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Workhorse Fitness Trainer Review - Easier Pull-ups! Print E-mail

I have been in contact with Dr. Len and he was kind enough to ship me one of his workhorse fitness trainer devices.  As you can see in the first picture to the right the workhorse arrived in a small but very heavy box.Workhorse Box Arrived Fed Ex


I wanted to get busy right away testing out the device so I set myself to putting it together.  I was surprised there were no tools required to put it together and I had the whole thing assembled in nine minutes flat.  Pretty amazing to be honest.  There is a picture of the parts below on the right.  There were two bars for the push ups, the vertical bars that you attach the push up bars too, the horizontal pull up bar that connects and 4 screw knobs.  If you look further down the page you will see the aseembled workhorse.


The documentation is probably the only area I wasn't too happy with (see in the parts picture).  It is just an 8 1/2 x 13 1/2 piece of paper printed double side with a five minute workout, a plug for two books, instructions on assembly (1/2 of one inner page),  instructions on how to do the push ups and pullups and that is about it.  I would like to have seen a small colored book with more options/variations on push ups and pull ups.  I could think of 3-4 for each such as inclines on the pushups and raised legs (on an ottoman or the like) for pullups that increase weight. 

Construction Quality

With the negatives about the documentation out of the way, don't think this isn't a fine product.  The product is really well made heavy gauge steel. It has a pop-pin that allows you to fold the horse (much like a carpenter saw horse) for easy storage.  I love the construction.

The Workouts I Did

workhorse pieces

I am a 44 year old male, 6'3" and 225lbs and I felt extremely stable doing pull-ups on the workhorse.  I even tried my own unique variations of one raised leg, elevated legs, and crossed legs.  All of them had a nice stable feel.  In addition I got a really good pump on these pull-ups.  I did both over hand and under hand grips.  The over hand grips gave my forearms more of a workout whereas the under hand grip worked the biceps.  Both of these being the secondary muscles targeted as I could feel my lats getting pumped nicely.

I do quite a few pull-ups from p90x and I think this device will fit in really nice with that as when I get fatigued I now have a great option to keep pumping the pull ups!

The workhorse also has pushup bars.  I am not able to get under the horizontal bar for this, but as the documentation says for tall people like me, just go around to the other end and the push ups did work nicely for me.  I like pushups that vary the width, so this won't be something I use a ton, but it is still a useful addition to my using the perfect pushups.

My Daughters Pullups With the Workhorse

My daughter is 17 years old, pretty petite and not a jock.  She likes to do pilates, some p90x and similar workouts but she really struggles with even doing one pull-up.  With the workhorse fitness trainer she was able to do an entire set of 8!  It wasn't easy for her, but she could do it and it's a great device for people, such as my daughter, who struggle with doing pull ups.  She didn't bother with the push ups as she has her own way of handlng that in pilates,etc.


workhorse fitness trainer assembled

Given the sturdy construction, extreme usefulness to anyone who struggles with pull-ups, and easy storage I quickly dismissed the poor documentation and give this product a solid "A-" grade.  Visit if you are interested in learning more or buying the product. At the time of this writing, the product cost $99.95 and is worth it given the quality construction.

If you find this article useful, share it with someone!  If you own this product, love to hear your feedback!

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  1. I appreciate your kind words. That's pretty much the response we get from everyone, they love being able to finally be able to do pull-ups and are amazed how good of a pump they can get for their back and biceps. Glad to hear that you are 6 ft 3 inches tall, for all those people who wonder if they can use it. Also glad to see how your daughter was able to knock out 8 reps on the Work Horse, whereas she could barely do one regular pullup. FYI...the package it comes in weighs only 17 pounds. Again, thanks for the kind words, it's always nerve racking to see how others perceive your 'baby' Dr. Len Lopez Creator of The Work Horse Fitness Trainer

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