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Top 20 P90x Questions Answered Here! Print E-mail

I'm posting this P90X Q & A to help the newbies in our P90X forum and for anyone who is thinking about purchasing this product. I have listed some of the top questions with answers below from what others and I have gone through. P90X is a home fitness DVD set that uses some of the old school workouts combined with some newer modern exercises. Beachbody and Tony Horton developed a perfect recipe of exercises that will give you the ultimate body you have always desired. Don't think you can do the workouts half ass and expect to get great results. You must have the right attitude and determination to get the best body possible.

P90X before and after

I have done P90X now for a combined 5 months. I have lost 25 pounds. (I have since taken a hiatus due to a herniated disc of playing too much tennis). P90X Increased my stamina, flexibility ( I could easily put my nose to my knee), and for the first time in my life, I had a six pack! I was at the age of 39 and without a doubt in the best shape of my life! I felt as or better now then when I was 21 yrs old. For those who believe working out in a gym is better than The P90X Program, one day, after I completed the 3 months, I went to the gym to mix it up a little and to see how I would feel during and after working out with free weights. I was amazed with my condition, my energy level and I could lift up to 20% more then I could prior while going to the gym, please keep in mind, I haven't been to the gym in over 9 months! Here is my transformation.

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Now for the Q & A

1. Does P90X really work?

Yes! I believe there are 3 main factors that makes P90X work:

Muscle Confusion: The schedule is 3 weeks balls to the walls exercises with specific routines and then followed by 1 recovery week (mainly core, cardio and stretches). This goes on for 3 months total. Each month the types of exercises changes so you don't plateau.

Diverse Exercises: This program gets rid of the boredom of just going to the gym day in day out or doing aerobics for 60 minutes every day(blah!). You have chest and back one day, then Plyometrics, Kenpo and then there's yoga, yes yoga! I would have never in a million years ever say I do yoga. Yoga is probably one of my favorite exercises in this program. I believe I sweat the MOST doing yoga X compared to any other routine. You also feel very relaxed at the end.

Efficiency: You get 1+ hour of solid sweating, muscle pumping, fat burning, cardio and muscle toning routines. There is very little rest during the routines, which is the right way to workout (unless you want to bulk up). If you go to the gym, count on 10 to 30 min of driving , 15 min of socializing, 20 min total of resting between exercises which equals to about 30 min of actually "exercising" lol.

2. What equipment should I get, do I really need the resistance bands?

This is another big one. Some of you may need the resistance bands - If you have never worked out before then you should get them. If you have worked out in the past and have been to a gym then I recommend getting the weighted dumb bells instead of the bands. Below is a list of items you may want to get.

  • Heart monitor (I did not get one until later... I like to know if I'm pushing myself hard enough or not.)
  • Weighted Dumbbells (Various sizes - I purchased a set of 10s, 20s and 30s plus 1 50lb for back routines)
  • Pull-up bar ( I like the P90X brand, you just add it to a door frame and believe me, it will hold you up)
  • Push-ups bars (Get the deepest ones you can find)
  • Yoga block (I don't think you need this - you could use anything, even your push-up bar)
  • Yoga mat (blah! Don't waste your money)

3. Should I take a before and after picture?

Absolutely! How else can you how far you came from? Also, post the pictures on the forum for motivation.

4. Am I too old for P90X?

Hell NO! I'm turning 40 and I feel as if I'm 21. Tony Horton will be 50 this year! You will feel fantastic, I promise!

5. Should I immediately start Day 1 as soon as I get the DVDs?

NO. I actually waited 2 weeks before starting Day 1 - I made sure I tried Yoga X, Kenpo X, and some of the weight training exercises at least 2 times to get the some of the soreness out of my system and to have a feel for the workouts. I couldn't imagine starting the program on Day 1 without knowing what to expect.

