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P90X Recovery Drink Reviews Introduction

The P90X recovery drink is the brainchild of a company known as Beachbody.  If the particular alphanumerical designation of this recovery drink seems familiar to you, chances are it is because you have already heard of the workout that bears the same name.  This drink is intimately related to the P90X workout as it was created to be an after workout drink for that particular exercise set, but it is now marketed and sold on its own as an after workout drink for any exercise regimen you might want to pursue.

See all our other recovery drink reviews and learn more about what a recovery drink is.

P90X Recovery Drinks

P90X� Peak Recovery Formula - Refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness with this after-workout shake. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures speedy muscle repair after intense workouts!*

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Is the P90X Recovery Drink worth taking?

Perhaps the main pro about this particular recovery drink is the fact that it was designed specifically for one of the most intense workouts that people currently do.  The P90X workout gets its name from the fact that it aims to make your body gorgeous in 90 days through some of the most extreme workout exercises that people would feel comfortable telling novices to do.  The recovery drink can help people recover from that workout, which really means that it can help people recover from any workout that might be a part of modern day exercise culture.

Another thing to love about this recovery drink is the taste.  Taste is not usually pertinent to recovery drinks because most of them just taste bad.  There is something about taking in powdered protein that just makes it taste awful, but this drink has actually received a favorable taste rating from most of the people that have tried it.  It’s not really important for anything more than aesthetics, but it is enough of an oddity that it certainly bears mentioning here.

Why shouldn't I use the P90X Recovery Drink?

The protein content within the P90X recovery drink is of concern.  This is not necessarily always going to be a con and in fact for people that have intense bodies as a result of intense workouts, the extra protein content is probably a good thing. However, if you are an average person that is not really serious as of yet about working out diligently, the amount of protein you are receiving from this drink might be too much for your body to absorb too quickly.

Those people are advised to take this drink carefully and note any side effects.  In particular, if you start to get serious cramping pains in your stomach after a week or two of taking this drink after workouts, it might be time to stop and consult a health care delivery professional.  Of course, the more conservative among us might just avoid that potential pitfall altogether by choosing a recovery drink that is intended for less intense workout sessions.

For some the cost of the P90X recovery drink has been a reason to stop using the product.  It can run $40.00 USD a month or more depending on your usage.

Final Thoughts on the P90X Recovery Drink

The P90X recovery drink is an intense formula that will certainly provide a jolt of energy to the muscles in your body.  Too much of a jolt can be a bad thing for some people however, which is why it is advisable that you use caution when utilizing a drink of this magnitude.  Experienced workout gurus will have little trouble adjusting, but novices might get more protein than their body can handle.
P90X Recovery Drinks

P90X� Peak Recovery Formula - Refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness with this after-workout shake. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures speedy muscle repair after intense workouts!*

