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Quickest Way To Burn Fat Print E-mail
There are many ways to burn fat, whether through diet plans, supplements, or exercise.  All of these are helpful and can be the solution for you.  However, the quickest way to burn fat is to incorporate many things into your routine, as I will summarize for you in the following.

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Eating Right:

Proper nutrition is essential for weight loss and is proven the quickest way to burn fat.  The foods you eat, along with the times and frequency, are important to our metabolism.  An increase in our metabolism is one of the quickest ways to burn fat.  To achieve this, we must expend more calories than we consume by eating more lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, and less simple carbohydrates and saturated fats.  Drinking plenty of water is a must!  Since, green tea is a proven antioxidant and natural stimulant, it also aids in increasing our metabolism. We can also recommend you consider wulong tea, read our wulong tea review for more information.

Shifting Calories:

This theory suggests that we change what we eat every few days, in order to stimulate our metabolism, since our body gets used to burning calories in a set pattern based on our previous day’s eating habits.  The quickest way to burn fat is to eat foods that are quickly burned, so after you have burned the calories, your body begins to work on the fat tissue that has been stored.  


The exercises recommended for the quickest way to burn fat are any that involve aerobics, treadmills, swimming, and/or stationary bikes.  These exercises improve your cardiovascular fitness, which gives you the stamina to exercise longer and burn more calories.  This will result in the quickest way to burn fat stored in your body whether going for toned abs or thinner thighs.

Weight Training/ Interval Training:

Another recommendation to follow for the quickest way to burn fat is through weight training to build muscle, which increases your metabolism.  Interval training has proven long-term results and is a much safer way to train.  This process involves alternating high intensity activities with lower intensity activities.  For instance, while on a treadmill or a stationary bike, you are able to adjust the resistance level thereby making it more or less difficult.  The quickest way to burn fat is through a steady exercise routine, and with interval training, you will find that you are able to last longer and exercise with more intensity.  The rest period after repetitions is crucial to this type of training, as it allows your body to cool down and protects your muscles from injury.


As with any new diet regime or exercise routine, it is important to consult with your physician before getting started.  A support system is important to have, as well, in your quest to find the quickest way to burn fat.  A family member, a friend, or even your family dog can be a great companion and motivator.

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  1. Hi Micci - The calorie consumption for P90x is based on a person who is already moderately fit person, so if you are significantly overweight the #s are probably off. My hubby also started P90x significantly overweight, and while the nutrition plan told him to start at 3600 calories, he is starting at Level II 2400 and is doing fine. If I were you I would start at Level II and see how you feel and if you have enough energy to complete your workouts. If you don't, add 100 calories per day until you have enough energy and are not hungry. Don't go to more than 3,000 calories in the first couple of weeks, though, because you probably will feel hungry while your body adjusts to the lack of processed sugar. After a week or so, you should be able to trust your body's hunger mechanism, and can safely add calories until you are at the right number. Once you find it, stick to that number of calories throughout the program. As far as how to go about adding portions, start with protein, vegis, dairy, snack. Save adding carbs and fruits to the end. I hope this helps! - CJ ____________________ Visit my blog for new P90x-friendly recipes every day and a downloadable P90x nutrition plan/food journal that I created for tracking my husband's servings in the P90x portion approach!
  2. I am a little bit confused about the nutrition plan. I think im in level 1 of fat shredder phase 1, but i dont know if it is enough food.Im still a bit hungry, do I add carb cal or protein cal or what? I am 5'11-female, and overweight/fat. According to calculations is should be consuming 3600+, seems like alot of food. I been P90Xing going on two weeks now. Should I plan accrding to the weight I am supposed to be or continue with this phase1, lvl 1 and add some extra portions of..?

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