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Thinner Thighs, 10 exercises for you Print E-mail

How to Get Thin Thighs?

Thinner thighs are the dream of many women. Unfortunately, to obtain them it is needed effort, time and patience, and of course, the right exercises to do the job. As with all exercise plans you should have a good weight loss plan (see our weight loss tips and reviews). Based on our research, here we present 10 exercises to obtain thinner thighs.See also:Slimmer Legs

1. Chair squat

Among the most beneficial exercises to calves, thighs and buttocks, we have the squats. There are several types of squats. To perform the chair squat, a person must stand in front of the chair with the back toward the chair. Then slowly sit down in the chair, to finally return to the starting position but with the legs not totally extended.

2. Dumbbell squat

The movement of this exercise can prove to be difficult to master. The starting position is stand up straight with the feet shoulder width apart. With the dumbbells in the hands and the arms relaxed falling naturally from both sides of the body. Then slowly lower the body, until thighs are parallel to the floor. The back should be straight at all times.

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3. Power walking

This exercise to obtain thinner thighs is one of the easiest to accomplish. It is just walk at a faster than normal rate, but not like a walking race, it's more about that every step is a strong one, rather than a fast one. Strides at the beginning are going to be probably short and fast, but with time, a longer stride will be developed. Thirty minutes every day for 3 or 4 days a week will be fine. Don't walk on incline roads or hills, because this can make leg muscles grow and they will look thicker.

4. Dumbbell lunges

In this exercise, the person will work one leg at a time, in series. The starting position is standing straight with the feet close, and holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms naturally on the sides. The movement is as follows for the right leg: take a large forward step with the right leg while at the same time lower the left leg almost until the knee touches the floor. It is very important to maintain the back straight at all times. After the movement, slowly return to the starting position and switch legs.

5. Walking lunges with dumbbells

This exercise is pretty similar to exercise number four, but with an important difference. In the previous exercise all the motion happens in the same place, in this exercise, the person should walk with every large step, the movement implies real advancement.

6. Stationary bike

Before doing stationary bike, it must be properly configured. Seat should be set up in such a way that when the leg is extended to the bottom of the pedal stroke, there is still a slight bend in the knee. The handlebar then can be adjusted to comfort, but never too low as to cause back pain. 30 minutes every day and four days a week should be fine. Don't stop during the 30 minute pedalling, so it is important to use a resistance that can be handled, increasing it gradually but never to its maximum. It is most important to maintain a high pedalling rate.

7. Leg Press

This exercise must be done with the help of a leg press machine typically found on every gym. Back must be firmly pressed against the back seat, and feet can be positioned differently depending on which part of the leg is working. This exercise is very simple with the help of the machine, it is important to remember the slow movement, flexing and then extending legs completely to achieve better results.

8. Fitness band standing leg adduction

The starting position of this exercise is with the fitness band attached to a door and to the left ankle. With the help of a chair and the weight over the right leg, the idea is to contract the inner thigh muscles, moving the left leg past the right one, until a contraction is felt, and then slowly return to the starting position. 20 repetitions for each leg will do the job and one more step to obtain thinner thighs will have been taken over.

9. Lying leg adduction

This exercise, although very difficult, can be done with some effort. The starting position is lying on the right side where the upper body is supported by the right arm. Also, the right leg should be straight while at the same time the left leg should be bent. The movement consists in lifting the right leg until a contraction is felt on the inner thigh muscles. The movement should be repeated 20 times slowly for each leg.

10. Ankle leg standing leg adduction

This is another difficult one, and needs the help of an ankle weight. The starting position is like this: with the ankle weight on the left ankle, a person should stand straight with all the weight on the right leg. The movement consists in moving the left leg past the right leg, making the inner thigh muscles work. Finally, to complete the exercise the left leg should return to the starting position stopping when it is in front of the right leg. Between 15 and 20 repetitions a day are fine for a person who wishes to obtain thinner thighs.


Some of the exercises described above are not an easy task. Nevertheless, nobody said they would be. Effort is part of the human life and plays an important role to help mankind in reaching its most precious goals.

