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Insanity 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program Print E-mail

Insanity is a very intense workout program created by personal trainer Shaun T.  In our insanity reviews we found it to be a killer workout. Its ten workout discs are each designed to target a specific area and to transform your body in just 60 days, without the need for any equipment or weights. If you are interested in getting a ripped body in 60 days and want to know if this program is for you than you need to read this review. This is a serious fat burning workout for the serious fitness peopleonly.

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Who can do the Insanity 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program?

Anyone can do this program; however, it takes a strong willed person who is willing to give this program their all.  It is important to check with your doctor before taking on any new exercise program, especially one that will push you to your limits.

Can you really get the Body you want in 60 Days?

As long as you stick with the program, you will see amazing results.  The program is designed to push you past your personal limits with Shaun T motivating you the entire way.  Motivation and willpower are a must for this program.  If you can do exactly what Shaun T suggests, you will transform your body from what you have now to what you want to have in just 60 days.  You can burn up to 1,000 calories in less than one hour a day.

How Intense does the Insanity 60 Day Total Conditioning Program Get?

It will get extremely intense.  The moves are not hard to perform, but the amount of moves and reps are what will get to you.  A traditional workout program has short periods of exercise and longer rest periods.   Insanity has been designed to have longer, intense periods of exercise with shorter rest periods.  This MAX interval training is the key to getting that body you want in 60 days that could take a year’s time.

How does Insanity help you physically and mentally?

Insanity will not only physically push you, but mentally push you, as well.  You will find an inner strength in you that you never knew you had once you are able to keep up with Shaun T and start actually completing reps without much effort.  Insanity challenges you every day to do your best, physically and mentally.  Once you have completed your 60 days, you will feel as if you can take on any challenge.  It is amazing the empowerment you will feel after you complete this program.

Physically, your body will be introduced to plyometric drills, as well as nonstop intervals in the following areas:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Resistance
  • Abs and core

You will start off with the Fit Test to show you where you are now.  You will then start the Insanity with the ten discs and 60 days of extreme exercise designed to target the above areas.

Is it worth my Spending my Money on?

If you are ready to commit to the 60 days and have a desire to transform not only your body, but your mind, then yes, this is worth the money you spend.  The best thing is that you can try the program for 30 days, and if you do not like the results, then you can get a full refund.  That is literally half way through the program that you can get your money back.  Also, the free gifts are an excellent addition to the program.

Another great plus is the fact that you do not have to purchase any weights or equipment.  The program is set up that all you need is the motivation and willpower to succeed!