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  1. I was wondering if i'm trying to lose significant weight and i'm currently doing insanity but i do not use the recovery drink and I AM losing weight fast, will having the drink make me gain weight or stay the same? or will it not effect my weight loss?
  2. I just read that chocolate milk was the #1 recovery drink with a pb&j sandwich
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to share that I recently switched form P90x's recovery drink to Bonavitas R12. It's a new product and I mainly made the switch because it's much lower in sugar (P90x has like 26 grams of sugar too many) and loaded with antioxidants. An equivalent of 7 cups of blueberries to be exact! I don't think there are any other recovery drinks quite like it. It also has 10 grams of protein and heaps of vitamins and minerals. If you serious about your work outs and giving your body all the nutrition (all natural might I add) it needs and deserves, you should definitely give Bonavitas R12 a try.
  4. P90x is so intense you MUST use a recovery drink to get the most out of every workout. With me working out 6 days a week and sometimes doing doubles with CardioX you must do a recovery drink and I really like the p90x for its high protein and GREAT taste. DRINK IT AND BRING IT!:-D:P>:o
  5. It tastes good, yes, but how come there is only one flavor? I wish there would be a bigger variety of flavors, gets boring after a while.
  6. Hey Texas, I work out on and off as my schedual allows, and i was using a different product that also contained Creatine. I ran into the same issue as you had about 4 days after starting to use it. The soreness was extreme! It was hard to move my arms, neck, and chest area. I was attending college 8 to 4 all week and worked a night job unloading semi-trailers. It took over a week for this soreness to go away. I continued use after abot two weeks rest, and have never had it happen to me again. I never saw a doctor, but it is interesting to hear that i am nt the only one. In a coupe weeks you will be feeling better.
  7. The protein content is of concern? Yea, but you're making it sound like there's too much. For men on the p90x program it is not nearly ENOUGH protein. For women, it is about right. Men can supplement their p90x supplement with a supplementary protein supplement. Supplement.
  8. Just wanted to add my two cents: No I do not work for the company, but I am a big believer in Beachbody products because they're based on plain-old common sense rather than ridiculous claims! I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so I don't know how all of the ingredients work, but I will say that this tastes great and makes me feel better after a good workout! It is the perfect incentive to finish my workout because it tastes SO GOOD afterwards!
  9. Texas, you want to see another doctor after that diagnosis. Moreover, a blood test to confirm the levels of creatine alone. Was a waste of your time and money-i'm sure the co-pay went to pay for that Porsche sitting out front of his practice! Creatine is naturally a part of many foods to include red meats, fish, etc. Understanding "how" it works is key. It volumizes the cells w/i the muscle (H2O) and assists in the recovery. Point of fact the Cleveland Clinic did a study on post heart surgery patients and found their recovery times increased with the addition of creatine over that of a placebo group. I have spoken with my doctor about creatine and he states he's not that familiar with it as being "bad"-but then again anything in over abundance can be bad! Dr's not educated in supplements, such as creatine, tend to be ignorant of their benefits. But then again you could be an anomaly. I've taken creatine for the past 15 yrs (off-on/cycle) starting out with 5 grms X 4 times a day with grape juice to spike my insulin level and increase bioavailability (absorption into tissue)- additionally I have a mandatory annual physical and my blood work consistantly comes back normal. All that said-the one supplement I'd take absent creatine, assuming you can't take it- is L-Gluetimine. Creatine I'm my opinion was not your issue.
  10. Sorry to hear about your incident Texas. I am not saying the drink is not to blame, but it has about as much creatine as a 1/4 lb hamburger. Are you following the nutrition plan? The studies I have seen say that supplementing 5-20g (what many body builders use) a day show little side effects. A serving of this drink only has 0.5g. All red meat contains creatine, and since the nutrition plan does not recommend it, I am guessing this is to supplement your normal intake. You definitely need to be aware of what is in what you put in your body, but in general the biggest side effect that I know of to this drink is that it can turn your urine yellow (it has 750% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C). Hope you get better Texas.