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  1. In 16 5'4 and I'm 103 I'm skinny but I want my leg thinner but I don't want to stave myself so I hope is works my goal it to reach 90 pound ik I'm too skinny but it's all I can do at this point
  2. Hi, im 14 years old and is finding it hard to lose weight in my legs. I have big very big hips and quite a small waist but a massive bum. Im fine with my upper body but have massive thighs and i always find a new pair of cute jeans, they fit me round the waist but never in my legs. I am size 10-12( uk ). Im really self conscious on my legs and never wear shorts anymore, i really hope this helps with losing the weight.
  3. Im very skinny on the upper part of my body but my my thighs are huge. All the girls on my volleyball team are skinny and i wish i could be to
  4. For all the girls that are young, worrying about your weight and already below 100pds. You have a serious problem if you think you're overweight. I wish your parents are aware of this issue.
  5. Hi I'm 5' 1 and 116 pounds I am so fat!! I wear size 2-3 jeans all my friends have nice long legs and wear like size 0 I play soccer so I have big legs and butt and I am trying to lose 10-15 pounds in 3 monthes for high school!!! I hope this works!! Btw I'm 14
  6. I'm twelve, and I weigh 85 pounds and am 5 1". I do competitive swimming and me weakness in my kick which comes from thighs. I'm hoping this helps me get my thighs thinner and stronger :)
  7. ha so im not the only one :) im 14 and my legs are VERY muscular and i have a hanging stomche and a BIG BUTT... even one day my friends and I were talking about who has the biggest butt and i dont know why! :) anyway i was the one with the biggest butt and my friend has a huge butt so i thought she was the one. I notice i have the curve form... i want to show it off instead of my hanging fat stomache and big butt that makes me wear size 5's! Im 5 foot and i weigh 110! My goal is to see my form, weigh 98 and wear size 00 :)
  8. I'm 17 but I'm short and have skinny arms but I have muscuular thighs and I want to get skinny legs and thighs quick!
  9. hi im 12 years old and i way 120 pounds. i hate it i starve my self and its worked before just it makes me week and I'm a gymnast. i need help i hate my body.
  10. Nobody 16 or younger should be worrying about how much they weigh, just how happy they are with themselves. Training your body to be in its most optimal state is so that you are healthy and live a long, healthy life. Besides toning your legs/stomach/ whatever will perhaps burn fat but always remember that muscle weighs more than fat does and hence the weight scale is not always a reliable way to measure your health.
  11. Im 13 i weight 146 pounds, with bif thighs and love handles, i hate them! How can i get rid of them in a easier way if i dont have dumbells or i dont quite understand what your explaining?
  12. I'm 12 and 5 ft tall and 90 pounds, my goal is to be 80 pounds after summer I hope this works
  13. Hi I'm 14& weigh arouund 110, it's april and i wanna weigh around 105 or 100 by the summer, i also wanna have super thin legs for the summer so starting today im doing these everyday. my theighs are super muscular from pervious ice skating(I used to but the i quit) and now i do track, softball, and field hockey so hopefully these work!
  14. I you guys wanna have skinnier legs, then try SNSD leg workouts. They are these Korean group that have the most GORGEOUS legs ever! It's fun and easy. Just type in "SNSD leg workout" in YouTube. It should be the first one... P.S. I'm 14 and I'm 5ft. Tall, 95-98 pounds ( it changes, between these numbers a lot....)
  15. I hope this works :) im 120 pds and im 12
  16. All of you girls trying to lose weight.... Good Luck I have done this and it helps for me! I hope It works for you girls as well!! :)
  17. Im 16, and 118lbs! I really hope these excersizes can help. I want to get down to 112 by the summer!! Good luck everyone who's trying!
  18. I really hope these will work. I'm 13, 5'9, and weigh around 155 pounds. My legs are really muscular due to volleyball. I'm ready to change, I can't wait to see the results!
  19. Omg u guys have problems but I'm 11 turning 12 in mayand I'm 116 pounds my goal is to be 95 pounds I hope this will help tell me if it helps u guys
  20. I'm also only 13, 5'7" and my thighs are so big it's so embarrassing seeing all the other girls with their skinny jeans and I'm too afraid to wear them:P I NEED THIS TO WORK!:/
  21. Well see im only 13 and im 198 pounds :'( I justt started trying to loose weight I hope and pray thatt I can before the summer : )
  22. i need thin thighs all my friends fit in skinny jeans and they hurt and cant walk aroundin them when i try them on i take months to find 1 pair of jeans. how many things should i do per rep and how many weeks should i do it?
  23. Yeah!!! I love workouts!!!!!! My thighs are just not the greatest
  24. I weigh around 140 pounds and I've ALWAYS stayed there! Its frustrating when I want to lose weight but I dont have the time for exercises! Im hoping this will do the trick! Im going running and doing these exercises. Fat, you are gonna roast! :P
  25. I just had one of my clients ask for my help about how to get skinny thighs and tone down her butt. People really expect that exercise alone is going to get them where then need to be but it really is the whole thing consisting of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. I've been helping her since and seen big results, the person has to commit to getting skinning and maintaining that lifestyle in order to have optimal health.
