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Contour Abs Review Print E-mail


The basic premise of the Contour Abs System is simple: do as little work as possible while getting as large a gain as possible. It may sound difficult to believe, but that is how the creators of the product market it. According to their website, you can wear this product like a belt and it will sculpt your abdominal muscles automatically, eliminating the need for you to do a traditional workout in order to get the same results. This may seem far-fetched at first, but there are some things worth mentioning about this product that paint it in a better light.

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Pros of the Contour System

There is evidence to show that the system does indeed work and this is the main pro that the system brings to the table. There are plenty of systems in the online world that are more believable and less effective than the Contour System. The evidence that this system works comes not only from the online testimonials that are available on their website, but independent reviews of the system that have been done by people that have actually purchased the product. To be fair, there are also reviews that are negative by people that have purchased the product, but there are going to always be negative reviews no matter how effective a product is on account of the fact that many people will give up too easily. The positive reviews are the more indicative ones because they show that people can get results from the system if they use it correctly and apply themselves to the task at hand.

For people that have found out the wonders of the Contour Abs System and the fact that it works to reduce your belly size, the ability to utilize it at any point in time is something that they should very much appreciate doing. The Contour is a product that was designed to be effective at reducing your stomach wasteline with maximum usage and for that reason you should have it on when you go to work, when you watch television and when you do anything else. Since the product was essentially designed for that type of use, it is also a pro of the product that you can use it at your maximum convenience. There are no set periods during the day that you have to set aside for working out and that can really help people on the go that are interested in trying to lose some weight.

One final pro that is worth mentioning about this system is that it has the full support of the Food and Drug Administration. One of the major drawbacks of online products is that they often lack that regulatory seal of approval and that means that there is no recourse available to people that feel that they were sold out dishonestly. The seal of approval from the FDA may not guarantee success, but it at least guarantees transparency and accountability and that is something that every customer should be very happy about having on this product.

Cons of the Contour System

There have been warnings put on the market by various watchdog groups that warn against products that are similar to the Contour Abs System. At the time of the review there were none available that specifically mentioned this system, but the fact that there are warnings out there against this general class of product is something that should make people a little wary of purchasing the product outright. Do your research and make sure you are getting a genuine product that works as opposed to a scam product with a generic brand name. If you do this, you should be able to avoid most of the negative fallout that this con suggests.

Another con that is worth mentioning is that the Contour Abs System is not suitable for everyone. There have been problems between the use of this system and people that have hernia problems and indeed there have also been reports by others that have used the system that it has aggravated some of their older injuries. Now, a traditional workout has the chance to do the same thing, but since people are prepared for that eventuality when working out the emotional and psychological impact of sustaining the injury is lessened than it would be in this case. This con is harder to avoid than the previous one and in order for you to minimize its potential impact as much as possible should you decide to purchase the Contour Abs System, make sure that you speak to your doctor beforehand and get their clearance to use it if you have any chronic or acute problems at the current moment in time.

A final con that comes with the Contour Abs System is that it sometimes seems like it is too good to be true. For this reason, there is often a paralyzing psychological effect that can take place when a person starts using the system and then within the first few days does not really see or feel any improvement coming about as a result of its use. This final con is arguably the worst one because it can cause a person to become bitter and stop using the product before it has really had a fair chance to work. In order to avoid this con cramping your style, make sure that you utilize the Contour Abs System in exactly the manner prescribed within the instructions. Do not deviate, even if you are starting to feel down about the initial results.


The main question about this system was the question about whether it works or not and the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. However, sticking with it can be a difficult thing to do and for that reason the system is not the miracle product it claims to be. There is a psychological challenge to overcome here that is arguably as difficult as the physical challenge inherent to working out, so do not for a moment think that the Contour Abs System is something for nothing. It is difficult, but in a different way.

