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Ab Circle Pro Review Print E-mail


The Ab Circle Pro claims to be a device that can give you a full core body workout in a way that is as ingenious as it is fun.  While that is certainly an interesting assetion, it remains to be seen whether this claim can actually hold water.  The Ab Circle Pro has a lot to love about it, but at the end of the day there are still some questions about it too.

The Basic Claim - Core Muscle Workout

The Ab Circle Pro performs an exercise that is done in a circular fashion as seen by many on TV infomercials.  Using the Ab Circle Pro machine, you essentially do a workout that involves you twisting your body from side to side in an effort to put pressure on different muscles, stretch your midsection out and tone the area of your body from your chest down to your hips.  In the process, the Ab Circle Pro makes the claim that you can not only tone your central abdominal muscles , but that you can also tone your love handles, your buttocks and your upper legs. This is the area of the body that we call your core muscles. They also claim that you can get secondary benefits to areas around those muscles such as your hips and your chest.

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Features of the Ab Circle Pro

Before we delve deeper into examining the different claims made by this product, it is necessary first to establish that this product is actually worth purchasing from the craftsmanship point of view.  If the product is a complete dud after all, there’s really no point in discussing whether it works because you’re not going to purchase it anyway.

As far as the actual product quality is concerned however, the Ab Circle Pro is relatively decent.  The steel that is used in its construction is high quality and would rival some of the machines you have in your local gym.  It is also highly functional and able to be folded and stored quite easily.  You can adjust the settings depending on the level of difficulty that you want as well, making it a product that you can learn to use better and better as time goes on.  So in an overall sense, the product is worth purchasing based on quality.  This makes your decision tougher because it means you need to evaluate whether the Ab Circle Pro can improve your fitness level,help you burn calories, and get a nice toned body.

Evaluating the Ab Circle Pro

There are many ways that the Ab Circle Pro can be evaluated.  One can take a look at the scientific community to see what they say about the product.  One can also take a look at the internet community to gather colloquial evidence and of course one can take their own common sense in order to make a judgment on this particular product.  For the purposes of this particular review, we decided to do all three of those things.

When we did that, what we found was an overall rating for the Ab Circle Pro that was really nothing special.  This is not surprising, since most of the effective apparatuses online operate in the exact same way.  While none of them are absolute knockout blows when it comes to the fitness of the average person, it is necessary to have multiple options available.  Different people will have different personal preferences.  This also means that they will respond differently to different types of exercise.  What the Ab Circle Pro does is introduce a new way of doing an old exercise and for some people that may very well be what is needed in order to kick start their fitness efforts.

Pros of the Ab Circle Pro

The first good thing to keep in mind about the Ab Circle Pro is that it is thoroughly unique.  The exercises that you will be doing on this particular machine might work the same areas of the body as other abdominal machines, but you’ll certainly be working them in a completely different way.  This has the ability to shake things up, something that more than one person has credited for finally being able to snap out of their funk and start exercising more as time went on.

Another great thing about the Ab Circle Pro is that it actually has the ability to get you off the floor.  In fact, when you are doing the exercises on the Ab Circle Pro, you are not on the floor at all.  You are on a raised surface doing the side-to-side motions on the machine.  Since you’re in the air, the experience is even more different.  You can easily get a huge kick out of doing the Ab Circle Pro workout, something that’ll have you coming back for more and getting into great shape as a result.

Cons of the Ab Circle Pro

The main con of the Ab Circle Pro machine is the main strength, its uniqueness.  Even though it is thoroughly unique, there are going to be some people that will not benefit from this machine at all.  Some people love trying new things out and others do not.  If you are the type of person that generally likes predictability and order in all things, the Ab Circle Pro is not the answer for you getting into shape.  

The equipment for the Ab Circle Pro can also be somewhat difficult to use.  Even though the learning curve is relatively small and once you get the hang of it you’ll use it automatically, that initial curve of actually learning the process is somewhat difficult to do.  For someone with low initiative already, it could easily be the factor that results in them going back to the couch and giving up on exercise once again.

Final Thoughts on the Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is not something revolutionary or even particularly ground-breaking, but it is special in its own way.  The raised swinging exercise that is promoted by the Ab Circle Pro can certainly work if done properly and regularly.  However, that is also true for most of the other exercises out there.  For this reason, it is really a matter of discovering whether the Ab Circle Pro fits with your exercise personality and then making your decision based on that answer.