6. Should I write down my progress for every single routine?

Yes. Use our P90X excel spreadsheet - Tracking you progress will let you know if you need to pick it up or not. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

7. What do I eat? What can I eat, what should I eat?

This is quite long because this is very important. I believe your eating habits will either break or make you. If you maintain a good eating habits throughout the P90X program, your chances of finishing the program with the results you're looking for will increase substantially. A good diet with exercise MUST go together. You cannot do one without the other or you are just wasting your time. You really want to focus on small meals every 2 hrs or so, excluding your bed time of course.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Don't eat late: Try to go to bed hungry - if you eat late, especially a heavy meal, it will just store in your body as fat. A good trick is to drink lots of water so it will at least give you full feeling until you go to bed.
  • Prepare your meals ahead of time: Cook on the weekends or at night and cook extra. Try to have meals ready for at least two days in advance. Block off a section in your fridge just for prepared meals only. By doing this, you won't be tempted to grab some junk food at work plus it will help you save some cash!
  • Stay away from High Fructose Corn syrup: This stuff is baaaaaaad. Don't believe those commercials on TV. This stuff is THE cause of our obesity problem in the US. The chemical tells your brain you are still hungry. Get your food from a health food store or just read the ingredients. This stuff is in everything!
  • My Eating Habits: I followed Dr. Ian Smith's book Fat Smash Diet. I wanted to lose pounds and be toned. It starts out with a cleanse period. (9 days of nothing but fruits, veggies, egg whites, brown rice, yogurt and water. See review here. Once the nine days is done, you then introduce meats in small portion. This eating habit worked very well for me.

8. When do most people quit the program?

I've notice most of the users in our forum stop right after the 30 day mark.

9. Should I join your P90X forum?

Absolutely! There are a number of users who has credited the forum for helping them succeed in P90X. Let's face it, going though this alone sucks! Having a group feeling the pain, frustrations and then ultimately success is very comforting. There were times that I just needed a little push from other members. The best practice is to find someone who is just starting out in the "Beginners" area of the forum. That way, you both will be progressing at the same time. BTW, our P90X forum is completely free.

10. Should I purchase the Recovery Drink or take Supplements?

This is really up to you but for me, I took zero recovery drinks or supplements. Some people are very adamant about taking supplements. I believe some may help like whey protein for people who want to gain weight. I went all naturally but that's just me.

11. Should I do other exercises with P90X?

It's up to you if you can handle it. If you are a young one and doesn't get tired then go for it. If you start to slack on the routines then I would cut back on the other exercises and really focus on P90X. You'll be thankful you did when the 90 days is up.

12. I can't do 1 pull-up, can I still do this program?

Yes. If you can't do one pull-up, just get up on the pull-up bar and slowly decline. Keep doing this for a while then start using your legs to push you back up. You will get stronger. Get the bands... This will make it easier for you in the beginning then toss it and start using the pull-up bar.

13. Can I drink alcohol during the program?

I did. I'd recommend first not drinking anything for the first 30 days. If you do, try to stick to low calorie beer like Miller Lite (I know, it taste like water but it has one of the lowest calories of any beer) or some low calorie drinks. Stay away from the heavy sugar drinks like pina coladas.

14. What is the best time do the routines?

All the experts say in the morning but not everyone can do this. Not everyone is single or doesn't have kids to take to school. If you have the time to do the routines in the morning then go for it. The best time for me is at night. Sometimes I have to wait until 9:30pm (Once my kids are in bed). It's up to the individual.

15. Can I skip a day or two?

We all get ill sooner or later or have a planned 4 day weekend - there is no away around this. Skipping one day is okay, skipping 2 days is not good. My rule is if I miss more then 2 days, I would re-do the current week again - end of story.

16. I'm not seeing results after 30 days, what am I doing wrong?

Have some Patience - As I stated before, most people quit after the first month - I know this because I've seen it on our P90X forums. They get frustrated because they diet and workout very hard for 30 days after years of neglecting their body!?? Come on people! You must have some patience! I see the first 30 days as the "adjusting" period. Your body is in "shock" mode. Some people start to get good results after 30 days, some don't change at really depends on the person. I started to see significant results 2 weeks after the second month. Once you past the 30 days mark, this is when you need to kick it up and really push yourself hard.