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  1. product prob works....but i will never know. been trying to order replacement pads for 5 months now,n been told by many customer service reps that they will personally make sure the order goes through....still havent recieved them(yet still getting charged monthly for the belt i cant use). very very dissatisfied and wish i never talked my husband into ordering it. Paying 275$ to use something for one month and then let it sit in the closet is not my idea of a good product.
  2. I had another "Belt" it didn't work. It was a waste of money. We're all watching our shapes these days. Good luck everyone. Hollywood W.S.
  3. I really like the contour, i seen a difference in my abs in 13 days. But my advice is too drink 8 glasses of water a day to get rid of water fat. And detox by drinking sea salt ,lemon juice and water....good luck
  4. Dear god this terrible. Wear this belt and diet and you'll have abs. Really? People, if your body fat gets less than 10% your abs will start showing. You already have ab muscles. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to stand up. Just use proper nutrition and exercise.
  5. 2 months is a great amuont of time if you already have a fairly decent BMI.. As far as diet eat low fat/high protein.. A lot of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.. Run, do leg lifts (specifically targets lower abs), swim, if you have a pull-up bar you can hang on it and lift your knees to your chest, do crunches, roman chairs (where you lift one elbow to the opposite knee rotating your upper body), and yeah for lower abs I'm not really sure of what else besides leg lifts and the pull-up thing, but those work really well.. Google them for proper form.. Also, it is better to do them rapidly rather than slowly and on an empty stomach. **EDIT: Oh, and btw, I never fall for those infomercial workout things, but I have been using the Perfect Sit-Up for the past month and I can honestly say that it is quite effective in isolating the abs.. I do all of the exercises listed and after a few sets on that thing my abs were on fire.. It was around $ 40 at Walmart.. I would highly recommend it.
  6. Do any of you who bought this contraption, primarily for abs, know a term called dependency? What happens when you get tired using the belt, you get sick of it, feel embarrassed? Do you think your body is going to maintain its figure? No it wont. Any person with a brain can figure that out. Here's a statement someone mentioned. "I stopped for like a week and my body lost it’s shape and I saw everything faulter." Is that enough black and white for you all? If you want quick abs, sure this product is the key, but, keep in mind that you will have to keep wearing it 24/7. Is that worth it? Make the smart choice and do regular work outs, so your muscles will actually last longer.
  7. I bought the belt for faster results and it has done just that I'm a skinny guy with a large stomach It's as if I stole some ladies pregnant stomach. You can't rely solely on the belt to get abs. I improved my diet stopped drinking, I exercise at my college gym my apartment gym and at home. I know the belt works because I had the weakest stomach ever to the point where I couldn't do twenty of any stomach exercise. After a month I lost about two inches in my stomach and my core is much stronger. The key people is in life being lazy in anything is not going to get you results
  8. This Is Really An Awesome Belt. Honestly People Whose Giving It A Bad View. Your Not Doing It Correctly Read The Directions And Follow. Honestly Its Awesome Five Stars!!
  9. I am returning it. Tried for a couple of weeks and absolutely do not like what it is doing to me. Fill electrocuted for 45 minutes. Have some pains in the belly after the "exercise" that stays for a few days. Bottom line I'd rather do crunches.
  10. I bought the product and I believe it works. My stomach is harder.. I don't believe using only this product will make you lose weight. You have to work out as well. I think best results are working your abs at the gym.. Plus lots of cardio :)
  11. it doesnt work dont get it, rude customer service.when my order came in it was not work ryt i took it back to them to fix which took them about two weeks and they counted that as part of my thirty day trial.... once it wasup they started charging me. so my 30 day trail was about a week or so and they wanted to charge me too. just dont do it!!!!
  12. hello people i am sorry to say but the contour belt does not work at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a waist of money and a waist of your time soo stop purchasing stuff that does not work it all looks fake if anything go to a actual gym and work out!!! :) goodluck !
  13. i bought this belt about 3 months ago,loved it at first,Iused every day 3 times a day but it hurts,stings and burns. If you have the percentage up to high it doesnt feel good if the percentage is to low it doesnt feel like im getting a good workout.So im frustrated. havent used it in a few weeks but gonna give it another shot.
  14. The Contour belt REALLY works. People are writing bad reviews because they've had terrible experiences, and I understand that. EMS has been around for YEARS. Chiropractors use it, so it's not "phoney". Of course in informercials they're gonna use models... it's a business, they want to promote it. Let's use common sense though. I've had my belt for a year and it absolutely works. How else are you going to work your abs just sitting on the couch? No other way. Gym memberships you have to pay for every month, but with the Contour it's done after 4 months. Gel pads just need to be replaced, and in all reality... it's much cheaper than having to renew a gym membership. Plus, this "Flex Belt vs. Contour Belt" is all a joke. Of course they're going to compare the two and they didn't REALLY do any research into the Contour Belt. They have a fitness and nutrition expert Ben Williams who used to be in the NFL, and he'll call customers to set up a diet and exercise plan to fit the customer. How cool is that? It's a competition between companies... let's face it. Both products work. The Customer Service is great with Contour, why get mad at the person if they're just trying to follow a policy? Don't shoot the messenger, people.
