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Lose Weight Fast On The Fat Smash Diet Print E-mail

Known as a VH-1 diet doctor, Dr. Ian Smith gathered all of his medical expertise and decided to write a weight loss plan for the masses. The plan was called Dr. Ian's Fat Smash Diet and followers all over the world flock to Dr. Ian's diet plan. The Fat Smash Diet has been called part of a “new wave” in diets . One that offers a very real weight loss goal that is attainable through a plan that can be followed for the long term.  See Also our Exercise Reviews.

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Understanding Dr. Ians Fat Smash Diet

Fat Smash Diet

The main idea of the Fat Smash Diet is that the dieter can consume as many vegetables and fruit as they would like. This aspect of the extreme Fat Smash diet is key because the majority of diets on the market will focus more on high levels of food restriction and not an open eating plan. According to Dr. Ian Smith, it is literally impossible to maintain an obese weight if the majority of the foods you eat come from fruits and vegetables.

According to the doctor, diets that are high in fruits, vegetables, greens and legumes offer the body all the nutrition it will ever need. On the other hand, diets that are rich in processed foods, meats, and dairy products leave the body nutritionally defunct without enough vitamins and nutrients to live and effectively lose weight at the same time.


The Methods of the Fat Smash Diet

The brain is the control center for all eating signals. When the brain says it is time to eat, the stomach reacts and we feel hungry. According to the Fat Smash Diet, the menu plans that are high in milk, meat, cheese and processed foods never create a stop trigger in the brain. The body never receives the nutrients it needs to be healthy and thus the brain sends out more and more signals to eat. Obesity is the result of this overwhelming need to eat for nutrition.


The Details of the Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet is a 3 month program that is followed through 4 stages. The phases are based upon common sense and none of the phases are based on fad methods or theories.


Phase 1 – DETOX

The first 9 days on the diet the body will be in detox mode. During the detox diet , all of the harmful storages of unhealthy left overs will be wiped out of the body preparing the digestive system and the bowel system for the new, healthy foods that will soon be a normal, everyday occurrence.  

Eliminated foods: alcohol, caffeine, processed (junk) foods.  

Allowed foods: fruits, vegetables, beans, tofu, oatmeal, brown rice, lowfat milk, yogurt, eggwhites and herbal tea.  



The next phase in the Fat Smash Diet lasts three weeks and sets the foundation for healthy eating habits that the dieter will then follow for the rest of their lives.  

Allowed foods: Same as phase 1, plus chicken, turkey, fish, egg, cheese, coffee, diet soda.



The third phase of the diet lasts 4 weeks and builds the dieter back to a full on eating plan based upon on the foundation from the previous three weeks of eating.  

Allowed foods: Same as phase 1 and 2 plus, whole wheat bread, fat free mayonnaise, peanut butter, freshly squeezes juice, pasta and dessert.


Phase 4 – THE TEMPLE

The 4th and final stage of the Fat Smash Diet simply introduces some white starches and a few glasses of wine or beer every week. This is the phase of the diet that is livable for the duration and by the time the dieter reaches the Temple phase, they will be eating according to the Fat Smash Diet Plan as second nature.

When following the Fat Smash Diet, Dr. Ian Smith believes in social support and self-monitoring. The support needed to fulfill the dream of losing that extra weight is one that is backed by tons of scientific research. People who have the support of a group of other dieters, friends or family members simply lose more weight and keep that weight off longer.

The self-monitoring process is another diet related process that is very common. While the new dieter can surely learn the Fat Smash Diet in the 4 months on the plan, they will never be able to remember all of the foods and exercise they have eaten from day to day. A food and exercise journal is a great way to keep track of all those details and allows the dieter to see the progress through the phases on paper.  Our weight loss forum has many users who use it as a diary / personal journal, please help yourself to do the same.


Learning The Long Term Change

The difference between the extreme Fat Smash Diet and many other dieting plans is the huge amount of food the dieter is able to eat and continue to lose weight. Unlike fad diets that tell the dieter to eliminate a food group here or stop eating this there, the Fat Smash Diet provides the support of clearly explained and easily understood facts. The body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to survive and the brain will tell the body to eat continuously until it gets what it needs.  

Dr. Ian Smith, the creator of the Fat Smash Diet, provides the dieter with a life plan rooted in knowledge about food and the way to body uses food to function. After the 4 month period, the dieter will be eating normally again, but the brain and the stomach will be retrained to understand the difference between want and need. The dieter will be able to eat a high fat meal without the stomach screaming for more. The weight loss will remain off because the meal plans in the final, life stages are normal and require no special foods or choices.  

Weight loss on the Fat Smash Diet is not the yo-yo kind that many diet plans offer. This plan offers a reeducation for the body and the soul with weight loss thrown in for a little added support. The detox stage of the diet cleans the body, the remaining three phases clean the mind and the end result if a new, thinner, healthier, YOU!

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  1. I've been on the south beach diet for a while now. Seems exactly the same. However, the detox is two weeks and more of strict diet. The first 2 weeks i lost 19 lbs. Seems to me that this diet shall do the same.
  2. I have been doing this way of eating for 6 months - I will not say i'm doing a diet because it is not a diet. What I think really worked is the 9 days of detox - the detoxing got rid of my bad eating habits. After the 9 days, there was no looking back. I highly recommend reading his book.

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