17. I'm gaining weight, what's wrong!

This may happen to you in the first 30 days. Like I posted earlier, the first 30 days your body is in shock mode. The second month is when you'll start to lose weight.

18. Can I substitute exercises?

Yes. I couldn't do plyometrics due to bad knees so I did Kenpo twice a week. Also, I would do Abs ripper X before I did my weight training.

19. Do I have to follow the P90X schedule?

NO. However, you should stick to the same types of routines. For example, first day weights, then cardio, weights, cardio and so on.

20. I finished my 3 months, what now?

If you can do every routine to the max without getting sore or you feel as you are not making any progress then its time to get P90X + - Also, mix it up some, go to the gym one week then do a week of P90X. Run or ride your bike but don't stop doing the P90X routines!

I hope I have answered most of your questions, feel free to comment below.

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  1. I'm 14 and I too as just about every one here, I'm doing p90x, But I lost my papers and everything, just have the disk. So I was wondering if someone could help me by telling me what disk I switch after the first month. Because I just finished it. Thanks
  2. I'm an avid swimmer and want to continue my 1000 yds every morning before breakfast. Are there certain discs I should not do while swimming the same day?
  3. Im 44 years old and I noticed my sugar levels when measured ,are higher than normaal. Is it safe to have the recovery drink after the workout without worrying about increasing my glucose.
  4. I am 145-150 lbs 21 years old, If i use P90X will i be able to gain weight and maybe bulk up a bit. By gain weight i mean like gain up to 160lbs at least? I am afraid of using it and losing more weight than i started.
  5. how many times a week should i do ab ripper x ??? and does yoga HONESTLY benefit you in weight loss, or is it just to help you with flexibility ??
  6. I am a 31year old 5 foot 6 and I weigh 175 lb. I started the P90x program a week ago and the meal plan a bit earlier and lost 5 lb in about a week but in my second week I haven't really lost any further pounds, any tips? I keep up with the reps and such, though struggling and am busy throughout the day. I am a stressed out student for 8 months of the year and as such have gained a stress spare tire so I want to lose 30 lbs and improve my cardio and tone before I head back to school to get into a manageable routine. I do have a hard time with my job fitting in the snacks, is that part of my problem. Is 30lb an unrealistic weight loss for this program the lean version for 90 days?
  7. the food guide is the prob for me i cant eat fish im alergic and the mushroom egg i dnt like mushrooms what can i do to substitute ?? please help !
  8. I' ll soon be 60 and noticed my metabolism has slowed down a lot even while training with weight 5 days a week causing me to gain 20 lbs of fat. I have been doing P90x now for 11 weeks and doing things now I thought would be impossible such as breezing through an ripper, doing one arm pushups and 14 wide grip pull ups. I so much look forward to doing P90x2 , insanity and whatever has to offer. You only live once, it's time to bring it now or you'll regret later! Steven
  9. Can I do shoulder and arms twice a week?
  10. how can I get better in pull ups
  11. I work night times and have 3 kids and a husband and I find time for p90x it has helped me and my husband out so much in so many ways I hate yoga x but I love it ay the same time I'm very flexible now I'm faster I can run and jump now I'm going to finish my third month in two weeks and I have lost 12lbs but because I wasn't eating right I know bad but we are doing a second round as soon as we finish our first 90 days and we r going to add Cardio x everyday except Sunday and going to be eating healthier good luck to u all... Don't forget modified people dont worried just keep doing it and no I'm not skinny I weight 213lbs right so yes u can do it get off the computer and the couch and just try u will be amaze btw I was using size 22 in pants I wear size 14 now :) I have been toning up and loosing lots of inches :) good luck u all
  12. I am a 22 year old college student. I just started p90x this afternoon but could only make it through the first half of the warm up. Should I restart the warm up again tomorrow or pick up where I left off?
  13. I'm 17 and Iv been gaining weight recently. But Iv been changing my diet and tonight will be my first night trying P90x I'm super excited but I really need to loose a few pounds in my hips and thighs before prom which is in about a month. Do you think I can loose 5pounds in that time by using P90x?