  11. I got this product after reading how "essential" it is for the P90x Program. Unfortunately, after the second day I had to see a doctor because the muscle pain was just too much, I could barely move my arms (yes, I did followed the instructions about the recovery drink). I felt this was more than "sore" muscles. The first thing my doctor asked was if I was taking any supplement/product that has creatine in it. The answer was yes. (P90x recovery drink has creatine in it). He mentioned that overall creatine is a bad drug, regardless of how much you take. Immediately I got some blood test done cause he suspected muscle damage due to the creatine, and he was right. There was muscle damage and he also confirmed extremely high levels of creatine in my body. Fortunately the muscle damage was minimun and after weeks of rest I'm back to normal and hopefully will continue with the workout program with a more natural nutrition plan. I understand that some people take creatine without experiencing any side effects, but this review is for those who have never taken creatine and are considering taking it. This was just my experience with it.
  12. I'm trying to get back down to size and am just starting week three of the program. I am concerned about taking in 200-250 extra calories on a beverage (I'd rather have a nice dinner!) as I do my workout after I put my kids to bed, then I go to bed. Should I just skip the recovery drink? I dont want to bulk at all - I want to get lean. Thanks.
  13. This recovery drink really helps with the soreness after your workout!
  14. In response to: 1. a lot of people on here that know nothin Written by drew422, on 08-04-2010 22:27 drew422 280 pounds = 127.005864 kilograms, so according to your suggestion a 280 pound person would need 127 grams not 40. A simple calculation especially for someone who holds a BS and MS.
  15. 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight after a workout. So yes, if you are 280 lbs, you might want 40 grams of protein immediately after workouts. There is no research saying protein is not absorbed immediately after a workout ... if there is please post it (I have a BS Exercise Science and MS Nutrition). However, in the absence of carbohydrates, specifically glucose (the simplest of simple sugars), the body will not absorb protein. So yes please intake sugars as well as complex carbs with your protein. Although not a lot of research is available on this fact, most points toward somewhere around 3 to 1 grams of simple sugars to protein. P90X recovery drink is overpriced, but correct. Not enough protein? Well thats why they have you eat a protein bar with your drink.
  16. 1. Helps reduce soreness. There are several workouts that seriously kick your teeth in and those are Chest and Back, Back and Biceps and Chest ,Shoulders and Triceps . When you wake up the next day your body is hurting and you need something to help and I found out the hard way that Motrin doesn
  17. im an ultra runner i run atleast 60 miles per week and i do p90x....and as a runner nothing beats a good pb&j (healthy version of course) for a quick hit of protein
  18. There is a growing belief in the Sports Nutrition field that our bodies cannot absorb much protein in the first 20-40 min Post-workout. Not to mention, glycogen stores need to be recovered soon otherwise muscle breakdown will occur rather quickly. There have been many suggestions that a 200-300 calorie post-workout drink containing a 4:1 ratio of Carbs to Protein is optimal for quick recovery. More protein will just go to waste and can actually make you feel ill. This is true for both weight training and intense cardio workouts. 90 min post-workout is the time to Protein load for Strength and Bulking where those on a cardio program may consume 50:30:20 Carb:Protein:fat in their following meal. More protein isn't always better for recovery but it always depends on the goals one has set.
  19. The P90X recovery drink does not have that much protein as it is to be SUPPLEMENTARY to the protein you are already taking. After intense workouts your body uses the carbs and vitamin C to repair muscle as well as a second source of protein. I take my recovery drink right after im done working out and take my protein 15-20 mins later. I have seen great results
  20. I tried a one packet sample recovery drink from GNC called Pro Performance Wheybolic Extreme 60. Now that drink is high protein at 60 grams, in contrast P90x has only 10 grams. I looked at a comparison of recovery drinks published by 1st Endurance and the protein in those [in grams] is: 20, 14, 3, 1, 26, 2 and 0. Clearly the GNC one is for people looking to bulk up. Clearly P90X is not that high in protein. I'm still not convinced any of them are worth it, I wish there was more reliable science about them.
  21. Are you guys kidding? 10 grams is not even ADEQUATE protein for an after workout recovery drink, much less HIGH protein. Especially not for a male trying to gain muscle mass. Even for a woman who might just be trying to get toned using P90X I would recommend more than 10 grams.
  22. The sugar content may look pretty high, but keep in mind it isn't meant to enhance flavour, it is meant to speed up the process of muscle repair. Not all sugars are bad.
