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The Ultimate Top 10 Fat Burners Print E-mail

Top Rated Fat Burners and Weight Loss Pills for 2014

Fat Burners There are many ways to rank/rate fat burner weight loss pills, from price to a multi-criteria analysis of what makes them good.  Ranking the best fat burners by popularity is also a valid method of doing things since in the online free market, products that are more effective over the long term are going to end up being sold the most.  With that in mind, here are the ultimate top 10 fat burning supplements available online today that we found, we removed the gimmicks for you and leave only the fat burner pills that work. As with all products reviewed on this site, we recommend you seek the advice of your doctor first.
  • We Research Customer Reviews, Scientific Studies and Ingredient Quality.
  • We Compare Prices, Effectiveness, and Ingredient Lists.
  • We Recommend the Fat Burning Supplements with Highest Ratings.

Best Fat Burners QuickLinks: #1. Phentemine375 : #2. Proactol Plus : #3. Boda Extract

#1 Strongest Fat Burner – Phentemine375

Phentemine375 is a new synthesized fat burning pills product developed in accordance with FDA regulations, within a FDA approved lab under advice from their own scientists.

I decided to try the product myself and as I found out after the first 30 day cycle finished the results were truly amazing (see my personal picture below) and is our strongest fat burner.

When I first started my research of phen375 I was a bit skeptical so the company offered to send me 60 diet tablets to try for myself. My weight when I started taking the product was 234lbs and after 30 days I am only 213 pounds. That is an amazing 5 pounds per week and is not just a fat burner for men. The phen375 website says 3 to 5 pounds per week so I was within their reported averages and my picture is pretty much proof of that.

This is a great fat burner for women or men.

What I was in complete shock of was I promised myself I wouldn't change my diet, which is fairly healthy, but I enjoy a good pizza and beer at least once a week like many people and I still lose 21 pounds! I exercised three times a week so I am not a complete couch potato. My profession has me sitting at a desk 8-10 hours a day, plus my 3 hours daily of commuting, I just don't have time to get a lot of physical activity. That is what made this product a winner in my book as the top synthetic fat burner.


Phentemine375 before and after pictures

Personal Before/After Pictures - Click To Zoom

Visit Website or read some more testimonials on great weight loss with Phen375.

So what is Phentemine375?

Phen375 is a non prescription phentermine replacement that is so much safer than phentermine adipex!

The new greatly improved formula is providing powerful synthesized hormones and compounds that decrease the body's ability to store fat and increase the body's ability to burn stored fat reserves, along with appetite suppressing aids, increased energy levels, and faster metabolisms. Phentemine375 uses a combination of cyclic AMP enzyme boosters such as 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, and a Sympathomimetic Amine, Dehydroepiandrosterone, l-carnitine to get the job done. These compounds go to work instantly to burn away large amounts of body fat.

Buy Phentemine375 now! For a Limited Time and ONLY through us you can now get a 40$ rebate. Click here for details.

#2 : Strongest Fat Binders ability to burn fat and help with food cravings – Proactol Plus

proactol plus

Proactol Plus features a new and improved formula (former version just called Proactol) which has been helping hundreds of people, successfully burn the fat off their body and steadily lose weight.

ProactolPlus is excellent at being a Fat Binder (read more below on this) and Fat Burner. No other product on our top 10 list do this and thus why Proactol Plus is so highly rated.

Buy Proactol Plus and Experience the following weight loss benefits:
-          Bind up to 28% of fat you consume
-          Get help with food cravings and appetite suppression
-          Ability to burn fat much faster via multiple angles
-          Weight management to keep the weight off once you have lost it!  Not all fat burners can claim this! Proactol Plus –Fat Binder CAN!

In fact, we got so much good feedback off this product, that it just felt like it was our responsibility to see if the hype was real. Click here to read our in-depth review of Proactol Plusor read our summary below.

CLICK HERE to order Proactol Plus and don't forget to use the Proactol Plus Coupon Code: PROAC8 for an 8% discount on your order.. The proactol discount code is valid in all countries but that code is only valid on the 4 pack.  See below for a 7% discount on smaller or larger orders.

So How Come Proactol Is So Effective?

Proactol uses a very high quality blend of ingredients, and it really delivered some great results when one of our volunteers tried it out.