  14. I've just started the workout on lean but get realy sore, so my question is: Is it ok to do the first couple of week by doing (lean) Day1: Core Synergistics, Day 2 Ab ripper, Day3 Cardio X, day 4 stretch, day 5 Shoulders & arms, day six ab rripper and so on, so 1 day work out then the ab ripper or stretch. that will turn a 1 week workout in 2 weeks.
  15. My husband and I got P90X. We are trying to get organized on the food side first. We need to throw out A LOT of food to make room for new stuff, and that's a good thing. But the nutritional guidelines will take a little getting used to. I was wondering if it's ok to follow the 'Phase 1' diet on either Level 1,2,or 3 without actually doing the exercises yet. I see it as just eating right vs. how we usually eat. I don't think we need as many calories as it calls for since we haven't started exercising, but I would assume the nutritional guidelines are still ok to follow? Is the yoga really necessary for 90 min? I have never done it, but from what I know, it's a slow moving exercise and 90 min seems long and is if I was trying to do it before work. Can it be replaced by another exercise or skipped all together? Based on our schedules, I am not sure if 6 days of exercise will be possible. Is ok to do a 5 day a week schedule? I see a lot of questions here, but no answers? Thanks
  16. Hey im about to start P90X this summer. Im 15 around 5'5 and weigh about 130 and i was wondering how often should i change the weight of the dumbbells so i could get better results ? I have a pair of 10 pounds and a pair of 20. Do i need diffirent sizes or just stay with the ones i have ?
  17. I am skiing for the next 2 weeks and I don't know how to fit P90X in my schedule. I don't want to over exercise. What should I do?
  18. ok so im 14, and of course, im on p90x... i have only been on for 1 week but i have lost 3 or 4 pounds. My mom is on the atkins diet, and has been for a while,, she lost 16 pounds but..... she platued, so ya im real happy about the muscle confusion thing now : )
  19. So i have two small children and a fulltime job.I do not sit down until 7pm. What time do you suggest working out? Earlier in the day or at night?
  20. hi in week 3 ..going good and feeling the good pain hope it works when your 48 ..only see young people up here, My hope is to be in top shape again ..,for kids,my wife ,work , me !
  21. p90x is great, I'm only 15 and I was afraid it would stun my growth or simply be one of those lame 90's spandex workouts that didn't work but I recommend p90 for anyone --- To this day I've finished p90x, Insanity, and now working on p90x2
  22. I am interested in purchasing the p90x but I dont need to lose weight I just want to tone up. Will the p90x do this for me?
  23. I'm 20 and finally getting back into working out after a year of putting it off. I had all of the P90x workouts at one point but not all I have left is the plyometrics so my question is, if I just do those, along with a few of my own exercises, will I see results? I'm happy with my weight, I'd just like to be as toned as I use to be!
  24. 16 and im not happy with my weight. I play travel softball so im active. Im really interested in this program but im wondering if i need to purchase the workout equipment. Will i still get the same results if i dont or will i need them to get the results im looking for?
  25. I'm 39 with bursitis in both shoulders. I've tried workouts in the past that have left me unable to function for days afterwards but I'm wanting the full effects of a full body workout. Does the program help to overcome issues like this or is it just going to aggravate it?
  26. I am 6 foot 312 pounds should I do p90x and will it help me lose some weight please help me email me
  27. @ victor, i did the same thing as you, i did p90x and dropped 65 pounds from 200 to 135 and now im doing p90x2. keep it up
  28. Hey I'm mike and I'm in my first month of p90x and I am 165 pounds I don't what to lose any more weight shuld I do all 12 dvds or should I just do certen ones I what to build mucsel not lose weight please help me thanks
  29. I have the discs from about three years ago. Is the current series of exercises the same as what I purchased? Has it been edited or upgraded? P
  30. hi, I'm a mom and my baby is 5 months and I had a cesarean, when can I start the program?
  31. Im 12 years old and I do p90x. I have seen little results after a month. I'm working on eating healthier. I was wondering if anybody has any tips for me. Thanks.
