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Top 10 Best Energy Drinks Print E-mail

Top Energy Drinks - Introduction

Bodys Energy Drink

What is the best energy drink available you may be asking? The internet has made it a lot easier to grab some of the best energy drinks relatively cheaply and with almost no hassle involved.  How can you know which are the top energy drinks though unless you have researched the market extensively?  The good news for you is that we have researched the market and based on that research we have assembled a top 10 list for best energy drinks.

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1st Place: Bawls Guarana Energy Drink

Bawls has actually been around for a long time, but only recently has it started to get the accolades that it truly deserves.  This is partially because of the rediscovery of guarana as being a great energy ingredient and partially because the internet has allowed for the faster flow of information regarding lesser known products.  People have tried this particular drink and certified it as being one of the best around.  Guarana is a strong ingredient and overall this drink is quite reasonably priced as well.  For all these reasons and more, Bawls Guarana Energy Drink has made it to the top of our list of the best energy drinks around.  

2nd Place: Rockstar Energy Drink

No list of the top energy drinks could be complete without the inclusion of the Rockstar brand of energy drinks.  That having been said, there is a relatively large amount of debate regarding where on that list this particular drink should be placed.  Many would argue that a 2nd place spot for this drink is a little too high, but the fact of the matter is that those people are not really looking at the results.  

Consider the fact that Rockstar Energy Drink has had one of the best track records of the online mainstream marketed drinks.  Then consider the fact that within its list of ingredients is guarana, gingko, ginseng and milk thistle.  With the possible exception of milk thistle, all of the other three ingredients have scientific backing as being able to either directly or indirectly increase your energy level.  With that kind of firepower, this drink is certainly deserving of the high spot that we’ve given it in this list.  

3rd Place: 5-Hour Energy Drink

The 5-hour energy drink is a bit of a lone bird when it comes to the energy drink industry.  This is because it has risen to a level of prominence that places it within the top echelon of energy drinks without actually having been around that long.  This is remarkable for this particular industry, but the internet is really what has fuelled this particular drink’s meteoric rise to power.  With a power-packed list of ingredients and a volume per serving that is quite a bit lower than most of the other energy drinks, it is really the density of energy power that you get from this drink that makes it one of the better ones around.  It is also that aspect of it that fascinates most reviewers.  

4th Place: FRS Healthy Energy Drink

Even though it is not one of the three top energy drinks, the FRS healthy energy drink certainly has enough bang and pop to make it into the top five of this list of the ten best energy drinks.  The main source of power for this particular energy drink is a substance that is known as quercetin.  If you’ve never heard of this substance before, the good news is that you are definitely in the majority as far as that opinion is concerned.  It is nevertheless a very powerful ingredient that most people would know from different fruits and vegetables if they know it at all. This is one of those natural energy-boosting drinks and it is easily one of the best in the business from that particular niche within the energy drink industry.  

5th Place: Monster Energy Drink

The Monster energy drink is most definitely a drink that most people have heard of.  A lot of the reviewers around will have this particular drink ranked higher than the 5th spot, but that is really where the strength of the internet debate comes in.  From our point of view, the main reason that this drink is down in the 5th spot is that it doesn’t really seem to be able to produce the same consistent results that the other drinks do.  There are many people that use this drink regularly and love it, but when the larger marketing budget of this drink is taken into account that translates into fewer genuine votes per capita for this drink than for the ones above it.  Nevertheless, it remains a potent drink in our list of the top energy drinks.  With guarana, caffeine and glucose as three of the main ingredients, this drink will definitely give you a boost in energy.  That makes it one of our best energy drinks around.  

6th Place: NOS Energy Drink

Starting the second half of our list of the best energy drinks is the NOS energy drink.  This is easily one of the best energy drinks around.  It has a number of energy-boosting vitamins as part of its inner circle of ingredients, not to mention carbohydrates that could definitely give you the extra boost that you need for a fitness workout or a particular sporting event.  The excess amounts of sugar and sodium in this drink are really what force it into a lower position than most others, but even those cannot deny the awesome raw power that this drink brings to the table.  

7th Place: CRUNK Energy Drink

The CRUNK energy drink is one that has a number of functions including energy boosting and immune system support.  However, the fact that the makers of this drink decided to focus a lot on multiple aspects to the drink is really what pushed it down to 7th place in the rankings.  While it still provides a great energy boost with key ingredients like guarana and ginseng, it does not have the same energy boost that you would be seeing from the drinks that are ahead of it on our list of the best energy drinks around.  All of the top energy drinks are worth purchasing however, including this one.  What it does not have in raw energy boosting it makes up for in the promotion of health physiologies and a good immune system.  

8th Place: Verve Energy Drink

The Verve energy drink also has quite a bit going for it and that is why it has made it onto the 8th spot in our list of the top energy drinks.  It is basically a redo on an earlier energy drink created by the same company.  It essentially has many of the same ingredients as the early energy drink, but one or two new ones have been added in order to give it a bit more kick as it is on the way down.  Many people have loved this change and for that reason continue to purchase the Verve energy drink every single month.  It is certainly a great purchase from that point of view because it has the energy potential to really help you get a boost when you might need it the most during the day.  

9th Place: AMP Energy Drink

The AMP energy drink is another one with a hefty advertising campaign.  It is one of the few energy drinks that can count on regular play from many of the media outlets that run commercials.  However, it squeaks into the bottom of our list for the same reason that the Monster energy drink was ranked lower than many people would otherwise have done. It is a drink with a lot of marketing hype that does not live up to those high expectations when we take a closer look at what it does.  It would be a great secondary energy drink without the hype, but the hype sets people up for disappointment.  Take a closer look at our review of AMP to see exactly what you can expect to get from this drink.  