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  1. I am only 13. I started this because i am a swimmer and am already extremely fit and do a lot of other stuff. I wanted to challenge my self i. I weigh 12 and half stone and am 5'9" but i have not put on or lost any weight i have lost the weight and replaced it with extra muscle. Its a brilliant program and will be starting it again in january.
  3. I started yesterday with the fitness program and felt like I was going to throw up and fall out but after getting some ac in my vehicle on my way home and resting for a bit, I felt better. My knees are killing me but I woke up this morning motivated, like Shaun say know your limit and rest when needed. I just want to tone it up. So excited!
  4. Just did my second fit test and I am amazed at the gains made. The first week simply hurt. First two workouts I almost threw up and could barely move that first week. But come the second week I was still very tired at the end of the workouts but now I feel good after the workouts instead of half dead lol. I have not lost any weight but my legs are already super toned from the workout. I only have about ten pounds to lose and assume I'm losing some fat just not seeing it on the scale because of the muscle gain in my legs. In general I hate any type of cardio at the gym but something about this workout makes me want to do it unlike the treadmill or biking or elliptical machines.
  5. I am a 35 year old mother of 2. I bought Insanity because I wanted to challenge myself and hate going to the gym. When I started the program I was anxious to see results. Wow! These workouts are definitely intense! Month 1 was a killer that gave me results--toned my body down six inches overall. I really appreciated the Core Cardio and Balance week. It gave me a bit of a break before the absolute Insanity! Month 2 is really, really hard. There were days I had a hard time getting my aching body out of bed in the morning. I also ended up with Jumpers Knee in both knees from the intense plyometric circuits, but continued the program. Now, as I come to the last couple of days, I can tell you it is worth the effort! I have not lost weight but have toned my entire body. I've lost over ten inches in total and can't wait to rock the Insanity t-shirt!! I earned it!
  6. The insanity workout is hard but being overweight is even harder. I have completed week one and lost 6 pounds. I can't wait to finish and start over. Insanity on the way
  7. I would recommend you pose the question in our forum, lots of graduates there:
  8. On last week of insanity workout. Really wondering what the best maintenance plan would be at this point. Cannot imagine just continuing to repeat this again and again. I would think that there would be a maintenance plan in place. Idea's as to how to mix up the video's as to not plateau?
  9. Sounds like a killer first 10 days! Definitely keep us all updated on your progress and good luck!
  10. On day 10 have not missed a day, down 4lbs, lost huge inches, I can hold in my stomach now and jump higher----best investment i ever made, I am very overweight and I have a hard time lifting my own weight and sweat like crazy!! keep reminding myself when i dont want to do it.....Its only 40min do only what you can.....then once I start i am ok good luck I will keep you posted
  11. Hi there,Dutch here, i am 32yo and i live in the Netherlands Europe. Now my past 16 years consisted of heavy drinking, smoking and occasualy some hard drugs. So you can understand my stamina is horrible, did the fitness test today, man i thought my lungs and heart were gonna blow out of my chest. I am glad to read that people in better shape then me had problems with it also and some even threw up. I didnt throw up but i was a bit nauseous. So if this is insanity for people in shape you can imagine how it is for us out of shape people. But will continue, got p90x and hiphop abs also to mix it up but havent started those yet. I would love to converse with some other heavily out of shape people. Can reach me at
  12. Yea i did one run of P9OX and did great but now im taking it to the next level and im giving insanity a shot. i lost 30 pounds using the P90X workouts into my own regime but now im going to do the full INSANITY program and see if i can do better.
  13. On day 8 now, I am 6'5" started at 250 lbs. down to 244 and lost about 2 inches off my waist, Love this work-out. Very though. Threw up on 1st day fit test.
  14. This is my 3rd attempt at Insanity and every time i start it i wanna throw up... scratch that iDO throw up...Toughest workout ever!!!! but amazing results..
  15. Im turning 55 years old this year and decided to take the challege...I just finished week 3 and I have to tell you the results have been great..lost 11 lbs and a few inches around my waste so far. Its not easy to say the least the pure cardio will kill you> my fit test numbers are up and feeling better every day....thank you shaun t for motivating me....i also throw in a little tybo from time to time with the bands to mix it up//Billy Blanks is good as well especially his boot camp series...but nothing compares to insanity/////thanks looking forward to the weeks ahead
  16. My friend is asking if I want to borrow this program. She did 2 weeks and felt as if she was bulking up rather than slimming down and losing weight. Thoughts?
  17. Those of you worries about losing too much weight: remember, how much weight you lose depends also on your diet. if you can equal out your callorie input to your callorie output, you will have little weight loss.
  18. No Rach you do not need to go to the gym. Those are meant to be recovery days.
