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Flex Belt Reviews - Does it work? Print E-mail


Abdominal workout belts have long been products that people are suspicious of.  The idea of being able to sit down, work out and still get great abs is just something that is so far outside the box that one couldn’t blame most people for not believing it.  However, The Flex Belt is different to a large enough degree that maybe people need to take a second look at just what can be gained from this type of workout aide. This flex belt review will decide the big question everyone asks:

Does the flex belt really work or is it a scam?

YES IT WORKS! Multiple Clinical Trials and FDA Cleared! The largest study conducted was published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and showed that: 100% of the participants reported that their abs felt more toned. Also, 92.3% felt the firmness of their ab muscles increased. Additionally each person was tested on endurance and strength gain in the ab muscles. The average participant received a 72% increase in abdominal endurance and a 49% increase in abdominal strength. These are considered outstanding results.

Read this study on the slendertone FLEX(tm) which is the manufacturer of the flex belt and the flex belt is the next generation and improved ab toning belt.  

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The Flex belt now includes two bonus materials.  A patent pending meal planner and a free one year subscription to one of these magazines of your choice: Fitness, Elle, or Maxim.  Click here to learn more on this great deal.

John Porcari, PHD, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science, University of Wisconsin and author the paper we cited in our second paragraph in this review.  Here is his quote: "We’ve evaluated a number of abdominal products and the nice thing about the Flex Belt is people got results.  The Flex Belt works all three muscle groups of the stomach simultaneously because the pads are located in the middle as well as the sides. Based on the studies we’ve done, there is no question that it is going to increase strength, firmness & tone people’s abdominal muscles."

 Use electrical muscle stimulation to achieve results

The idea of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is one that has been around for a long time in the field of health science.  When someone undergoes horrendous muscle damage from something like a car crash and needs to rehabilitate their ability to do basic tasks like walking, EMS has been used as a major facet of the rehabilitation.  Its ability to stimulate muscle groups is well-known and it is only now that this same technology is being used to help with the sculpting and toning of muscles through a natural progression of the same stimulation that was used to get the muscles working in the first place.

EMS delivered in an impressive way

What makes The Flex Belt such a phenomenon is the fact that the delivery system is exceptional.  The belt is really just a container for pads that deliver the electrical stimulation directly to the muscles.  This stimulation causes the muscles in your stomach to contract and release, the same type of movement that would result from you doing an abdominal crunch.  The difference here is that you are not doing backbreaking exercises on the ground in order to get that muscle movement and therefore you can get the same results with a lot less pain involved.  We’re conditioned in a society that believes that there is no gain without pain, but devices like The Flex Belt seem to indicate that something else can get you the gains that you want.

Statistics to back up the theory

Theory is nice but it needs to work out in practice for a device to really be considered worthwhile.  This is exactly what happens with The Flex Belt because nearly 100% of the people that used it during the testing claimed that they would keep using it given the choice.  When asked whether they had experienced gains on the program, an astonishing 100% of the test group answered yes with a further 85% experiencing an increase in muscle strength and 45% experiencing an increase in muscle endurance.  For any exercise technique or product those results are absolutely ridiculous to the point of being unheard of.

Final Score

The Flex Belt as a workout device is certainly marketed quite well.  However, the indication seems to be that this is more because of the amazing results that it gives rather than the fact that there is some marketing genius behind it selling a poor product but making it look good.  It is at the very least worth a closer look for anyone interested in a new abdominal workout device.

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  2. I am interested to try this out. I've heard it really works.
  3. Flexbelt is a waste of money. It doesn't work
  4. Hello, I just bought the flex belt. Hope it works. If it does I'll be back with my story.
  5. hello, I am interested in the flex belt but have a couple of questions. I was wondering if this in anyway harms or affects the female reproductive organs? I haven't had children yet (planning on trying in the next year). The thought of electric pulses in the abdomen area concerns me a little. Have any women experienced any problems conceiving after using the flex belt?
  6. I got my Flex Belt a week ago and I am in love with it!! I have lost 100 pounds with simply diet and walking. I feel pretty good about the way I look, but 100 lbs is a lot of weight to lose and I am not firm in my stomach at all. I hate doing ab workouts, b/c they are so uncomfortable. I saw an infomercial on this and thought "that's way too much money to spend on something that's not going to work!" But, I saw they had a 60 day money back guarantee so I said, why not! I am happy to say, that I WILL NOT be returning this belt and wish I had purchased it before now! This works my abs so well, as well as the sides and back. I do move it in three sections...upper, mid and lower (aka pooch) and it feels amazing. It took a few minutes to get used to the feeling of the stimulation, but the moment you feel your abs contracting, you want to bump up the intensity and keep going. All my friends got texts on the first night advising that "yu have got to get one of these things!" SPEND THE MONEY and get The Flex Belt!
  7. i just got this about five days ago nd my abs are as toned as theyve ever been !!! i love this thing !!!
  8. I bought my flex belt a while back and I was actually quite skeptical at first, but I needn't have been. It really works as well as they say!
  9. I purchased the flex belt in September 2010 after reading this review and others. I struggle with a little extra weight in my tummy and hips and so wanted to wear clothes I was too embarrassed to wear. The flex belt combined with my normal workout and diet did the trick on my stomach. I don't have a models figure but I FEEL good in how I look now except my hips! I am still struggling there but I will keep working at it. I kept the flex belt after my 60 day trial and continue to use it and loving my new look!
  10. Does the (contour ads) help with lower back mucles?

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