  32. I was wondering, and I didn't see this anywhere else: Do I just do the p90x, or do other people do different types of work outs with it?
  33. So, I finished my 1st month of P90x. I'm not going to lie..I felt a bit unmotivated the 1st month, but I actually lost 6 lbs! ..and that adds up in the end! Now that I'm in my 2nd month, I'm feeling amazing. Even though I've been the same weight 2 weeks in a row so far, I'm not stopping!! Got to keep the motivation!!! :D
  34. I've been doing p90x lean routine for about 2 weeks now. It was/is rough trying to manage my time to do it. What are your thoughts on doing 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins at night instead of a whole hour at once? Would it make a difference?
  35. For those asking about pushup troubles, start in normal full body then modify to knees doing max reps, you will get string and fast push until form deteriorates. Squeeze your abs and butt food good form. pull UPS get resistance band with a door attachment, it goes up under the framepinching behind the door for no structural damage.make sure you use a band with little give it's not the same as a pull up but it works. Also you still notice a big difference if you start the diet say two weeks ahead if your body is use to eating junk the fat burner differ can throw you for a loop let alone the workout immediately
  36. Hey, I am a 20 year old college student. Im at around 290lbs now and was wandering if p90x would be something I would be able to do at my weight? I have been weight lifting and playing basketball for a few weeks now to try and get somewhat ready for it.
  37. hey, im just tryin to get recognized here so just please listen to my story. im victor stelly and i am 13 years old. i am currently working on completing p90x2, but i completed p90x when i was 12. In 3 months (90 days), i went from 224 pounds to a solid 145 pounds and im feeling great. I was just wondering if anyone knows any other young ppl out there who are on the track of fitness like me. Plz comment back. Thx
  38. I can barely do 4 push UPS , I'm not gonna quit , so what should I do , ?
  39. I'm 14 and my mom bought p90x a while back and now I want to give it a shot, I'm 5'8 and weigh around 150lbs and don't plAy any sports but I am very good at card, so would it be safe for me to use p90x
  40. what happens if i can not have a pull up bar ? is there an alternative i can use?
  41. So, I have a question. If you do all the exercises but don't do the diet part completely similar, will I still lose weight? And if so, how much? Also, how much do you lose after every month? (After the first, then the second month, and the last.)k thanx for any help and info. Anything is help:)
  42. I'm 55yrs old and weigh 230lbs, just received my P90X material. Looking forward to the challenge and hope to be a fit 180lbs in 90 Days. Bring it!!! Mark
  43. OMG! Thank you so much this answered All of my questions!
  44. I'm 18 and weigh 150 lbs. I have gained 20 lbs since my sophomore year. I moved from Washington State to Ohio State before my Junior year started. WE dont have good healthy food or classes like I did back in Washington. You were required to take Health, Fitness, Weights, aerobics, etc. Here it doesn't seem like they worry about that. What should I start out with and what are some tips to help you get into the "moment" to start working out? Thanks for any help! Yours truly, Corey.
  45. I disagree with waiting to start...I started today after doing nothing for quite some time and I even started on the Kenpo DVD. I will say that I had to skip certain workouts and alter a few things (like skipping the X jumping jacks) but still had an incredibly effective and wonderful workout. Bring it!
  46. how I can buy single dvd my youngest son broke the firt one call "How to bring it"
  47. i have just purchase P90X and Power Cords Resistance Bands at Amazon. i am confused on which routine i should be doing first. i want to lose weight and really tone my body and lose flab and the "tire" around my waist. which routine is best for me? please help.
  48. what exerise should i do since i am 14 year old boy
  49. ok... i am just now starting p90. i started doing classic but i am confused on which routine i should be doing. i want to lose weight and really tone my body and lose flab and the "tire" around my waist. which routine is for me and if i dont have a pull up bar what can i do? please help.
  50. Cant believe thats the first time I've done with Chest&Back!! felt so GREAT!!! But im worried about Pizza. . . Can I eat Pizza and chocolate sometime? I love them!! Please Help Me?

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