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    Been on 17 day diet 14 days. Lost 7 lbs. For...

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17 Day Diet Print E-mail

The 17 Day Diet, featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors TV show, is here just in time for the holidays and your 2011 New Years resolution to lose weight.  In fact, this revolutionary diet was created by Dr. Mike Moreno initially for people looking to prevent weight gain or lose pounds gained during the holiday season.  Although the holidays are here, this diet plan can be used at any time during the year.

The 17 Day Diet can be an extraordinary way to lose weight at a quicker pace, which is one of the reasons why most diet plans do not work.  People become too frustrated that they are not losing weight fast enough that they simply quit trying.

Post how your diet is going, your recipes, your questions and more in our 17 day diet forum!

Read a daily diary of the 17 day diet. All 17 days of the diet in our blog.

Buy the 17 day diet book here

Continue reading our 17 day diet reviews and also our recommended related reading:

Why Fasting does not Work for Long Term Weight Loss

Most people will try to lose weight fast by not eating.  When you try to lose weight this way, your body goes into starvation mode.  While you will likely decrease your calories and will reduce your weight for a short time, you are slowing down your metabolism.

When you starve your body and slow down your metabolism, your body will store anything you eat because it will expect that you will starve it again.  Eventually, this will lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.  This is why it is important to speed up your metabolism by eating.

How the 17 Day Diet Works

According to Dr. Moreno, this diet plan works by confusing your metabolism.  It does this through four cycles of altering the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you eat every few days.   Each cycle has a different goal.  The four cycles are:

  1. Accelerate – This cycle promotes fat burning, cleansing, and quick weight loss without storing fat.
  2. Activate – This cycle resets your metabolism.
  3. Achieve – This cycle teaches you good eating habits and shows you how to eat carbs the right way.
  4. Arrive – This cycle combines the first three cycles.

Why Clean Eating?

This diet plan promotes clean eating, which includes avoiding sugar, process foods, and other unhealthy foods.  Eating clean can not only help you lose weight, but it can completely change your life.  Eating clean can be the hardest part of the entire diet plan because eliminating the foods you love can sometimes simply be too hard to do.   The 17 day diet plan will give you tips on how to make this transition easier.

If eating clean is so difficult, then why is it important?  Basically, the phrase “you are what you eat” comes into play.  When you eat junk and processed food the majority of the time, your body suffers.  When you decide to eat whole, natural foods, such as: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates, your body thrives.

Some basic guidelines to practice when eating clean include:

  • Eliminate refined sugar
  • Make healthy choices
  • Eliminate alcoholic beverages
  • Eat breakfast every morning
  • Eliminate processed foods
  • Increase water intake
  • Increase natural food intake

The book also promotes exercise.  For continued success at losing weight, you will want to follow the 17 minute exercise plan daily.

While losing weight at a fast pace has not always been the best avenue to take for long term weight loss, this diet plan actually tackles the obstacles of losing weight fast by “confusing” your metabolism. 

The great news is you can eat the foods you love on the weekends with the 17 Day Diet. This diet plan can work for long term weight loss if you continue to follow the plan throughout the year.  You will not find this book in stores.  The 17 Day Diet can only be purchased through its website at