  26. I've been trying for a while to lose some inches off my thighs because i'm in 7th grade and i wiegh 125 pounds and my thighs are the biggest part of me!Hopefully these exercises will work!
  27. im like 110 pounds , and in the last few months my legs have started gaining stretch marks, which is very depressing , i dont even show my legs , i dont have swimming at school either :S I started to exercise a few weeks ago and so far my legs are getting thinner and my skin is getting better , considering im exercise 7 days a week and for like 1-3 hours. and ive been using theese exercises lately and they really do work ^_^
  28. hii thank u for the 10 exercises. I got thiner :D
  29. i dont understand any of this but always during the winte my thighs get a little bigger :0
  30. my legs are huge!im pretty curvy. im 14 and wear size 14 in trousers but size 8 or 10 in top and wear size 10 in dress im really unhappy with the bottom half of my body! i have tried evevrything and play hockey! i really hope this works!!
  31. a little bit hard, but very helpful.
  32. I hate my legs!!! All my friends have beutiful Long skinny legs and wear size 10 jeans (I'm in 7th grade) and look super cute in skinny jeans But my thighs are so FAT!!! They touch when I stand and are really short, and they also are extremely CURVY!!! I weigh 115 lbs. and I wish I weighed 85 lbs.!!!
  33. okay so im going into high school soon cuz im and 8th grader, and i am almost 200 pounds! and i dont wanna be made fun of when i get to high school i have like 5 monthes. how can i get skinnier or at least 130 or 150 pounds and a flatter torso and maybe smaller legs because i play soccer and softball so im trying to get fit before they start to .... how do i get thinner in the stomach and thighs
  34. all of my friends are so skinny! when they stand, theyre thighs dont touch at all, and i want to be like that too! i might only do a couple of these though... hope it works!
  35. I have very muscular thighs due soccer, track, basketball, futsal, softball so how can i make them thinner please help me.
  36. I am a dancer with shorter legs so i naturally have very muscular thighs so i can do pointe, but they are ugly! They look like fat! I hope these work!
  37. i have played volleyball and swam since i was four so i have very muscular legs. but i have noticed that my legs are very long. therefore it makes up for the thick part. i dont know why. i also stretch alot too. i am 13 and im hopefuky going to model soon. :)
  38. im very athletic so when i work out or play sports it seems my thighs are getting bigger and musclar and thats kinda not what i want.
  39. hopefully this will work :D but i'm wondering how many times do you have to do these exercises?
  40. i have lost 57 pounds now in 10 monthes by walking 4 times a week for 3 miles each time and by doing 100 stomach crunches 3 times a week and eating alot of blueberries i went from size 20 jeans to size 12 i want to lose at least 25 more pounds but seem to be at a platue right now any advise?
  41. help! its winter right now and for summer i want to atleast have lost some of my muscle in my legs!!! im pretty sure its not fat because when i tense my legs or 'lock' its all hard but its so ugly! help i HAVE NO THIGH GAPP!!! :'(
  42. ok im 11 and most of my body fat is in y thighs my torso is so tiny but my legs are H-U-G-E i wear a girls 14 and a half plus i want to fit into a size 12 or 10 at least by summer and i want to look good in a swimsuit hope ths workz!
  43. How long do you have to do these exercises in order to see results?(like week/months?) And do you have to do all of them in order to see results? Summer is already here, so just wondering if it will take long.
  44. i have really muscular thighs because i play soccer but i want them to be skinny like a runway model ... my upper body is skinny and i am tall and i want this in the future but my manager told me i needed to find a way to get my thighs skinnier if i wanted to continue modeling.. so will this make them skinnier or just more muscular ?
  45. Omg!! thanks for something easy. im 13 and my thights are bigger than my aunts and shes 26! i hope this works.
  46. I am about 106lbs and I'm 16 and I am 5'5. I'm pretty skinny but I do cheerleading too but I'm starting to get thicker thighs from not working out in a while. I want my old legs back! So I'll try this but I have to stick with it because I give these things up realy easily. Only because I don't actually need to do this I just want my legs to be as skinny as the rest of me
  47. This plan will work. But, don't forget that diet plays a huge role in smaller thighs!
  48. I live in Japan and having big thigh here causes ALLOT of commotion, I tried following Japanese diets that we have here, but nothing work. I had be doing these for few weeks and they work great! Thank-You!! As a 13 year old, this was easy to understand unlike other site I visit, they very confusing, since I no speak English very well! \\(^w^)/ ありがとうございます!ありがとうございます! から ~ 鋼 茂祭
  49. I played basketball all the way up to my freshman year, and now am a competitive cheerleader going on 2 years. I have really big and muscular thighs to be only 14 and 4'11. I really hope this works. I've tried everything and they still haven't gotten smaller. They've for the most gotten bigger since I started cheer. I really hope this works. I'm going to try to do the chair squats.
  50. I'm gonna start doing these today! I HATE my thighs sooooo much, and now its getting hotter so I have to wear shorts, but my thighs are terrible! This feedback sounds good though, but how long do you have to do it before you see improvement??? Thanks for this site!

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