  15. human growth hormone are the natural hormones situated in the pituitary gland of the human brains, it can make you body fit and healthy if the level of this growth hormones decreases then the human faces such symptoms like fatness, low sexual desire , etc
  16. So we tried the product and my wife didn
  17. Anna, I'd go with flex belt instead, much better quality and user reviews. Check out the review on this site.
  18. so i want to try this too i dont see myself as overweight by any means just would like to tone up and i have been searching to get the number to see how much it cost but i saw its $200 so is that for everything then with shipping and handling?
  19. I tried the Contour for a month and I saw no results. Plus, it kills! It made me want to cry and the percentage I had it on was low. It feels like someone is shocking your belly. I toughed it up and kept with it but it was not worth it. I am returning it tomorrow.
  20. I am 260lbs. and im working out. But I HATE doing crunches. Haven't seen any results. Would this be a good product for me to use?
  21. does this really work?
  22. i've used the contour for a month and from 180 pounds to 140 whith very littel exercise
  23. i know it helps your abs but what about your chest and arms
  24. I ordered my belt a week ago & just got in the mail (quick shipment) I tried it out for 45 min & can def. feel the difference in my abs. along with my daily diet routine & workout. I am only 10 lbs overweight but want that flab to be gone. keeping fingers crossed that I see a difference before the trial period is over so I know whether or not to keep it!
  25. i bought it and i love it
  26. bad comments wow not buying
  27. I've been using it for three days and not feeling any contractions at all. I'm 5'1" and weight 114, the operator said this in usual for for first week or so. How do I know if it's actually working since I feel nothing at all?
  28. I ordered the belt in January. I was told it would ship in 2 weeks. I called about it 3 time and each time was told it was shipping with in 2 days. I called again on March 2 and it still hasn't shipped. I cancelled the order. I would rather deal with a company that gives me the straight information instead of what I want to hear. It makes me skeptical about the belt itself.
  29. im already skinny, but wanted to tone up before summer. i ordered the contour belt with intentions of just using it for the 30day trial. i did doube the sessions, but three weeks later i have notice any extra anything i had on my stomach was gone.
  30. I just got my contour belt and have only used it 3 times now but I was wondering if its ok to use it more than once a day? Can I do 2 workouts back to back? I love this thing I think its addicting! I want more! But I thought I better see if anyone knows how much you can use it in a day....
  31. I ordered this product as a trial and when I got it I was already eating right and on a regular workout plan. This product did nothing for me. After 2 weeks I decided it definitely was not worth the money. I saw nothing I wasn't already seeing. I sent it back and now 3 months later, I am getting billed for the $200 I owed and the company says they never got the contour back...after 2 months I threw away my mailing receipts and tracking number so now I have to pay for a product that didn't work for me. BEWARE! If you return it don't throw anything away!!!
  32. "2. Cancer Patient Written by JoyThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , on 03-02-2010 03:49 It says on the instructions not good for cancer patiens or heart problem people. Could someone tell me why as I am in remission and am very interested to try this out." The reason it is not for cancer patients is that it may stimulate the growth of the cancer cells or mobilize the cancer causing it to metastasize.
  33. Ok yes it may have muscle activity, but what they fail to tell you is she , the 42 year old hasn't done ab work out since finding this product. A) when was that B) how tone was she before C) how long each day does she use it for This isgood marketing with a product that may have some and emphasize some results, but the reality is they suggest a healthy diet and excercise. So in conclusion don't waste your money if you wont change your eating habits and are willing to do some type of exercise.
  34. It says on the instructions not good for cancer patiens or heart problem people. Could someone tell me why as I am in remission and am very interested to try this out.
  35. I bought the Contour Abs about three weeks ago and recieved it quite fast actually. I paid in full and recieved it via post office within two weeks. The customer Service staff was very helpful and I experienced quick responses. I drew out my own workout plan on a calender and use the belt everyday when I get home from work. I do two 55 minute workouts and then a 4 minute session and I think it is very effective. Each week I move the setting for percentage up a few notches until I can handle it and work up each week from there. I undertsnad that I still need to make healthy choices in my diet and I also need to use the gym for cardio and weights, a lot of people don't understand that and think they can just sit and wear this belt and magically have abs, if it were that easy everyone would have abs, common sense. I think it's a great product, I had no defects with my belt, I even have that back assembly and you can take the electrodes off of the pads and place them on any muscle on your body and use it there too so I think the price is reasonable also. I don't see any flaws with this product or even being a scam. Using it for 4 days now and going to the gym everyday, I can tell you it IS working and I can't wait until I see my end result. (I am far from overweight and shoudln't be concerned but I had a pouch and wanted what I saw on T.V. of the other women's abs so I decided this was best for me.) I suggest anyone just buy it and try it out, if you decide it's not for you, you can simply return it for your money back. Understand also that the process will only work as fast as you can handle it. I haven't experienced much soarness but very little, and expect to be spending about a month for little results, two months for good results and three months for great results.
