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92 Pounds but Depressed
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TOPIC: 92 Pounds but Depressed

Re:BIKE RIDE 6 years, 4 months ago #74917

  • boston_bry
  • Gold Trainer
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Congrats man - Keep it up!

Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 1 month ago #83662

  • jchooper12
  • Junior Trainer
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Just bumping this post because I believe it has helped some people get motivated. Here are my current stats and what I am doing.

I am 6'2" @ 234.5 this morning. I have been lingering at the 235 to 245 range for about 6 months due to not being completely strict on my diet (I don’t eat bad but when I do the weight sticks). Anyways I do a ton of Mountain Biking, Road biking and P90X. So instead of doing Plyo or Kempo I ride. Here is where I road last night connect.garmin.com/activity/100634420

I also do endurance races and am going to be doing some regular mountain bike races soon (in the fall). Hope this post helps newcomers as well as people losing motivation.

Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 1 month ago #83682

Have you looked at Pauly P's thread in the nutrition forum?


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Re: 92 Pounds but Depressed 5 years, 6 months ago #89839

  • jchooper12
  • Junior Trainer
  • Posts: 51
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Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to give an update where I am at these days. I am Extreemly active now that I lost the weight. I hover between 230 and 245 but I work out every day. I do a ton of mountain biking, have slowed on the P90X but am planning on doing another 2 rounds soon, like in a couple weeks. I am also now doing Hot Yoga, that is awesome. I still have the gross hanging baggy looking stomach skin that I hate and get a bit depressed about BUT I would not trade what I have done for anything. I rode 15 miles mountain biking tonight, kicked its ass, lead the group tonight and pulled away from eveyone, was on fire!!! hahaha Anyways, for everyone who thinks that they can't do this program just look through this thread and then say you cannot do it. I look at this tread once in awhile and am amazed at how many hits it has received and hope it is still giving some inspiration to people getting into the program. Loose the weight, change your life and be happy!!! I love life now unlike a few years ago where I would say to myself, oh well if I died today, it will be over. If you are reading this thread and ever want to talk to get some motivation just let me know, we can chat and Ill tell you how I kept going!!! Peace!!!

Re: 92 Pounds but Depressed 5 years, 5 months ago #90616

Hi, I know how you feel and I was complaining about some bellyfat and not seeing my abs.Let's look at the positive.You lost a lot of weight and as you know it took you along time to put that on right? how long?......ok you can do this don't give up!!! no matter what and stay positive!!! Rome was not built in a day.Give yourself another 90 pounds off your current weight or where your target weight is.This program will work and it has already? Pay attention to your diet.You need to stay positive and you WILL SUCCEED!! BRO!! Hang in there!!!! Jeff

Re: 92 Pounds but Depressed 4 years, 2 months ago #93634

  • jchooper12
  • Junior Trainer
  • Posts: 51
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So just an update on my progress!!! I got down to 224 about 4 weeks ago then hurt my shoulder and now at 228 to 234 ranging hahahah. I have kept my weight off since I lost it and love my life now. If anyone reading this thread EVER needs some motivation, ping me and I will help you. I lost my weight (100 pounds) in 10.5 month around. It takes hard work, dedication but it is so worth the battle. I can see my own feet now, that means a lot hahahaha. Anyways hope you can achieve your goals and stick with it, there is never an end to this journey (well ok, death) so have fun and enjoy it! Again, hit me up if you have questions or need a pick me up!
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