However the thing that makes it so much more than just any fat burner, is the fact that it got a reputation for also binding the fat in your food, and in doing so blocks just over 27% of the fat you eat.

In other words, not only can this be used to speed up your metabolism and burn fat quicker, but you can also use it to reduce the amount of fat you eat after your diet, helping you to keep your new slim shape.


So why do we think you should give Proactol a chance?

  • New and improved formula: Perhaps the most advanced available today.
  • Speeds up the amount of fat you burn day to day.
  • Blocks just over a quarter of the fat you eat in your food.
  • Reduces your appetite, so less snacking between meals.

Backed by clinical trial and doctors worldwide

When we did our research, we were impressed to see that this diet pill has a lot of backing to prove it’s claims.

Evidentially, no short cuts were made when this was developing, as it has 6 clinical studies to back it’s claims and also features endorsement from several key doctors, some of which are pretty big names in the field of weight management.

Proactol’s is a good quality product and certainly helped our reviewers lose weight when they tried it.

Remember, Proactol is only available from their official website.

To get 7% OFF on all orders if ordered less that 4 month supply, use the following Voucher code: EXPIR1 – you will have to give our VIP code: 167817

For phone orders, please use the following number: US: 1-866-842-6344, UK:+44 (0)208 454 7380 and to get your 7% discount you must use the Voucher Code and VIP code.

#3 Fat Burner - Boda Extract No. 3

Boda Extract is at the top of our list of best fat burners for two very simple reasons.

1. Clinically Proven Results

Volunteers received BODA Extract No. 3 or placebo for 3 months, and were asked not to make any changes in their diet or lifestyle during the study. The BODA group had a significant reduction in body fat compared to the placebo group: 20.2%

2. FDA Approved

BODA Extract No. 3 is FDA approved for two functional claims: you will lose body fat and build lean muscle mass.

As with all our reviews we still want to understand more, so the questions we wanted answered and so do you before you try anything we have done for you!

Buy Now For As Low As $47.00
  • What is BODA Extract No. 3? - Extract No. 3 contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that is recognized for its role in promoting good health.

    WebMD lists the main ingredient in Boda Extract (CLA) as a proven weight loss supplement. Click here to read.
  • How is BODA Extract No. 3 made? - Extract No. 3 is made from a proprietary process that converts linoleic acid from safflowers into conjugated linoleic acid. Safflower is the best source of linoleic acid.
  • Does BODA Extract No 3 contain ephedra? - BODA Extract No. 3 does not contain any natural or artificial ephedra. BODA Extract No. 3 is derived from safflower oil, which is a natural 100% lipid product.
  • How does BODA Extract No. 3 work in my body?- BODA Extract No. 3 works in four parts of our bodies: Adipocytes, Triglycirides, Apoptosis, and CPT.
    1. Adipocytes are fat cells where 90% of body fat is. Extract No. 3 decreases the number and size of adipocytes.
    2. Triglycerides are fats. Most of the fat in our food and bodies comes in the form of triglycerides. Studies show that conjugated linoleic acid decreases LPL activity, so less fat gets stored overall.
    3. Apoptosis is a process. It’s how our bodies cause fat cells to disintegrate. Extract No. 3 increaase the rate at which fat cells disintegrate.
    4. CPT (carnitine palmitoyltransferase) is another enzyme used for energy. Studies show that CLA increases this process so fat is burned faster!
    We checked out BODA and they have a flawless Better Business Bureau (BBB) and great rating. They have a free trial offer for their product and we recommend you try it for yourself.
Buy Now For As Low As $47.00 or read our full Boda Extract Fat Burner Review


#4 Strongest Fat Burner – Lipofuze Weight Loss Pill


Recognized as the Top Fat Burner on the market, LipoFuze has been on every major reviewer’s radar as the weight loss industry’s Most Powerful Weight Loss Supplement.

So how did they do it?

It is quite SIMPLE: Pure Evidenced-Based Science! LipoFuze has been engineered with the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in weight loss technology.

The scientists behind LipoFuze has designed this powerful fat burning formula implementing 10 patented and clinically proven weight loss ingredients. It's impressive list of ingredients are backed by an equally impressive number of loyal customers. In fact, more than 91% of LipoFuze customers order a second month’s supply.

Our research has shown that what keeps customers wanting more is what makes LipoFuze so unique from all other diet pills: Long Term Weight Loss Results!