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  1. Been on 17 day diet 14 days. Lost 7 lbs. For a week have had problems with dizzy, weak mornings when standing. If I sit, it goes away. Blood pressure low. Afternoons are not quite as bad. We are eating food ordered for the diet from BistroMD. Suggestions?
  2. I'm curious if calcium chews will affect my weightloss?
  3. Hi Terry, It's by far too early to give up. Stick to the plan. It will work. How much weight are you trying to lose? If you are only a little bit overweight it's hard to lose 1 pound. If a lot overweight than 1 pound isn't a ton but losing 1 pound every 6 days isn't anything to not be happy with.
  4. I am on day 6 and I only lost 1 pound. I ride my bike intensely for 30 minutes and walk 20 minutes. I am 58 and refuse to go for hormone therapy. Any suggestions???
  5. Lost weight really well first cycle. Was not losing on 2nd cycle and have returned to first. I plan to add a carb or whole grain to each day's food. One issue I don't understand -only go to bathroom every 5 or so days but no bloating or cramps. Stool softner nor a powdered fiber additive help. Wonder where the food is going. Have been unable to locate sugar-free regular or Greek yogurt. Love the plan, am not hungry. Can't exercise due to several orthopedic problems but still losing.
  6. Hi Carol, Is it like a pimple or something else entirely? I have never heard of this problem.
  7. me and my sisters have been on the diet for all 4 cycles we have lost 28lbs each. we love it we feel and look great.the weight has stayed the same and are at our goal weight. can you tell us why we have all of a sudden come out in spots on our face, we wondered if we were lacking in some sort of vitamin or if you had any ideas how to get rid of them as we did not have them before diet. thankyou!!!!
  8. I am starting day 15 with my husband. He is down about 15lbs, and I am down about 7lbs. I find it relatively easy. I am not hungry, have more energy, but need more food variety! I am hoping cycle 2 will help.
  9. Me and my husband read the book and is following it hard core, as it says on the book! No moderations, no exceptions! So far this is day 2 and he's lost 5lbs and I, 6lbs. This is working!!! We'll continue to do this as long as we could. Preparing healthy meals on a busy schedule is hard but I guess once you get used to it it'll come as second nature to you.
  10. Some observations from a guy (me) . . . yes, this diet really does work. I wasn't enormously fat, but just wanted to lose some weight and feel better. I followed the book exactly and actually stayed on Cycle One for 21 days instead of 17 days and lost 20 pounds - it was very easy. Never hungry, never deprived. Unlike Atkins, you get lots of vegetables and fruit (well, "only" two pieces of fruit a day - but that was two more than I was eating before!! lol) - and so it is a very healthy diet. You DO feel better and it DOES work - losing 20 pounds was great and very easy. Good luck.
  11. I have been on the diet for 7 DAYS and have lost 8 pounds.Can't wait to see what happen after 10. I eat raw veg when I need a snack.
  12. Just heard about this diet...I am up to 155lbs, was only 129 a year ago. I didn't use to have much of an appitite, now its all I seem to do is eat, and eat, and eat!! My stomach is always growling....hope this will wipe out those pounds fast so that I can get back in my size 4's!!!
  13. I started the 17DD on July 1 at 189 pounds and by November 1, I was down to 153 for a loss of 36 pounds. I've been completely off of it since then and have gained back about 10 pounds and plan to restart it on Monday. I felt great while following it.
  14. I lost about 15 -17 pounds on the diet. I was so happy and looked great until I gained every pound back!
  15. hi their i am going 2 start the 17 day diet after i am done wid my periods which will be after 1 day .i am 19teen years old my weight limit 4 me has been 121 Ibs and now i have gained 10 Ibs which i need to loss..i need major help .i hate 2 look at my self wid so much gained weight plzzzzzzz help me out here .wht should i do???how should i start dis diet??
  16. please tell me is greek yogurt the best?
  17. ;-)I am on the 17 day diet - cyle 2 and I am doing ok so far but it has been challenging, and what helps me is to look for different tasty recipes that can get me through. And I found a Thanksgiving day pumpkin pie recipe that you can have on the 17 day diet. I love pumpkin pie so this is great. Here is the [url= ]17 Day Diet Pumpkin Pie[/url]. Enjoy.
