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Lemonade Diet - Does It Work to Lose Weight Fast? Print E-mail


The Lemonade Diet is a fad diet that has been around for a long time and bills itself as being popular because of the fact that celebrities have used it.  However, a detailed analysis of this diet by our review staff has shown that while you might be able to lose weight fast in the short term, you should definitely not look at this diet as being a long term solution to any weight loss problems you might have. Does the lemonade diet work?  Read our lemonade diet reviews to learn more.

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The Premise

The basic premise of the Lemonade Diet is two-fold.  It is meant to combine an actual stringent fast with a detoxification cleansing regiment with the end result being that you are able to lose weight while at the same time removing toxins from your body.

Although different versions of the diet may vary depending on the one you choose to use, most call on you to drink between 6 and 12 glasses of lemonade per day.  You prepare an 8-ounce glass of water with a couple of tablespoons of lemonade and maple syrup and that is the concoction that you drink.  The idea is that the maple syrup can provide the nutrients that you need while everything else is devoted to cleansing your body of the toxins that have built up from years of poor diet and lack of exercise.

Why Should You Try The Lemonade Diet?

The good thing about the Lemonade Diet is that it will help you lose some weight if you do it correctly.  You can expect to see some short term weight loss because of the fasting and the detoxification that takes place in your body.  The figure of two pounds per day quoted by many people selling this diet is a bit optimistic, but you should be able to experience something if you do this for a week.

Reasons To Consider Not Trying The Lemonade Diet

If you go by scientific evidence, there has yet to be an article supporting cleansing diets with evidence that has made it into a top-flight medical journal.  That doesn’t necessarily mean this won’t work in your case, but it is certainly a telling statement nonetheless.

Additionally, improper fasting can lead to a whole host of problems later on down the line.  The reason for this is quite simple.  If you fast incorrectly, your body will not absorb the nutrients it needs and that could seriously compromise your health.  If you do this diet, you will be taking that chance.  People that do the diet properly however seem to come out of it with no problems as one-week fasts are not uncommon in today’s world even for non-diet related reasons.

The Bottom Line

If you really want to lose some weight quickly, you can give the Lemonade Diet a try with the knowledge of the caveats that have been mentioned above.  If you want long term gains towards a better and healthier lifestyle however, standard diet and exercise plans are still the best way to get that done.  Therefore, this diet is really one where your priorities will dictate your final actions.

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  1. I did the diet for four days and never felt so bad!the salt water drink is so gross,after day one I got the worst headache that lasted three days!I don't recommend this diet it was awful and there is a better way to lose weght.
  2. On the lemonade diet, can you eat food? And does it make you go to the bathroom alot?
  3. what is the recipe I want to try it please anyone.
  4. So how do U make this lemonade ?
  5. its not easy loosing weight so i`ll start this tomorrow. hope it works, pleases wish me luck :)
  6. Your body can go days and weeks with out food! As long as you have liquids to keep you hydrated.. But of course, there's a limit..I say 2 weeks is okay.. 1 month its to harsh on your body with out any food.. And yes you can die! Cause your body can't live just off of water..
  7. Does it matter what kind of lemonade because I really need this I'm goin on an trip to the bahamas in a little and I want to look good
  8. This diet supplies enough caloric intake for light to moderate exercise. As long as you have no pressing medical problems, you will be fine going 7-10 days on a liquid diet such as lemonade diet.
  9. Can someone please tell me what kind of lemonade and what syrup? peppers too? I need the whole recipe and step by step routine to make this work please. Also share any stories or tips. Thank u!!!
  10. I will try this detox. Don't look at this to be a diet,look at it to jump start your way to a healthier lifestyle. It is a cleanser to remove alot of bad things the body is holding onto and can't pass correctly. My co-worker and I are starting on Monday and will go the 10 days that's recommended. Wish us luck in sticking to it. Then with eating right along with excersise we should acheive our goals.
  11. Hope this works going to try it out need to lose some weight fast, looking for that fast motivation
  12. Has Dr. Oz approved this?
  13. Why do they call it the lemonade diet
  14. trying it i need to loose a ton of weight by xmas so i will combine this with a lot of excursive feel free to email if you wanna do it together!!!!
  15. I am such a food lover. I need to lose 20 lbs by the end of this month, so I will try this diet starting tomorrow. Let's see how much weight I will lose. Cya!!
  16. how long to you have to do this for it to work?
  17. I think any diet that has a reduction in calories will help you lose weight. The trick is keeping the weight off with a healthy, high-fiber diet.
  18. it works!! lost 15 pounds in 12 days and the lemons & cayenne provide u with the nutrients ur body needs. just follow it to the T, no substitutions
  19. you will not DIE from trying this diet!! it is healthy and it will work.
  20. if we can go on for 1 month without food, i'm sure this will be fine for 3 days...
  21. with out enough food in your body u could die u need food in your body Retards0
  22. i going to try this because im going on vacation so i really need this
  23. I may try this

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