What Makes LipoFuze One of The Top Diet Pills on the market?

While most fat burning pills are only concerned with losing pounds (not differentiating whether the weight is associated with muscle mass, fat or water weight), LipoFuze specifically targets fat loss leading to weight loss results that LASTS!

This is vital to your weight loss efforts because NOT ALL WEIGHT is created equally! Most diet pills produce weight loss results in the form of water weight and muscle mass. This not only is harmful for your health, but this act can actually work against your weight loss efforts often leading to regain the “lost” weight. LipoFuze users on average have experienced 10.7 pounds of weight loss in 7 days.

The LipoFuze DIFFERENCE is that most users have been actually been able to keep that weight off forever! The kicker is that loyal LipoFuze fanatics and first time users are all protected by LipoFuze's 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, making LipoFuze 100% RISK FREE! With clinically proven results and industry leading money back guarantee, it is no wonder LipoFuze has been this year’s best selling fat burner on the market!

Buy Lipofuze now!



#5 : Liposom

Liposom is one of the top fat burners and it has earned that privilege in our review process because of it's unique approach to burn fat while you sleep, read on to learn how that works. Liposom is a proprietary blend of pesticide free plants and nutrients. The question we had to have answered and tried by our staff was what are the main ingredients in Liposom that will help burn fat and lose weight? We have this covered and here is what we found that makes this product a winner:

  • MIC B12 Formula : It is clinically proven that MIC B12 helps lose weight as discussed in Dietary Supplements and Weight Control in a Middle-Age Population in the Journal of Alternative Complement Medicine October 2005; 11(5) pages 909-915.
  • Green Tea : This is another ingredient that burns fat as talked about in this WebMD article. Need another healthy reason to drink green tea? Aside from fighting heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, a new study shows that drinking green tea may also fight fat.
  • Gymnema Leaf : This wonderful plant leaf eliminates the taste of sugar which in essence suppresses and neutralizes your craving for sweets to help you lose weight faster! It also helps control your blood sugar levels which is known from many diets such as Atkins, South Beach, etc.. to help lose weight. Proper blood sugar levels are essential.
  • Yerba Mate Leaf : is a widely-cultivated, medium-sized evergreen tree that can grow to 20 m high in the wild. It is used as a tonic and diuretic to flush your system of toxins. It also acts as a stimulant to burn more calories and suppress appetite. Read more on this wonderful tree here.
  • Guarana Seed : Stimulates your central nervous system, improves your mood and increases your metabolism and more. Wikipedia has more information on Guarana here.
  • Nopal Cactus : is another great plant that supports a healthy glucose balance, aids your body in energy production and sugar balance, all essential to losing weight. Read more on wikipedia here.

#6 : Lipo 6

Lipo 6 is a weight loss supplement that can be described as one of the best-kept secrets within the online marketplace.  This particular supplement which has an ingredients list that is completely free of any ephedra or derivative ingredients, is a power-packed list of different ingredients that can act as stimulants in order to help you lose a lot of weight.  In other words, this is not really a direct fat burning product, but rather one that can help you accelerate the results of whatever diet or exercise regime you might be on at the moment.  People that take this in conjunction with diet and exercise will find that their results are magnified quite a bit more than most products that are direct fat burners and for that reason this product has developed quite a popular following online.

#7 Xenadrine Hardcore Fat Burner

Xenadrine Hardcore Fat Burner has reinvented itself by removing ephedrine from it's ingredient list. Xenadrine has moved up the ranks of the best fat burners rapidly since their new product line and with the product helping with fat burning, energy increase and appetite suppression provides a powerful formula to rapidly losing weight safely.

#8 – Green Tea

One should never underestimate the effectiveness of the easy solution at any point in life and within the context of green tea for fat burning and weight loss , this is especially true.  The body has a way of returning to its normal intervals through a number of processes that are designed to work against excess and this is just as true for weight gain as it would be for something like getting a fever or having hypothermia.  People that are overweight that start to inject even a little bit of exercise and dietary change into their lives will see results because of these processes and even the use of a simple supplement such as a green tea pill could accentuate those results in a way that is extremely effective.  A 500 mg capsule of green tea gives you far more than you need on a daily basis to get some fat burning results and that is probably why the 500 mg x 100 capsules green tea supplement has become one of the most popular online even in spite of the relatively simple way in which it does its work.

