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Shake Weight Review: Get Tone and Fit in Just Six Minutes a Day Print E-mail

This Shake Weight review as seen on TV was designed to show you how you can get an entire upper body workout in just six minutes per day.  Our Shake Weight review will share with you a new workout technology and how it can actually get you results in just six minutes per day.  This Shake Weight review targets the Shake Weight for men and women.  Also included in this Shake Weight review, learn why this revolutionary product is better than the traditional dumbbell. We also recommend contour abs to get the rock hard six pack you desire!

  See also the mens version with our shake weight for men review. TV show discussed the positive aspects of using shake weights. You can see what they say by clicking here on their "All Shook Up" episode.

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What is this Mysterious New Workout Technology?

According to the Shake Weight manufacturer, they have discovered Dynamic Inertia.  Dynamic Inertia is designed to “ignite the muscles” in your upper body, including your arms, shoulders, and chest.

How can Dynamic Inertia work in the Shake Weight?

More EMG activity can dramatically increase muscle activity.  The Shake Weight can help women tone up and men bulk up because of its unique motion and isometric contraction of the upper body.  When correct form is used during the workout, miraculous results will happen! This is because the Shake Weight forces your arms, shoulders, chest, and abs to work together.

Is the Shake Weight really BETTER than a Traditional Dumbbell?

This exciting new workout technology has been proven through an Independent Scientific Study that this revolutionary product is better than the traditional dumbbell.  How?  The Shake Weight causes more EMG activity than a traditional dumbbell that is of the same weight.

The Shake Weight as Seen on TV

This amazing new patent pending exercise equipment has found its way to the famous.  Ellen on the Ellen Show raves about her new found discovery, the Shake Weight.   You can also see the Shake Weight mentioned on the Washington Post,, Personal Fit Coach, the Gadgets Reviews and The Doctors (

Six Minutes per Day can Transform your Body

The intensity of the Shake Weight coupled with proper form can create instant and explosive results.  Who wouldn’t want to spend six minutes a day to transform their body into a sculpted and toned upper body?

NO RISK!  Triple Money Back Guarantee

They are so sure of their dynamic product that the manufacturer of Shake Weight offers a triple money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your Shake Weight, they will refund not only the price of your Shake Weight, but will refund your P&H, as well as return shipping costs.  This is literally no risk to you.

There is a difference in price for the Shake Weight for men and women.  The Shake Weight for men is only $29.95 plus processing, handling, and shipping fees.  The Shake Weight for women is only $19.95 plus P&H and shipping fees.

This Shake Weight review highly recommends the Shake Weight.  Transform your body in just six minutes per day!   Amazing!

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  1. I hear the designers developed this weight to mimic the natural motion of a womans arms.

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