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321 Baby Bulge Be Gone Plan Ramona Braganza Print E-mail
Most couples have the dream of having a baby together, and this is definitely an event that will change their lives forever. However, it doesn't have to be an event that will change her life for the worse with all of the weight gain. This is why Ramona Braganza has trained many celebrities, including Jessica Alba, to help them lose weight. Now she has let out her secret diet and exercise tips, referred to as the 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone Plan, to help the other new moms in the world lose that extra 'baby bulge' that they get after a pregnancy. See also our during pregnacy diet article.

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About Ramona Braganza

Ramona Braganza is mainly known for being a fitness trainer that has sculpted some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, which includes Jessica Alba. However, she also has a love for fitness, as well as a quest for excellence, that both facilitate the transformations of hundreds of attitudes and bodies across the globe.
She has been the personal trainer of Jessica Alba for the past 8 years, and she has also trained celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel, Alina Puscua (a model for Victoria’s Secret), Eric Lively, and others. Many of these famous clients have been known for lean muscles, which have been shaped with the methods of Ramona for core development, flexibility, and circuit training.
Ramona draws her experience from when she was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders, where she won many awards, one of them being Raiderette of the Year. She then served as a choreographer for the cheerleaders after cheering herself for 10 years. She also became a NFL Europe League Dance Director and then participated as a fitness athlete. Later, Ramona started to model for fitness magazines, as well as was on Muscle and Fitness's cover, after being recognized for such an exceptional body.
Ramona is known for teaching perfect techniques and how to take care of her clients' bodies with proper nutrition, moderation, rest, and maintain excellence. There are three tenets of fitness that she shares with her clients: make fitness a way of life , live life from the inside out, and live a life of moderation.

321 Diet Tips

The best tip that anyone could give is that Daily Nutrition is as easy as 321. This translates to 3 meals, 2 snacks, and a minimum of 1 liter of water everyday. Another big tip that really everyone should be doing is only eating half of the food portions that you receive when you eat out. Most of the time, restaurants will put twice as much food on your plate.
Here are some other lose weight tips:
  • If you combine fiber and protein into a snack, then you will feel like you are full for longer.
  • Always eat breakfast.
  • Eat foods that are clean, meaning foods without butter and sauces.
  • Foods like crunchy salads with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice (no dressing) and steamed vegetables are good.
  • Eat meats that are steamed, poached, baked, or grilled.
  • Instead of white pasta or rice, eat brown.
  • Nuts, beans, and legumes are good to eat.
  • Have fruit for dessert.

Jessica Alba's Diet

For breakfast, Jessica will have a meal packed with energy, which includes scrambled egg whites or hard-boiled eggs with toast. The diet for her lunch includes fresh salads with lean fish or chicken after having a nice workout. At dinner, Jessica will have clean foods that include lean meats and plenty of vegetables. Jessica's snacks include vegetables, fruits, and cheeses that are low in fat twice a day. As for drinks, she has two or three liters everyday of water, and she also has a fridge stocked, by Ramona, of VitaminWater XXX.

321 Exercise Tips

Nobody really wants to spend all of their time in the gym, especially during the summer, and everybody wants to keep their body looking lean . However, there isn't always enough time to do it during the day. Ramona has given out one of her secrets that will take less than an hour at the gym. These are compound exercises!
These types of exercises are multi-joint movements, which work a lot of the muscles in your body at one time. This way you can train efficiently, saving time, building more muscle, and burning fat while you recruit more muscle fibers into a singe exercise. Many of these compound exercises are considered functional fitness, as they strengthen your body for situations that may come along in real life, helping you feel stronger, as well as prevent any possible injuries.

Different Exercises

One of the exercises that you can do is the squat and press, which is similar to lifting a box that is heavy and putting it onto a shelf that is high. This is one of Ramona's favorite exercises since it targets nearly all of the body's muscles in only one exercise.
For this exercise, you hold a weight in each of your hands, sit in a squat, and then stand up, pressing your arms above your head with the weights close together. Do this 20 times.
Other exercise include:
  • Plié Squats – Standing with your feet wide, your knees pointed outward, and your back straight bend at your knees and then stand again. This can also be done with a small dumbbell held in your hands. Do this 15 times.
  • Triceps Dip – Get into a sitting position in front of a chair with your hands on the edge of the seat, your arms straight, and your knuckles facing out. Dip your butt to the floor until your arms come to a right angle. Do this 20 times.
  • Leg and Biceps Curl – Stand in front of a chair with right leg balanced on it and the left foot on floor. Hold weights in your hands at your sides, and curl them while bending your left knee until it goes over your foot. Do this 10 times for each side.
  • Arm and Leg Burn – Stand behind a chair, holding on with one hand and balancing on one foot. Hold a weight in the other hand, and keep your other leg lifted straight out behind you while you lift the weight to your ribs. Do this 10 times per side.
  • Push-Up and Plank – Do 10 push-ups with your back straight. Afterwards, hold the plank position (the position you are in when you go down for a push-up) for 30 seconds, holding your stomach tight.

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  1. Halle Berry does look great post-baby, but didn't she get breast implants a few years ago?
  2. Of course they can and losing weight to reduce the size also helps
  3. Push ups cannot prevent or change sagginess. The only things that can help you not have saggy boobs after pregnancy are genetics and surgery. A good bra can help you look better. This is so hilarious though--as if following this "plan" will give you the same results as having a trainer, a chef, and three nannies to take care of your baby while you work out every single day.
  4. i noticed that Halle Berry was doing this workout and her breasts don't look saggy at all (a common problem for most moms). By doing these push ups and workouts would it help the breasts from sagging?
  5. ramona rocks!

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