  36. I am a personal trainer and one of my client wanted to try it out so we gave it a go. It works. But, you need to still eat healthy and exercise. Do cardio and lift weights. Your abs muscle can only be shown if your bodyfat is less then 8 %. Only way to achieve this for overweight people is to eat healthy and exercise.
  37. I ordered the belt, got it in about 3-4wks. One side was over stimulating then it quit working. Keep low on that side. I sent it back and still waiting for my replacement. I ordered a set of gel pads and that took about 6wks to arrive. The ordering process is VERY Slow!!!! So if I could I would order a different product. I first ordered in October 2009 and its now January and I am still waiting to try this belt.
  38. I just got mine this week and did it 45 minutes on each top and lower abs. It seems to work but can't tell until a couple more months. yeah it's pretty expensive for $200. When you do it, it feels like your squeezing your abs and then releasing it. My sister is about 70 pound over weight and she is using it and I am about 10-15 pound over weight. I don't think this will replace normal workout but some day when your lazy and dont want to work out, this little machine can help out. Right now we both walk/jog and use this machine.
  39. I know that muscle stimulation was has been used for many years, even by Bruce Lee to build muscle. Does anyone know if the belt can help someone that is extremely obese?
  40. I order the belt about a month ago. It took it about 2 weeks to get here. When I got the belt my M2 power sys only worked on one side. I returned it and it's been 2 weeks I am still waitting on it to get back. I bought the belt in full. I will update you guys on what happens. I did however feel it working on that one side well. I hope this works out. I still have hope for this belt but having to send back a 200$ product b/c it didn't work was costly and not right.
  41. Hi , im 15 years old. Can I still us this product? I weight about 176 and I want rock abs to show off :) so can I us it??
  42. I would like to know if this belt fits size 40 or larger? It mentions on this website that "One Size Fits All", but it doesn't look that big on the informercial. Speaking of which, they must have found their "models" in a Gold's Gym who already had washboard abs because I seriously doubt they got that way by using this belt. But they fail to show before and after pics of anyone very large, only average size. If anyone who has this belt could comment on about how large this belt would go, could you please comment? Thanks.
  43. I kept seeing this product on TV and I just couldn't get rid of that belly fat, which wasn't a lot but enough to be aware of what I wear so I decided to try the product and my mid-section got smaller. Not 100% gone but very close and I sure like how I look a whole lot better now.
  44. I just checked, and HSN sells the Slendertone Abs set for $129. I used Slendertone 25 years ago and it worked, it is essentially the same thing, except it has been well established for many years. Do not expect to sit on the couch, eat pizza and rocky road ice cream and have this work. I used it as a supplement muscle toner in addition to healthy diet and traditional (moderate) exercise.
  45. This is the same principle as the Slendertone System which I used in Britain 25 years ago. That system had pads and belts usable on different muscle sets, not just the abs/core. I had used that system following childbirth to regain my figure. I did not use it to replace healthy food choices and traditional exercise, I used it as a supplement and felt it work and augmented my efforts as a muscle toner. I am now considering purchasing this based on that previous experience (price >$200. causing delay for me). The feel of the device as it pulses you get used to. Down-side is: considering it only works one set of muscles, I think it is over priced, and I don't like giving my credit card to companies for free or cheap trials with authorization to keep charging. have had difficulty with that arrangement before. Note: I have no information to suggest this company would not act honestly in that regard.
  46. angie just make sure the two in the center are the same color its sounds like the electicity is traveling from both middles pads..
  47. Hello, I just ordered the Countour Abs and didn't realize how much it costs, I thought I was only paying for the 30 day trial, which I prefer to see if it really works. I don't mind paying the full price once I try it and if it really makes a difference on my abs. Please, only charge the $14.99 to my card. Thank you. Laura L. Valdivia
  48. In addition to getting an ab work out, I found that this little shocks created by this belt stimulated my crotch region! I know the commercial doesn't mention this, but that is the real benefit I found by using this device!
  49. The M2 power unit didn't work with my first order of the belt and I wanted to return it. They insisted on sending me another M2 unit, which also didn't work. I returned the entire system well before the 30 day trial period, yet my credit card has now been charged twice for $49.95, despite my many emails to customer service (who, by the way, were very attentive and friendly prior to my return of the product). DON'T BY THIS - it' a scam!
  50. It's actually not at all hard to believe. It's a fairly simple idea. I'm no expert, but I do know a thing or two about muscle biology. Basically the contour abs system just shocks your muscles, which causes them to contract, which is essentially the same thing you're doing when you work out. The only difference is that normally your brain would send the electric shock to your muscles. The downside however, is the same issue you come across when using any exercise machine. When you exercise by doing things like running you not only build muscle but muscle memory. This allows you to do these actions more efficiently in the future. With exercise machines you either build no muscle memory or false muscle memory (example: with a bench press you learn to efficiently lie down and push large amounts of weight directly up, but this isn't a situation you would realistically find yourself in aside from while working out) In any case, this is probably not a big deal for most people who would use the contour system because most of them aren't looking to get tougher; they just want to look more in shape, which this system should do just fine.

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