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Logan's 90 Days Hell Vacation Diary!
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TOPIC: Logan's 90 Days Hell Vacation Diary!

Logan's 90 Days Hell Vacation Diary! 5 years, 3 months ago #91826

  • Logan*C
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Today was my 1st day for P90x and i gotta say, it was pretty cool. The night prio i was SO NERVOUS and incredibly anxious this morning! Infact, i wanted to make sure i braced myself, so i did the Stretch X dvd the night before. But officially, today is my 1st day (Chest & Back + Ab RipperX). And i think i did pretty good!

It was brutal (as i expected), but i was incredibly surprised by my own strenght and determination! I've never done so many push ups in my entire life but throughout the workout, i did the # of reps i had set for myself. Mind you, i had to modify the push ups to KNEE push ups and there were a few of the workouts i physically couldn't even do. But i stuck throughout the entire thing and not once did i press pause...I'm pleasantly surprised with myself .

My back/arms are still soar and felt like they were going to fall off during the workout. When the Ab Ripper was brought in, that's when i really wanted it to end lol. I was so tired, had very little energy and was soo nauseous, but i kept pushing throughout and i completed the ab ripper section as well. But i feel like i didn't do a good as i would've liked and now i feel guilty. So i'm going to do the ab ripper workout again later tonight. If i'm going to go through this hell for 3 months, i'm gonna do it right!

So overall, today was a wonderful start, but im really scared about tomorrow....Ploymetrics ! I can feel the pain already! I didn't sweat much with the Chest/Back work out, not sure if that's normal. So tomorrow im hoping the Plyo will give me the sweat i'm looking for but im scared as hell lol.

As for my "Nutrition Plan"...well, i'm keeping it reaalllyy simple.

Pre-workout energy boost (Breakfast?): Half an Apple

Brunch meal: 1 slice of Toast with Honey spread, Apple.

...I tend to never eat lunch and i don't usually snack.

Dinner meal: Chicken/or Tuna Sandwich.

Drink 1 cup of water every hour.

And that's pretty much it. Not a lot and pretty dry huh lol . My problem was never the exercise, it was the food...I ate out of convenience and boredom (Psychological Hunger). They say it takes about 21 days for old habits to die off...Don't know if that is true or not but i'm going to give myself that time frame to adjust.

I'm not really doing P90X just so i can lose weight. I'm doing it for more important reasons. I'm doing this for a complete personal REDO; correcting bad habits, installing discipline, changing my mentality of how i see myself and proving that i can actually COMMIT to something and see it to the end...

Anyways! I'm going to keep a track of my process using this "Daily Log" forum. I'm going to be doing this for myself (and no one else). And instead of blogging every single day, i'm just gonna blog every 2-3 days.

So that's bout it for now. Until the nxt update, later!

Re: Logan's 90 Days Hell Vacation Diary! 5 years, 3 months ago #91828

  • Brooke_sd
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Logan, good for you! I just completed week 1 so I am right ahead of you. Some days were harder than others, but I always felt good about myself and proud of what I could do. My 3rd day of Ab RipperX was a breakthrough. I have been sore everyday but know it will get easier in time. The diet plan is what is hardest for me. There are carbs in everything! When I eat something bad I immediately feel guilty and go for a walk or do some crunches.

"Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was your body" - Tony Horton

Re: Logan's 90 Days Hell Vacation Diary! 5 years, 3 months ago #91845

  • rusty_reebs
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Hi Logan, you sound like you're pretty pumped about doing P90X and that's great.

Here are a couple of tips that may help you longer term: you mentioned you wanted to do ab ripper again in the same day -- once is enough. Just do your best and forget the rest. If you keep re-doing workouts, especially early in the program, you are very likely to injure yourself.

The second thing is your nutrition. You need to eat much more food. You'll find that your energy levels will crash if you don't eat more. Read through the nutrition guide and try to follow it as best you can.

Also read through the permanent threads on this site in the nutrition and beginner's sections. Have fun!

Re: Logan's 90 Days Hell Vacation Diary! 2 years, 10 months ago #93888

  • jugno123
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I will post my beginning measurements and stats on Sunday. My experience from last time is that starting a thread with a group really helps with accountability.

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