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  1. Hi J. Brad Benson..I don't think you are the first person having this problem. Have you tried contacting them?
  2. While I bought the machine many months ago, it wasn't until recently that I took it up seriously. Was enjoying it and getting results but then one of the knee pads broke. Seems they are attached to the apparatus with three thin pieces of plastic. Considering the downward pressure of any body on them, perhaps it's a wonder they didn't break before now. I doubt this can be fixed. Bummer! I was really getting something out of this!
  3. i just purchased the ab circle pro. my 1st day was yesterday, it was a good one. today i was using the ab circle pro, which was not a good one. my knees flew off the ab circle pro (many times), the pad don't do the job.(it really hurts the knees) i'm going to give it a few weeks maybe i just need to take it slower and just do it my pace. not keep up with the video.. i'll update in a few weeks. thanks
  4. Loved the machine at first but within ten minutes, I was sweating and could not keep my knees on it, they kept slipping off. Bought some knee pads, which helped but I was on a roll last month, singing to the music, doing my ab circle and wham!!! I slipped off, came crashing down on my knees and they are still bruised and sore. Too bad more thought wasn't put into the kneepads. Also, the plastic ball in the middle is wearing out. Very poor construction.
  5. I want Ab circle pro but i dont know. Can i get Six pack with it ?
  6. I bought one because I thought it looked like you could get a good ab workout. What a joke, me and my wife both used it, and returned it within a few days. If you don't want to believe these reviews, and get one anyway, I would suggest you buy it at a sports store so when you return it, you don't have to pay for shipping. My knees hurt soooo bad, it felt like they were bruised to the bone. The rubber was wearing off, and my abs weren't even sore after using it for 45min. Neither one of us liked it, don't believe the hype, it's worthless.
  7. I bought the ab circle pro @ for $129 which sounds better than $199 from the web site. I am not very satisfied with the product for several reasons; my knees are always sliding off & i feel my arms are getting a better workout than my 'belly'. I too was sold by the info-mercial. I wish i would have gotten yhe flex belt instead!
  8. I use the Ab Circle, and I still slip off it.. They should have included leg straps or something to keep the knees in place. Other then that I enjoy using it. I use it off and on for 30 minutes a day. Usually 3 minutes, take a break 3 minutes take a break. Every day. It works.
  9. I did not buy an ab circle pro, and after being bombarded by infomercials regarding this product, disuaded my mother and sister from purchasing this. The main reason for this is the fact that there is nothing that the ab circle pro can do for your abdominals and obliques that you can't achieve through a core workout for free! Not to mention the fact that any progress will likely plateau drastically with continued use as the body would adapt to the forced range of motion very quickly - why do you think the return guarentee is so low? Also, hearing all these reports about cheap build quality further reinforce my belief that if you are only willing to spend a little money on equipment, then free weights and swiss balls are the way to go. Cheers ;)
  10. i really wanted a ab circle bit idk now it kinda scares me to even try it but i will eventually
  11. I have read the reviews but I still like the design of the machine. I bought a rowing machine Thanksgiving weekend off craigslist and only used around 4x. I get extremely bored. The only things I love enough to do everyday are roller skating & boxing. I want to buy the wii but I also want something to do in my room in front of the TV. The rowing machine ended up being too loud. My PS2 is broken right now which is where I usually do my 12 wk Nike Personal training game. The price through the TV is ridiculous. I am going to buy from KOHLS if I get it which is $199.99 right now. I have 30% discount right now which will take it to $140. They are giving $10 for every $50 spent so I will get back $30. bringing it down to around #110. I have lost more than that in 1 hr at the casino. Would be nice to lose a few pounds. I was not going to worry w/the machine until I saw that it transformed to a workout for the thighs also. That was the deal MAKER if you will. Because now you are talking total body.
  12. I have been faithfully using this machine for only two weeks and already the rollers that move the machine have worn out and the use it causing some of the silver decorative paint to peel off, disrupting the effect of the the excerise, almost unmanagable. I am not THAT heavy so this is an issue of cheap matterials being used. If anyone in the company is paying attention, these two plastic rollers, as well as the circle frame, should have been made of stainless steel. But that would have cost more right? I will be returning this machine, since ordering new rollers will not correct the problem. Although enjoyable for me to use even with one bad knee, I would caution anyone to buy this.