  18. Hi Claus, this is a problem many people have with this diet. The point of the meat is high protein with low to no carbs. You can substitute that with vegetables high in protein and the carbs in them is mostly ok as long as the fiber is as well. I would recommend the [url=]vegetarian resource groups list of high protein vegetables[/url].
  19. can you give me some suggestions for the diet if i am vegetarian?
  20. Can I have diet snapple peach tea? theres no sugar and no carbs no calories. someone please answer me honestly. and can i have nuts or mangos?? lol. I'm so confused, im on day 1
  21. I ordered the audio book since i am driving alot but there is no meal plan. does this diet come with a meal plan to follow for each 17 days of each phase?
  22. My husband and i are on day 24 of this diet I am down 11 lbs. and my husband has lost 17 lbs. we feel great i feel like I am at a much slower pace but I am losing more inches which i guess is fine. Its so great to have a partner to do this with. Diet pepsi was very hard for me to quite but craving is alot less now and i am actually craving my green tea now :) Goodluck to those of you who are just starting! IT DOES WORK!!!
  23. Hi everyone. I started diet 6 days ago and I am right now about 3 days away from my period. I strictly follow the diet, but I have only lost 0.4lb. Can it be that my period is so close thats why I am not loosing anything? When will I starts losing pounds-during or after my period? Thank you!!
  24. I want to buy this but Im worried. will i have to be carb free forever like Adkins? I do like some carbs. When i am done the cycles what do i do? Can i stay on the cycle that lets me eat some carbs??? HELP!
  25. I am confused on the yogurt. I bought ff fruit flavored, but when I looked back at the book it is not listed. Can someone please tell me which yogurt to buy. Thank you.
  26. Dr. Mike My husband and I found your diet on the internet and thought we would give it a try. The first day I lost 2 lbs. which was great, But I'm having trouble losing any more. My husband has lost ten lbs and I'm happy for him but I just cant't seem to get passed the two ponds I've lost We walk twice a day and no eaing after dinner. Maybe I'm just impatenct and just need to hold on. This is our fifth day. Thanks for your help. Peggy Flanagan
  27. @Sherry - check out our 17 day diet forum area and ask there. Probably someone can help you there, best response would come probably posting in the cycle 1 area. Here is the url
  28. Ok I have the book ordered, my husband & I are going to do this together. I have 20 lbs. to lose, he has 50 lbs. I know going in that he's going to lose it much faster than I will :-( My question, can anybody send me a grocery list for the first week for 2 people? I'm going tomorrow and I want to be ready to go. Also, is there any tips for a carb-addicted (me) and a sugar-addict (me & husband)??? Thanks!
  29. Hello! My whole life I've been overweight, and with me being a high schooler, I WANT TO END IT! My family (including some aunts, uncles, cousins, and even GRANDPARENTS from different states) have started the 17 Day Diet. My family officially started the diet yesterday (even though we began eating most of the foods on the diet mid-last week). Let me tell you, I already feel so much healthier! When I eat the foods on the diet (along with the extra water and green tea), I actually feel like the junk is getting washed out of my system! I'm so excited to see the end results! I'm hoping to be 15-20 pounds lighter by the time my brother's graduation roles around at the end of May! I hope all of you see the results you hope for at the end of your weight loss journey, too! :)
  30. Sherithia- Thanks :) It turns out that I am also too active for cycle one. I am a runner and wasnt getting enough carbs and calories to maintain my daily workouts and highly active lifestyle. My bf works at a computer all day so its working great for him. I am still on the diet (moral support for my honey), just an "altered version" :) Which seems to be working. Ive lost 4 more pounds and I feel SO MUCH better :)
  31. MJ, When you are much smaller the weight will come off slow. They say losing those last 5 to 10 pounds takes longer to come off.
  32. We bought the book @ Sam's Club for 15.34.
  33. I am in day 8 of the first stage and have allready lost 11 lbs. I am very close to my goal weight. Love this diet and the food. It really teaches you how to shop and eat correctly. Have lots of energy and feel great. This really is a good diet.
