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92 Pounds but Depressed
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TOPIC: 92 Pounds but Depressed

92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 11 months ago #59470

  • jchooper12
  • Junior Trainer
  • Posts: 51
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Tony hope you see this and can help. Well, I have been doing P90X since January this year and have lost 92 pounds, BUT, instead of being happy I only look at my body and am disgusted with myself. I was hoping to lose the weight and look great but now I am just skinnier but look like a freaking sharps, stomach looks like hell, chest is not tightening up, etc. It is like going from one type of depression to another. I am happy that I have lost the weight and I do feel beeter, but I hate my body, is this common? What can I do, I know there is surgery but I dont have the money for it. I am so sad about this. YUCK
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Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 10 months ago #59638

  • Franker
  • Gold Trainer
  • Posts: 365
  • Karma: 5
That's a HUGE accomplishment first and for most. So congratulations! I'm unclear on what exactly is wrong with your body, whats sharps?

Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 10 months ago #59751

  • AdamC
  • Referee
  • Posts: 338
  • Karma: 9
92 lbs in 10 months? holy cow! awesome!!

That's really really great. The sudden weight loss may be doing what you are talking about. I don't have any experience with that part, but all I can say is I think you're a badass. Really good job bringint it.

Keep up the good work, work through it, talk to someone about the depression and you will feel better.

It is never shameful to talk to a professional about depression. They know what they are talking about. Friends are good too.

Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 10 months ago #59756

  • Thrashin302
  • Expert Trainer
  • Posts: 274
  • Karma: 3
92 lbs is a heck of an acomplishment. I didnt really understand what you were talking about but im guessing that you must have saggy/baggy skin now. If thats right you gotta realize that the human body is capable of great changes, it just all comes through good time. Skin does tighten and firm up, but loosing 92lbs of fat is a lot so there is gonna be some exceess stretched out skin left. No offense but being 92 lbs overweight doesnt just hapen over night, im guessing there were a lot of lazy days and junk food over the years (im guilty of it to) but loosing all that in 10 short months is a great acomplishment. Instead of feeling depressed about not seeing the body you want, you should feel acomplished that your halfway twoards the body you want. If i were you I would work on gaining lean mass, try to fill out your body. If you stasrt working to put on muscle and building lean mass, and your body is tighning up your skin i bet in another 10 months you will look 100% better.

Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 10 months ago #61177

  • jchooper12
  • Junior Trainer
  • Posts: 51
  • Karma: 2
Hey everyone, thanks for the great responses!!! Having the loose skin does suck but at least is it only in my stomach area and it can be covered up. I am also married so my wife is the only one that has to accept it and she does!!! She likes the new me and I like the new me. God I feel so much better now and can do so many more things in my life now that I have energy. I work out like crazy still, working on building muscle, still have about 40 pounds to go to get to 200, recently had to change my diet because I am platoed for the last month. I am doing a Keto Diet with Fasting, I still do P90X religously and ride my mountain bike and road bike often, even started riding to work which is 7 miles each way. Takes between 20 to 25 min to get there depending on the wind. I know my stupid stomach will require surgury if I really want to be vain and remove the skin, it did take 10 years to put on all this weight so my skin is just wasted because of it. To be able to rewind time sigh. Well I appriciated the responses and I am feeling better these days about the skin stuff. Oh and in my original post I put I look like a sharps, I meant Shar pei, as in the saggy looking dog, haha.
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Re:92 Pounds but Depressed 6 years, 10 months ago #61183

  • dac086
  • Freshman Trainer
  • Posts: 14
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Do you have pics of your transformation? I bet you would really motivate others on your accomplishments. 90 pounds is a lot to lose. I think you help others that are in the same situation for clues on what you did. This is a great thing you know.
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