  13. I bought mine on Nov 3rd and I'm taking advantage of the risk free period and returning the item. As most of you commented it really hurt my knees, I fell off it twice and injured my right knee badly! So I bought gel knee pads from eBay for $20 thinking it would help but I still kept slipping off as the knee pads keep moving. I am now seeing my osteo for treatment. I do not recommend this to anyone. It took me 2 emails and a phone call to get an RMA number to return the product. I know it will cost to ship the item back but I simply don't want to pay for an item that is very disappointing.
  14. i am really interested in purchasing one but with the reviews i am reading i dont think its worth my time nor money. the company needs to listen to the buyers and seriously do something constructive with this equipment..
  15. well i just bought mine at a second hand store for $12.99! the only issue i have with it so far is the knee pads are not soft and it hurts my knees. so i will give it a couple weeks and see if i get any results.
  16. I want to know if you have corrected the problems with the construction of this machine. i would really like to try it and i'm not interested in being wounded by it falling apart beneath me.If i purchase one , is it gonna start falling to piece's while in use?
  17. My husband purchased the Ab Circle Pro for me around 2 weeks ago my daughter and I use it every day, Ok weve seen results already but it is poorly designed as the paint is already chipping off, various bolts and screws have come loose, the knee pads keep twisting uncontrolably and today we noticed a ball bearing fall out upon use! both of us have fallen off the machine injuring our knees and shins! we have fully read the instructions and even watched the DVD to learn how to use it properly. All in all not a very good experience with this and until they improve their manufactured design I therefore would not recommend this product.
  18. I love my ab circle pro, but only my arms seem to be getting a good work out. I know by a comment from "Millen" 12-30-09, that I must be using it incorrectly. My question please to anyone is, How do I use it correctly? What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. I find this machine very persuasive and i would like to try it but i have a question do u have to pay for the parts that get messed up? also is it worth your money?
  20. I have been using my ab circle pro for months now. I honestly don't see much of a difference, and wish there was more tension in the swinging motion to give me a better workout. Is there a way to tighten it up? Also, when I am using it, several times the pin pops out, and I almost fall on my face.
  22. I think this ab machine is just another case of infomercial hype. I do not recommend to my readers. The whole "treadmill for your abs" thing is bogus.
  23. I can't say it was a waste of money, i've gotten results. The only problem I will say i've run into is the rollers that make it move under where your knee goes, mine has messed up continually causing me to get new parts over and over again. I'm not saying I've gotten "ripped" but I will say that it has helped trim me down tremendously. I went from 180 to 126 in about a month. Then again I use my ab circle about 45 minutes a day. So, after all If i was telling a first time user of the product, I would say watch your parts closly.
  24. I have a ab circle pro, I have no children(small) at my house. I notice these three small looks at ball bearings laying in the floor next to hit. Do you know if these has fell out of the circle pro?
  25. I have several complants on quilaty of manifacturing qulity for comfort, with hand positons and knee padding . Every time im on it my knees are hurting and dont have enough cushing for supporting knees while exercizing . The main problem is second level and up not safe because your knees are slipping out from underneeth you , causing you to get seriously hurt. I feel this is a wast of money to buy or if the company would like to fix the problems it would be a better machine and safer for the customers.
  26. I agree with the above comment that the ab-circle pro is nothing special. I've been doing professional workouts for the two years as a student and have achieved all desired results and duplicated them amongst my friends. When evaluating the ab-circle pro i see many cons in there advertisement about the "warm up time" to get you into your "peak burning condition". I completely agree that the excercise has the ability to provide a new method for excercising, However due to the circular motion and the incline of the device it is very easy for inexperienced users to push themselves along with there arms instead of abs completely making the excercise pointless. The boasted "3 minutes" also seems unrealistic in providing the completely ripped bodies presented by "past users". All in all i would say this product is good for those who suffer to find the fun in working out in all forms, as it provides a new outlet for them to do so. Also despite the ease at which you can fault the excercises, it still has the capacity to burn high amounts of carbohydrates if not toning the abdominal region. If you are searching for a product that is fun, easy to store and readily available then this product may be the addition you need, however for the harder-core gym stars keep with your gym workouts. Very little else will duplicate your results.

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