eat 3 meals a day plus a snack in betbween meals and a couple snacks before bed time. So how will my metabolism increase with this program?? If anything, I believe in substituting unhealthy foods and snacks with entirely healthy ones, like cutting out excess sugar, salt, fats especially when they contain little to no nutritional value. Portion control is a number one issue with being overweight. Overeating is an addiction like alcoholism or substance abuse. I've been on some kind of diet almost all my life and believe from 50 years of experience that I will struggle with weight control til I'm in my grave. If you want a real education of food and how it affects your weight as well as your health, read Dr Joel Furhman's "Live to Eat". This tells it all and makes you wonder why we aren't being educated properly about nutrition.
  45. I just saw the infomercial for this diet and was interested in reading buyers comments. I'm a nurse and nutrition has always interested me. I've read a lot of material about a lot of diets but, I also understand how the body works. The most important thing to know is that you have to control your insulin levels and keep them as even as possible throughout the day. Insulin controls how your bady stores fat. Get yourself a copy of "The Revolutionary New Glycemic Index Diet" This book will cost you about $15.00 [a lot less then the program] and it will explain exactly WHY it works, how it works and you really can eat almost anything. The glycemic index will tell you what foods effect your insulin levels and many of the foods that you think will throw your insulin levels for a loop actually won't. My husband in diabetic and we both love this way of eating. It sounds like Fergusons program is based on the glycemic index. If you can read, you can do this way of eating without spending over a hundred dollars.
  46. I have purchased the plan and would like to do the detox that everyone speaks of first. But I CAN'T FIND IT!! PLEASE HELP!!
  47. I started this program on March 1, 2011. Within 6 months I lost 50 lbs. It's been 10 months and I'm within 5 lbs of my goal. When I make it I will have lost 70lbs and gone from a size 18 to a size 8. I'm 43 years old, 5'11" tall and have always had trouble with my weight. This is the first time I've learned how to eat healthy and stay lean. This program changed my life and it was simple and fun. I *never* thought I would say that about a diet, but this sure worked for me.
  48. I undeniably disagree with this review and with clearblue. Clearblue stated "I ordered the diet and it is so intricate that you would have to be a dedicated scientist to keep up with it" I deny this claim 100 percent. Their claim is just utter ignorance because obviously he/she did not read through the program. Robert takes you step by step through the program and even a high schooler can folow it. The program even goes as far as to supply a restaurant guide that shows foods what foods you can eat from there. The program is about the combination of the food you eat to keep your blood sugar stable. protein, fast carb, slow carb. eating multiple times a day. I did the program and lost 90 pounds of fat and 7 inches off my waist from exersise, and lowered my pressure and stablized my sugar levels. Overall I love the program but its created to be a lifestyle. It teaches you key things to be healthier while enjoying the pleasures of food.
  49. This is a scam, FALSE ADVERTISING. I ordered the diet and it is so intricate that you would have to be a dedicated scientist to keep up with it. You also have to love to cook because NUMBER ONE! YOU CANNOT EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT! YOU HAVE TO PREPARE THE FOODS ACCORDING TO THEIR GUIDELINES AND NOT VEER FROM IT! YOU end up with so many books it is like going to college to get a degree in nutrition. THEN THERE IS THE MATTER OF THE LITTLE DIET PIILLS THEY SAY YOU CAN GET FOR JUST ONE DOLLAR EXTRA WHEN YOU ORDER THEIR PLAN! There is no UP FRONT admission that they are goin to continue to charge you for these pills and put you on an autoship program. NUMBER TWO! The pills DO NOT WORK! They are simply overpriced vitamins. The people giving the rave reviews on here are obviously connected with the people who produce this diet program among many other diet programs in their advertising corporation to put high profile people on TV to endorce their products! DON'T GET HIJACKED LIKE I DID!
  50. No offense to anyone, but I believe he wasn't harsh enough. I don't care if it does cause weight loss if it's not healthy. I want bloodwork know that all sugar, cholesterol...levels are all good. My stepdad did a program once where he lost a lot of weight but he had other health issues. Surely there isn't a food out there that stops all the bad stuff in those foods from harming your body. When someone is done with the program, eating all kinds of unhealthy foods and multiple people provide bloodwork results, I don't buy it.

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