10th Place: Shark Energy Drink

Rounding out the list of top energy drinks is the Shark energy drink.  The one thing that you need to realize about this list is that the difference between number one and number ten in terms of effectiveness is actually not that great.  The shark energy drink, like the AMP energy drink located one spot above it, is a great energy drink that will definitely fulfill the energy boost function that all of these drinks are supposed to have.  At the same time though, this energy drink does not have the extra kick or the huge energy boost of some of the ones higher up on the list.  In the end, that is why it is placed 10th on our list of the best energy drinks around.  All of them are great buys, but the Shark energy drink does not have the raw power of the drinks occupying the top three slots on our list.

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  1. you guys forgot about XS energy drinks, they have no sugar at all, only 8 calories, and tons of B vitamins. can't get any healthier than that.
  2. I love skinny water, it's perfect.
  3. I think Redline Princess is the best!
  4. 5 hour extra strength is the best, I mean its like a real high feeling like you just took speed or crack. And you know it works if it taste really nasty and is like a shot. It has 8333% of B12. Take you and you just may die.
  5. I think a monster is delicious and nice touch of energy
  6. Stupid Top Ten collection!!! Did any body seen an energy drink in the market that be around for almost 20 years under the name of RedBull. If yes. This is definitely the best energy drink!
  7. Rockstar is actually the worst energy drink. It is equivalent of eating 6 Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts.
  8. Anyone tried "Redline" by VPX?
  9. rockstar is in my opinion the best it lovely very strong and tastes like ur in heven i used 2 b a monster man but i changed 2 rockstar beacause its stronger and better tasteing it defenly deserves it place on here
  10. trying many different drinks i prefer monster with venom a nice second...... personally think red bull is crap along with 5 hour energy and street kings......
  11. I've tasted different brands of Energy drink. The best is Rhino's Energy Drink. You guys should go and try it as well.
  12. For me the best WORKING energy drink is NOS and plus i also love the taste.... i acualy am glad bawls made 1st though because iv been having it since i was a child....shutup i know..... also i think the energy drink ShOt should be in the list because it realy makes your energy increase almost instantly and alot too.....Monster for me would be #9 (just saying))
  13. New Energy Drink on the market out of the Nashville area. Lotus*** Try and get your hands on it, don't think you will be dissapointed!
  14. I've been trying all kinds of energy drinks since i can't find the best one that worked for me which is "Full Throttle" in my case Red Bull didn't work for me i couldn't even get enough energy in 1 can. this week i tried 3 kinds of Monster energy drink, 1 Hyphy, 2 Rockstar and i can say Rockstar is better i also tried 5 hr energy shot and i defeated a guy's ass when he surrendered :-D ;-)
  15. Anyone ever heard of EQ energy tablets? 5 calories and less caffeine than a cup of coffee.
  16. I am a heavy consumer when it comes to energy drinks. Bawls Energy is a very good drink indeed, however I will not suggest it for weight loss. Diet is 90% of your weight loss goals and eliminating sugars is the primary rule for weight loss, and 18g per serving is not going to help you (amount of sugar in Bawls Energy Regular). I would highly suggest 5 Hour Energy. Effective and easy to consume with any sort of "jitter" effect. Of course, I am talking about energy delivered with respect of weight gain, not magnitude of energy.
  17. Have you guys tried "Speed Energy Drink?" It is on the rise and taste better than any of the others, in my opinion.
  18. Not sure who made this list must not drink a lot of energy drinks. Spike hardcore energy is by far the most powerful energy drink out there that I have found. To start thing off reading the can they tell you to only drink one per day and only half a can in a four hour time period, plus the fact that is has 350 megs of caffeine makes it one of the best.
  19. for all of you people saying energy drinks are like eating 6 jelly donuts, you are retarded. energy drinks have the same amount of sugar and calories as soda like coke and pepsi
  20. Don't drink Bawls or Rockstar. They are the worst energy drinks on the market. Rockstar is the equivalent of eating 6 Crispy CReam donuts!
  21. for me it is rockstar, monster, NOS and shark in my opinion red bull is the worst and tastes horrible
  22. Ive tried many kinds, and i think Spike is undoubtedly the best for energy. Also, it tastes great and has 0 calories. I think the methylcobalamine (B12) is what makes the different. most energy drinks use cyanocobalamine which isnt absorbed into the system nearly as easily. next id have to go with rockstar, the zero carb in particular. that blue rasberry flavor is amazing. and rockstar's just good all around. amp should be last, its all sugar and no energy supplements...tastes like a 7-11 slurpee, but its garbage.
  23. I've always been a huge fan of monster but after this review i think i'll give the Rocksstar a chance :) thanks so much!!!
  24. hey guys! Have you ever tried Vemma or Xowwi, I have heard veru=y interesting and impressive opinion about them, Any info please? thanx![B]null[/B]
  25. and ya red bull sucks
  26. i think venom is pretty good
  27. Why are there two complaints here about red bull, i dont see it listed in this list?
  28. Red Bull the best? Based on what? Advertising? Man, you don't know shit. First, Red Bull doesn't have guarana, every serious energy drink has it. There's only 76 milligrams of caffeine in 8.4 oz of liquid (No Name is 280 mg) Last but not less, it's so overpriced
  29. no way red bull is the best

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