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Martha's Vineyard Diet: Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days? Print E-mail
The catch phrase 21 Pounds in 21 Days has caught the attention of everyone who are looking for ways to lose weight fast and anyone who is critical of different diet practices. As soon as this was introduced to the public, hundreds of reviews came out citing efficiency or discrepancy. At first glance, the claim is almost outrageous and might be borderline dangerous to your health. Losing a pound a day for three weeks may not be healthy and could jeopardize your general health. Some would say that this could be another trick or at least another starvation technique with a totally different name.

But the testimonials are really hard to ignore. Because of the initial claims of different practitioners of Martha’s Vineyard Diet, a lot of people have tried the program and have found considerable results. There are those that didn’t really reach the 21 lbs in 21 days but they have felt healthier because of the program.  We recommend you also read the 21 Day Detox Diet.

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The overwhelming review of Martha’s Vineyard Diet has even increased the curiosity of others in the diet program. Today, it is one of the hottest diet programs as more and more people are coming out with a testimonial saying that they have indeed lost weight and are feeling healthier in the process. One of the well known personalities that showed her personal support for the diet program is Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show. She appeared on different programs aside from the Howard Stern Show to promote the diet wherein she claimed she lost at least 20 pounds within 10 days.

The Diet Program Explained

Martha’s Vineyard Diet is basically a detoxification diet . The success of weight loss is based on the idea that everything bad in our body, including excess fat, is caused by toxins. Through the detoxification program of Martha’s Vineyard Diet, not only you will lose weight but will also increase your chances of addressing different skin problems and diseases.

The diet program is carefully explained in their book, “21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet.” This book was written by Dr. Roni DeLuz., an expert in holistic nutrition. Because of its claim, it quickly became one of the most popular books in the diet category in 2007. The book contains detailed instructions on how to prepare your diet and how to go over the detoxification program.

Your diet program will consist purely of different cocktails from different fruits. Take note that during the detoxification program, you will only be taking in the liquids specified in the diet program and water. Only the additional products recommended such as an enzyme pill and coffee enema for proper cleansing should be taken in the process of detoxification.

21 days on a strict liquid diet could be very difficult especially for those who are just starting to be conscious of their weight. That is why the 21 day program could be divided into three separate weeks. An option for doing it only during weekends is also available.  

Since it only uses fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to be concerned about dangerous side effects that could be brought by different chemicals. The fruits and vegetables also have high contents of vitamins and minerals which should be beneficial for the body. If you are not sure which fruits and vegetables to buy, you can order a starter package through their official website wherein you’ll receive a nine-day starter pack with an option for the book. The pack contains different fruit based cocktails, cleansing formula and 9 days worth of proteins.

The Holistic Retreat

Going through 21 days of detoxification alone is really difficult. That is why, aside from the online orders and the book, you can also sign up for the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat. This retreat is conducted in Massachusetts where the “vineyard” is located. If you have been wondering how Ms. Quivers actually lost her weight, she was able to gain that much in one of this holistic retreat. Throughout the retreat, you’ll assisted no less than the author of the book as you try to go through day to day activities while on this diet.

The retreat is a little bit costly (starts at $495 per person/day) but the cleansing program is often regarded by many as effective since it will focus on the diet program with additional cleansing and relaxing activities such as spa, massage and other types of holistic therapies. This is a very exclusive retreat as the program is only available in Martha’s Vineyard.

Additional Requirements for Success

Aside from the 21 day detoxification program, the enzymes and coffee enema, additional supplements believed to be based on Aloe Vera should also be taken each day.

But these alone will never provide the best weight loss results. The diet should be complemented with exercise. The recommended exercise is walking for at least a mile everyday. This should be done everyday while being in program and even in between the weekend program. This will increase metabolism and increase the burning of calories.

Some would dismiss this exercise because they thought that the diet program will weaken them. This is understandable since the diet program is liquid based. But these liquids will still provide energy as glucose, a major source of energy, is still stable in your blood.

Caution and Consideration

This type of diet program is very safe since it only uses fruits and vegetables. However, this type of diet program is not for everyone especially for those have serious health conditions. This diet program is really close to starvation method so any health problems might increase if the proper diet with consists of a healthy meal with solid food will not be observed. Although it claims you’ll still have the energy for the day, it will weaken you and during the first week, you’ll feel dizzy. It’s highly recommended to only do it during the weekends if you think you’ll have a hard time in this diet program. By doing it during weekends, you can carefully prepare your diet while observing healthy regular diet during weekdays. Consult your doctor before you use this type of diet method. Even though you’re healthy, your body might not respond well to the diet plan. A doctor’s clearance will go a long way especially if you wanted to make sure you get the desired results from Martha’s Vineyard Diet Plan.

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  1. I would like to loose 15-20 pounds
  2. I am currently at 166lbs, my goal is to be 125, that it the weight my Doctor told me I should be at for my height. I would like to lose the weight as quickly as possible, just like everyone else. Please help?
  3. Best for of diet is the Eat stop Eat diet. This helps reduce weight and also curbs obsessive /compulsive eating urges. Fast for 24 hrs periods, 1 or 2 times a week. I fast from 6PM to 6PM following day.
  4. Please email a diet I can follow that will help me loose weight fast I need to loose 70 lbs. I have tried everything if i had a specific daily diet to shop by and follow I think I can do it. I have never had a weight problem until 2 yrs ago I had some family issues and gained and just can't seem to loose by myself. I think I am a healthy eater .
  5. Please note that a detoxification diet may only help you to lose the weight from the gunk stuck to the the sides of your colon, but some of us may have "Pounds" of gunk stuck there. Also you CAN lose weight that is stored in your body with the use of hCG and a VLCD (very low calorie diet i.e. 500 calories / day). You can lose 3500 calories per day all you want, but you'll only gain it right back if your body isn't burning the right (abnormal) fats. The othere (2) types of fat which include Normal and (I forgot the other one) are the ones that you need to stay healthy. It's the Abnormal Fats that you want to get rid of. When normally losing weight we tend to lose the Normal and ? fats - the ones that we need and our bodies go into a starvation mode. Therefore as soon as we eat be it little or a lot-we end up gaining it right back or even more. Once you get rid of the Abnormal fats-the hardest ones to get rid of (& the ones that we don't need) this is when we lose those extra pounds that we don't want. Hope this helps! It's working for me!
  6. Hi Thomas! I think the best thing for you to do is try out a water/greentea cleanse whenever you feel hungry grab a handful of nuts(almonds,pistachios,peanuts) and just snack on them. It will definately make you full!! You will lose approximately 30 pounds on a 30 day cleanse. The first week is the hardest but after that it gets easy. Best wishez.!
  7. I am 150 lbs and I. Should be do I get down fast?
  8. i just recently weighed myself and im 200pds, the most i have ever been. i've tried dieting by cutting out certain foods and drinking more fluids, but it seems im puttin weight on instead of taking it off? what should i do?
  9. I am 62 and weight is about 270pounds belly fat, most of all cannot get rid of it tried alot but like to eat I do not know what to do anymore can you help me. tom
  10. A "detoxification" diet only helps you lose the weight from the gunk that is stuck to the sides of you colon. You will not lose weight that is stored in your body as fat. You just need to use common sense. In order to lose 21 lbs. of fat in 21 days you would have to burn 3500 calories per day, because 3500 calories equals 1 lb of fat.
  11. wud u have any good diet plans u could email i want to lose weight quick

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