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Recipe Ideas - Please post them here
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TOPIC: Recipe Ideas - Please post them here

Re:Recipe Ideas - Please post them here 7 years, 9 months ago #28946

  • sherrylouz
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High fiber diets can help to lower high cholesterol, although not all types of fiber seem to have this effect. Rolled oats seem to provide the best effects, so that eating whole grain oatmeal can be of benefit to those with high cholesterol, since this type of fiber seems to help the cholesterol pass from the body.
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Re:Recipe Ideas - Please post them here 7 years, 9 months ago #29394

  • szgorzelski
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100% Whole Wheat Ravioli

I made this recipe using 100% whole wheat flour, as little egg yolk as I could, and 92% lean ground beef. You could substitute non-fat or low-fat cheese, or ground turkey, but my idea was to make a comfort food that I don't eat anymore so I was going for taste. That's why I went with the beef. I couldn't fathom anything but beef or riccota cheese inside ravioli.


2 1/4 c 100% whole wheat flour
1 whole large egg
1 egg white from large egg
8 oz 92% lean ground beef
29 oz can tomatoe sauce
1/4 white onion
4 scallions
1 Tbsp minced garlic
various herbs and spices

Makes 4 servings

Start the Sauce

I used a crockpot because a good sauce takes hours to cook, and you don't want it burning to the bottom of a pan, nor do you want any water to evaporate. I combined the tomatoe sauce, onion, scallions, garlic, and a few different herbs and spices. You can add or subtract as many different vegetables, herbs, and spices as you want. Normally I would make a Bolognese sauce which would include carrots, milk, and bacon, but bacon is a no-no if you want to keep this recipe healthy. I'm not so much of a health nut to ruin good Italian cooking by substituting for turkey bacon.

Cook the Meat

Brown and crumble the ground beef. If you like, you can ruin the recipe by substituting ground turkey, but thoroughly rinsing the ground beef once it's done cuts out up to half the fat. The fat that remains really isn't that much per serving, so go with taste and make this with ground beef. Once the ground beef is rinsed, set aside.

The Pasta

This is the long part. Take 2 cups of the flour and put it in a pile on the kitchen counter. Make a well in the middle. Put the egg and egg white in the center. You can try going yolk-free, but it's going to be darn near impossible for the dough to have a good consistancy without the yolk as a "glue". Using a fork, slowly swirl it around gardually including more and more flour in the center. Once the mixture starts clumping to the fork you are ready to start using your hands. Start kneeding and folding the dough. Once in a while you will need to add an 1/8 cup of water at a time to keep the dough from being too dry and flaking and falling apart. I used about a total of 3/4 cup of flour. It really all depends on how old the flour is. Everyone will use different amounts of water. Once all 2 cups of flour have been included and you have a ball of dough, it will probably be still wet and sticky. Take the 1/4 cup of flour you should still have set aside and sprinkle some on the counter. Fold the dough over and over for about 10 minutes. Add sprinkles of flour as needed to keep the dough from sticking to the surface of the counter. After the 10 minutes are up, you should still have about 1/8 cup of flour left. Spread about half of it on the counter and start rolling the dough out as close to a square shape as you can. About halfway through you'll want to very carefully flip the dough over. Sprinkle the rest of the flour. Keep rolling the dough until you reach your desired thickness.

Fill the Pasta

First, cut the rolled out dough in strips. I used a pizza cutter. I'm not good at guessing measurements, but I'd say I cut them about 2.5 to 3 inches wide. Now all you do is, one ravioli at a time, put spoonfuls of meat on the dough, fold the end of the dough over the meat, cut the dough so you have your square ravioli, pinch the sides of the dough together to seal it, then repeat until all the dough is used up. I had a couple extra thin excess strips of dough leftover. I didn't want to try to do any calculus to figure out the nutrition facts of the amount of flour I started with and how much I ended up with after discarding the extra strips, so I just balled them up and kept them to toss in the water. I ended up with 24 raviolis and a little extra meat leftover. I tossed the meat into the pasta sauce.

Boil the Pasta

Toss the raviolis in boiling water and wait til they float. It takes about 4 minutes. Since I ended up with 24 raviolis, I split them in fourths. That's how I came up with 4 servings. You can split them up however you want... 4, 5, 6, whatever.