  23. I'm not completely sold on the P90X recovery drink. I haven't been able to find anywhere online that lists the active ingredients in the powder. I've been using suplements for a while off and on and have had some great results in the past. As for the discussions, 39g of sugar does seem high, especially during the "fat shredder" phase of the workout. Especially considering there are quite a bit of simple carbs there. 10g of protein is not a significant amount as stated in a previous post. For those who are new to supplements, be aware of how many grams of protein you consume at a time. It's really based on body weight how much you can and should take. I weigh about 180lbs and shoot for 25-30 per serving. Any more than that is a waste, since your body can't metabolize it. As for recovery, I had great luck training for a half ironman with an l-glutamine recovery formula. It was a tasteless powder that I mixed with chrystal lite. It reduced fatigue and soreness considerably. When I'm in muscle building/strength training, I like to add in just a bit of creatine and also some Nitric Oxide (NO2). The creatine helps muscle and strength gains while the NO2 helps prolong the "pump" and also assists in getting the nutrients to the muscle since it helps expand the tissue. I really enjoy the P90X routine and suggest it as a winter workout or pre-summer builder. I just started and will continue it until around January when I begin training for triathlon again. Good Luck!
  24. Peter, I drink the P90X recovery drink after the workouts although any "recovery" product from GNC would probably work. From my experience, protein is your best friend here. It's really the fuel that feeds your muscles after you spend an hour breaking them down. ANYTHING with as much protein as you can find should do the job. The P90 recovery drink has quite a bit of protein as well as some other ingredients to help your muscles from soreness. The problem is that it's relatively expensive, but there are probably other products which would produce the same results. I'm sure if you looked online, you could find a cheaper, comparable product. For morning, I eat a protein shake (that I buy from the grocery - I'm guessing they may have a similar soy substitute) with my breakfast. I also eat protien bars (any from the grocery will do and I would think PowerBars would certainly be okay here) and nuts (usually unsalted almonds) as snacks. My wife and I also eat a lot of pork loin, spinach, and chicken which all have a good amount of protein in them. I'm sure the "protein" diet is not all you need here, but that's the part of my diet I have been more conscious about when making food choices and it's seem to have worked well for me.
  25. Why do you guys keep saying this recovery drink is high in protein? 10g is far from high protein for a post-workout drink. You can get more than that eating 2 eggs. Isn't protein what muscles use to grow? Thats just not enough for me. And the 36g of sugar just cant be good either. It would make more sense to go for a drink closer to 30-40g of protein and less than 10g of sugar. The drink I've used and gotten great results from has 40g protein and 0g sugar. It tastes amazing!
  26. Due to my schedule, I have been doing p90x at night. Although the sugar content may be needed post workout, does anyone have any thoughts on the impact of having that large amount of sugar before bed? I'm wondering if I am better off just having protein and glutamine? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks, James
  27. I'd like to know in which order should I do the training videos? Thanks,
  28. If you drink them both one after the other post workout then you'll load too much protein. The P90X recovery drink, and all other good recovery drinks have a 1:4 ratio of proteins to carbs. I suggest just taking the recovery drink immediately after your workout, then go for the protein drink or meal no sooner than 1 hour after workout. HTH
  29. What about the amount of sugar in the drink itself? Seems high and may defeat the purpose.
  30. Hi Mike, I'd not mix the p90x recovery drink and the whey protein as the p90x drink is already very high in protein. You don't need both. Stick with one or or the other. The creatine however you csn take as this is just the combination of 3 naturally occuring amino acids. [url=]Read this article on creatine to learn more[/url].
  31. I am on day 30 of my P90X workout (just started Phase II). When I started the program, I purchased 3 of their supplement powders. 1) P90X Recovery Drink, 2) Strength & Muscle Men's Formula with 5g Creatine, and 3) Whey Protein Powder (15g) drink. The directions of both the recovery drink and the strength & muscle drink say to take them after a workout. I am told that you should not take them together. I also worry that the whey protein powder drink should not be taken with the recovery drink. Can anyone tell me what is the proper order to take these drinks? Assume I workout before breakfast and that I am following the P90X nutrition plan.
  32. P90x is so intense you MUST use a recovery drink to get the most out of every workout. With me working out 6 days a week and sometimes doing doubles with CardioX you must do a recovery drink and I really like the p90x for its high protein and GREAT taste. DRINK IT AND BRING IT!!!

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