  19. I am in my second week of Insanity. Before insanity i ran 60 mins a day and worked on the other parts of my body for about an hour as well. I am curious if while doing these insanity workouts you need to go to the gym also? On the Cardio Recovery days i don't feel like i burn many calories
  20. Just finished week one. The hubby and I are doing it together. It is definately named appropriately! It is insane. I am 37 with two kids. I do kickboxing 3x a week and thought I was in pretty good shape. I sometimes dread starting....but once we hit play on. Feels great when your done!
  21. i am on the second day of my month 2 era, i expected the workout to be hard but didnt expect all pain in my feet during it, if you are just starting i encourage you to understand that these workouts are called insane for a reason, dont expect to be able to finish, i have only lost 10 pounds but have lost between 10-11 inches between my waist, belt line, and arms.... i also have had reconstructive surgery on my right knee and want everyone to know, dont let injuries stop, you can always substitute workouts, like for me instead of the power jumps and diamond jumps i just sprint in place for the time duration so i dont cause more injury to my knees, if you have the will to do this program i dont care if you are 10 or 40 percent body fat you can do it, where theres a will theres a way!!!! You can DO IT!!!!
  22. On my day 2 it is crazy but I love it. I have never sweat that much in my life. Can't wait to see my results when I'm done.
  23. on my 2nd day of this total insane workout. well what a killer today was only did bout half the dvd i was too weak by the end to carry on my shoulder arms legs hurt but it's not going to stop me not a quiter going to dig even deeper tomorrow, oh was any 1 throwing up on the 1st time ive read some where i wasn't
  24. I had been sporadically using these DVDs to supplement my workouts for a little while now, but have decided to just go ahead and do the full program, while adding some weight training a couple of days a week. I'm a workout nut, but this is a different type of workout and quite challenging. My wife, who is a runner, completed the program a couple of months ago and the results were amazing. She took before and after photos, I was so proud and showed everyone I knew. Every single person that saw the difference was amazed. She really looked like a before and after ad, and she was in decent shape to begin with. If you are healthy enough to do this workout, you should give it a try. It's a different type of training program, but it's challenging and fun. If you aren't getting results from this, your diet is almost certainly the problem.
  25. I really didn't need to lose weight but rather wanted to tone up. I will say that I hated cardio (running) and wanted to change it up and see better results, so I ordered the program from beach body. This is my second day and this program has kicked my butt. The fitness test was like boot camp for me and I found out quickly how out of shape I am. So far i have not been able to get through a quarter of the dvd(s) without having to take frequent breaks. If I stick with the diet and workouts I know I will see results. I would recommend this program to anyone, not just fitness buffs/advanced athletes, but beginners (such as myself) as well. You should definitely check with your doctor to be sure it is okay as with any workout you may try.
  26. I finished the Insanity program last week and have re-started. I lost 41 pounds, 6 1/4 inches off my waist, 6 inches from my chest and I'm 45 years old. LOVE this program! It is very hard but totally worth it. I was not sore because I did all the pre and post exercise stretching, I think that is the important part. I'm going to do P90x after this round and hope to blend both workouts together for a hybrid workout
  27. 40 year old mom of 2 here living in the midwest where beer and cheese rule the day. I'm in the 3rd week of Insanity and cannot believe the results after only 1 week. I've lost only 4#'s so far but the improvement in strength and endurance in such a short amount of time is astounding and a great motivator. I'm haphazard with my diet so I need to get that in check. Even if I don't morph into a ripped monster, just the improvement in fitness and strength will be its own reward. This is step one on a new journey towards a lifetime goal of DIGGING DEEPER! I love it!!
  28. I live in Mexico, onthe border with Del RioTexas, how I can get these videos ?
  29. When I finish all 10 discs do I just start it over from disc one?
  30. Hey there, Me and a group of girls at work chipped in a bought the program which we do everyday after work faithfully...of course this means we are a little off schedule, since we work out 5 days per week. In our group are all fitness levels, we just do as much as we can. Shaun T continuously tells you to take a break if you need to. It is intense, so as long as you push yourself to your max you will see results (the people in the video have to take breaks too, and they are buff). We are on day 15 today, so far I've only lost 2lbs and 1/2 inch from my waist, but I haven't been really following the diet (need to get better there), but I am definitely stronger now, I feel better and more fit. Hope this helps. =)
  31. I like the feedback I am hearing, share it in the [URL= workout forum][/URL] area!
  32. im in my 24 day of insanity i started in 180 pounds iknow weight 168 ive never been so motivated in to doing cardio i feel great the best thing ive ever done can wait to finish the program thanks shaun your the best
  33. This really works! I also run because I need a variety in my workouts and with Insanity my running improved sooo much! I really recommend it. My brother is a Marine and even he couldn't keep up!