The Finished Product

Split the raviolis up evenly in whatever containers you're going to use, then add the pasta sauce. I suggest using an 1/8 cup measuring cup spooning one at a time into the containers to better split the sauce evenly.

Nutrition Data

I will list the meat separately from the rest of the ingredients in case you decided to use a less fattening ingredient. Listed first is the totals amount and in parentheses is per serving if you split everything into 4 servings like I did:

Pasta and Sauce
Calories: 1291 (322.8)
Fat: 10.5 (2.6)
NET Carbs: 179 (44.8)
Protein: 53 (13.3)

Ground Beef Filling
Calories: 160 (40.0)
Fat: 9 (2.3) -- after thorough rinsing
NET Carbs: 0 (0.0)
Protein: 21 (5.3)

If you made the recipe the exact same as me including the 92% lean ground beef:

Calories: 1451 (362.8)
Fat: 19 (4.8)
NET Carbs: 179 (44.8)
Protein: 74 (18.5)

Re:Recipe Ideas - Please post them here 7 years, 8 months ago #29581

  • AdamC
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Diggin that!! I'm going to give this recipe a try. Looks pretty good for you. very low in fat, good amount of carbs, protein looks good.


Re:Recipe Ideas - Please post them here 7 years, 8 months ago #29742

  • szgorzelski
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It didn't exactly taste good, but that's because it's 100% whole wheat flour. Almost any whole wehat recipe for pasta or dough will include at least some white flour for taste. I made a whole wheat pizza today. I'll post it.

Re:Recipe Ideas - Please post them here 7 years, 8 months ago #29743

  • szgorzelski
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Unlike the ravioli recpie with its ground beef, this one is more health conscious. I've had chicken pizzas before on pizza sauce, but it doesn't taste as good as on buffalo sauce like the one Pizza Hutt used to make. Like I mentioned in the last post that most recipes that call for whole wheat flour also call for some white flour, I went with 100% whole wheat again and for some reason the pizza dough tasted better than the ravioli. It was actually pretty good, plus this recipe takes a fraction of the time of the ravioli if you use quick action yeast.


2 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
little package of pizza crust yeast
1 cup water
3 Tbsp olive oil
1 cup Buffalo sauce
1.5 cups fat free cheese
cooking spray
herbs and spices

I don't know exactly how much yeast I used, but it was one of those little packages you use. I also don't know exactly how much chicken I used but I used fitday.com's nutrition guide to guestimate the amount. I used 3 small breasts which is supposed to be about 16 ounces. You can pretty much use any cheese, but I went with fat free cheddar. It seemed the best fit for Buffalo sauce, plus my grocery store doesn't carry fat free mozzarella.


Combine 2 cups of the flour, yeast, water, and olive oil in a bowl and mix. Knead it until you get a ball of dough. You should have a 1/2 cup of flour left over after using the 2 cups to start the dough. You'll probably need to add half of it or more to firm up the dough. Spread the rest of the flour on the kitchen counter and rub some on the rolling pin. The rolling process should cause the dough to absorb the remainder of the flour. Spray the pizza pan with the cooking spray and lay the dough on it.

Set the oven for 425 degrees. While you wait, pan fry the chicken in cooking spray. Spread the buffalo sauce on the dough. Put the chicken pieces on the sauce. Cover with the cheese. Since I used cheddar, I went with a Mexican flavor and sprinkled chili powder, cumin, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, 2 cut up scallions, onion powder, and garlic powder on it. If I had gone with mozzarella instead, I would have used Italian herbs. Place in the oven on the lowest rack for 12-15 minutes.


Using the exact same ingredients and going with a 1/4 pizza as one serving, the nutrition info is as follows:

Calories: 620
Fat: 16
Net Carbs: 46
Protein: 57

The fat content may seem a little high, but keep in mind that olive oil was used, which is almost entirely unsaturated fat. Same thing for the chicken. Only 1.5 of the 16 grams of fat is saturated.

Re:Recipe Ideas - Please post them here 7 years, 4 months ago #43494

  • troxygirl
I posted a Flavored Turkey Roll Dinner Recipe today under nutrition. Check it out. It actually has 19 g of protein in one serving. I had it with green beans last night and then had the rest as a sandwich today. Yummy! I wish I made more.

Do you have any good recipes that you liked and want to share?
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