  34. My boyfriend and I have been on the 17 day diet for 8 days now. Hes lost 6 pounds, Ive lost ONE. He feels great and I am tired, weak, moody and hungry all day long. We are eating the exact same things, but it seems to only be working for him....I am 130 lbs and have 10lbs to lose, hes about 220 and has about 30-40 (he'd like to lose more tho).
  35. I started the 17 day diet 4 days ago, I am feeling tired everyday. I am sticking to the plan, but am not sure if I am doing it right. I have not lost a pound, and feel exhausted even right after waking up in the morning. Any pointers would be great.
  36. I started the 17 day diet today, I hope this works, although I have a hard time eating that much food in one day. I am starting at 145 lbs, and am 5 ft tall. I gained this weight with my second child and have tried many diets that I either get board with, or end up not liking. I also started taking 2tbsp of Organic Apple cider vinegar everyday, which is instead of the lemon water.
  37. I ordered the 17 day diet bundle on Feb. 22, 2011. I haven't received it yet. Please send it . I want to get started losing weight.
  38. My husband and I have been on this diet for 16 days now, weve each lost 11 lbs..
  39. I've been on a this diet for 31 days, have lost 13lbs but i'm not sure what I can eat inbetween meals if i'm hungry??are cashews ok..
  40. i am confused about how the yogurt works example for breakfast is it 2 eggs or the yogurt? and if you don't substitue the yogurt how do you get your 2 servings in?
  41. Can you mix the meals around? I need to eat my snack mid morning because I eat breakfast so early and cannot take lunch break til 1 the afternoon! not suppose to eat fruit pass two in the afternoon, but in the book they list fruit as a snack after dinner! I'm confused???? also, yogurt! can I have fit & light? only 80calories and 11 gm of sugar.
  42. Just starting on my 17day diet, love it, but confused about the yogurt thing! Can I have light & fit yogurt? only 80calories and 11 grams of sugar!
  43. I love this diet.. I am on day 15 of Phase I.. I am down 11.5 pounds.. I have Hoshimotos thyroiditis and have had a sluggish thyroid for 9 years..even on meds.. I have had a lifetime of migraines, also felt I had adrenal problems from poor eating habits... I feel soo much better, fatigue is gone.. I think my hormones are working their way back to normal range and migraines, havent even had one since starting this diet (knock on wood haha)... I have never had this good of results with any other diet... After the first week my sugar cravings went out the door.. I am so much more pleasant instead of always on edge too...I cant wait to see how Phase 2 does for me...I need to lose another 30 then will work on my last 10..
  44. Terri, how do I see your blog?
  45. I love this diett! Hang in there and the cravings go away for carbs and sugar. I have lost 18 pounds since January 12 and am 22 pounds away from my goal! If I can do it, so can you! Hardboiled eggs are a great snack, carrots too, we have been making our own recipes with wine, chicken, tomatoes, and garlic, yoummy! I will admit that I am thinking I might have to have a treat on Valentine's day.............
  46. I am on day 4 of this amazing diet and have lost 6 punds and am rarely hungry. If you stick to the plan you can avoid those pesky hunger pangs!
  47. I'm a 25 year old male. I'm on Day 9 of this diet and I've lost 8 pounds. I feel great, the results are noticable, and most importantly I'm getting healthier. I would highly recommend this diet solely based on the fact that my body feels so much better. I'f you're looking to lose weight, give this a try.
  48. Just starting day one, wish me luck!
  49. I highly recommend you buy this book...i have only been on this diet for 5 days and have already lost 6 1/2 pounds....
  50. Brittany, when you crave sweets, eat protein. Really, regardless of what you're craving, eat a FREEBIE. Eventually you'll 'crave' the right things. You can also have this which I like: I slice an apple and put it in a pan with PAM, cinnamon. I beat two eggs, with vanilla (I use 1 or 2 capfuls) and cinnamon and Truvia and pour it over the softened apples. Sometimes I add a touch of water to get the apple's like custard Read the blog there are recipes there and you will find some you like. Recipe book out soon.

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