  34. i have seen the commercial for insanity multiple times and i wondered if it would help me get toned and a little weight but not too much and i wondered if it was worth buying so will it help me
  35. What is the lowest recommended body weight when starting this program? I barely have any weight to lose, but I definitely want to be fit like the people who have been successful with this workout. I don't want this to do drastic things to my body, making my body weight unhealthily low. Please, respond with some suggestions, before i spend so much money on this program. Thanks!
  36. It's more fun doing the dvd as A:-it is a lot more motivating seeing Shaun and the team sweat just as much as you B:- you don't feel as alone and besides not everyone pays $120...I paid
  37. HIIT - Research it. Same thing as P90X. Too many people put their faith in a $120 DVD program. If you do proper research, you can save the money and work just as hard, maybe harder. Try this, everyday, with minimal rest break (as much as physicall needed) 200 body weight squats 50 pushups 300 jumping jacks Increase reps each week, as many as you can. Do that for 60 days, and it will yield results. I just saved you $120.
  38. I turn 40 soon and wanted a fitness program that would give fast results and something to keep me motivated. I
  39. I am a professional athlete and among my wieght training and p90xplus routine and professional athletic requirements....INSANITY is by far the hardest and most outstanding interval, cardio, isolation, isometric, plyo and core workout I have ever trained with. I do not recommend it for any beginner nor someone who is not training at an advanced level. Check with your Doctor prior to INSANITY to make sure you are physically ready for what it has to offer. If you are "cleared" so to speak...then rock and roll. Focus and it will delivery.
  40. I have been doing it for a week now and it is tough! But it gives you a great deal of accomplishment when you are done makes you feel good about yourself. I am very fit and a little overweight. I do pretty good i struggle a bit with the pushups but I do what I can and do better the next time. I had been working out before running and doing weights but I get bored and this program is great you do different moves you wouldn't think would work so many of your muscles. I love it!!!
  41. Insanity is built so you push yourself to YOUR LIMITS not anyone elses. You can start this whenever you can but like the dvd says "Know Your Limit" If you want to get in great shape this is for you. I just started my 3rd week, Im down 11 pounds and i feel GREAT and I'm not even half way through the program. I love this workout!
  42. I have 5 days left of Insanity. I have loved every day of it. It gets tough, but Dig Deeper!!!! My results have been ridiculous. I was athletic before and ran daily and lifted every now and then; that being said, I have lost 30 punds during insanity. My physique has transformed completely. My legs look like a marathon runner's. My arms are finally guns :-) I don't fit my dress pants anymore, darn huh? I love it. I am thinking that, after insanity, I will alternate running and cardio abs one day, then one of the Max workouts the next. I hope I don't plateau.
  43. I started doing insanity just last week and boy am i SORE! It's a great work out that gets you sweating in just the warm ups. I strongly recommend this challenge for those who want to lose weight the hard way and at the end you will know the pain was worth it.
  44. Are you supposed to do it everyday or do you get a break?
  45. I finished P90X last Fall and was extremely happy with results - lost 10 pound (alot for my now 124 lb frame), inches and gained muscle. I have maintained my results with every other day workouts using some of my P90x workouts in addition to other DVDs I have on hand (FIRM, etc). I am considering Insantity for the cardio challenge as Plymoetrics was my favorite workout in P90x. My main concern is I really don't want to lose more weight - just want to continue my fitness. Just wondering if I will burn too much muscle and calories, resulting in further weight loss.
  46. Insanity looks like so much fun that it's kind of a "carrot at the end of the stick" for me to finish P90X strong and keep on its diet so I'm more ready for Insanity. I've still got 35 workouts left in P90X though. I like P90X because it provides a lot of strength, balance, and flexibility training, but I'm also looking for more endurance/athletic training.
  47. I believe there are a few people in our forum here that have finished insanity. Post there. [URL=]Insanity Workout Forum[/URL]
  48. Has anyone finished this workout and taken before/after photos? I've seen all the videos on the main website, but I want to see some normal people achieving results such as theirs.
  49. Am thinking about purchasing this. I'm a bit over weight but fairly strong. I take a 90 minute Tae Kwon Do workout on Monday and Wednesday and a 60 minute Tae Kwon Do Workout on Tuesday and Thursday during my lunch break. I want to know if anyone who's done it thinks that I'll be able to continue with the Tae Kwon Do workouts (which are hard work!)
  50. I have been doing Insanity for 3 months, started again. Diet has been pretty good, but never in my life have i worked out this hard done this much (6-days a week) carido and not seen results. I got results with P90X but got to big where the pullups caused TOS and my arms fell asleep. I did not have as good diet on p90, but cleaned it up and at 41 years old I am not seeing the fat dissolve which i thought with diet and 6X busting butt I would? Hoped this would be the one to help....

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