#9 – Slim Quick Extreme

The Slim Quick Extreme product is really just for women in the sense that it is far more effective for the female gender than it is for the male gender.  That having been said, the main ingredient within this particular supplement is yohimbine which is a powerful weight loss ingredient in both genders.  Therefore, if a male wanted to take this particular supplement as part of their overall fat burning strategy, there would be nothing stopping them from doing it.  It is far more effective for the women however due to that desire on the part of the company and that is why it is recommended mostly for women.  The combination of the yohimbine-led formula for excellent fat burning and the utilization of the natural 8-hour half-life of the yohimbine molecule for long term effects throughout the day make this product doubly effective and its online popularity is a direct reflection of that effectiveness.

#10 – Lipodrene

Lipodrene is a product that can really only be looked at in the context of a multi-pronged attack on fat.  There are some direct fat burning attributes within the ingredients utilized in this particular weight loss supplement, but at the same time there are also three indirect fat burning attributes.  The first of these is the ability of Lipodrene to help prevent the absorption of additional fat in the same way that some of the above mentioned products also do.  In addition to that however, Lipodrene increases the amount of stored energy a person has, making them far more likely to actually adhere to a regimen of exercise that they set. This is especially important in the context of fat burning as any weight loss supplement will work a lot better if it is combined with daily exercise.  Lipodrene is therefore essentially a jack of all trades when it comes to the fat burning agenda.

Other Great Fat Burning Supplements


Lean System 7

At some point, someone is going to have to write a paper detailing all of the seemingly random numbers that appear in the names of the various weight loss supplements!  Despite the somewhat ill-placed 7 in the title of this supplement, Lean System 7 has quickly rocketed its way to the top of the popularity charts within the online fat burning market.  It has done this primarily by utilizing a similar technique to some of the other weight loss supplements, but making that technique far more focused and as a result more effective.  It is the technique of enzymatic fat burning that one or two of the other supplements on this list use, but the results seem to indicate that at least in the short term Lean System 7 has the advantage.  It is also cheaper than some of the other supplements, which definitely help the popularity along.


Fastin is a play on words.  Essentially, the company that created the product would like you to believe that you can get the same results that you would get through fasting through the use of the Fastin supplement.  Namely, ridiculously rapid loss of fat while at the same time cleansing your body of any toxins it might have gained through the diet that you currently have.  While it is a bit farfetched to think that any weight loss supplement could match the actual act of not taking in any additional fat, it is possible nonetheless to get some decent results through the use of Fastin and an exercise program that compliments it.  For this reason, Fastin remains one of the more popular fat burners around.

BioLean II

BioLean II is one of the major products responsible for the idea going around the internet now that you can burn fat at an increased pace while you sleep by inducing a higher resting metabolic rate. While there is some truth to this, what really makes Bio Lean II effective is the fact that in addition to this resting metabolic rate increase, it also decreases appetite and as a result allows people to lower their fat intake simultaneous to the extra burning processes that are at work when you rest.  Its most popular days are probably behind it, but it is still a force to be reckoned with as is evident by its placement in the top ten.

Alli Diet Pill

Alli is a very good diet pill and thus on our runner up list of the ultimate top ten.  It is not enough to simply be popular and effective, but Alli has gotten to that position through conventional methods.  With FDA approval, over-the-counter availability and a method of binding to enzymes that in turn prevent the absorption of fat, Alli is one of the safest supplements out there that is also combined with a high level of effectiveness.  It is simply an excellent product.


NO Xplode

The NO Xplode product is one of the most popular supplements on the market today and this is for a very good reason.  Most importantly perhaps in regards to the popularity issue, this product has been lucky enough to have a number of early customers go on and experience some amazing results through the use of this supplement and for that reason they have a number of sincere and glowing testimonials that really outpace anything many of the other companies offer.  The main reason that people can experience big gains on this product has to do with a system they've dubbed NO meta-fusion.  In essence, this system encourages biological focus on vascular enlargement which leads to more stamina and easier development of muscles.  The end result is excellent fat burning quotas combined with very few side effects.

Hydroxycut Hardcore -- Off the top 10 list but worth mentioning

Hydroxycut bills itself as being the number one fat burning company within the marketplace today and this hardcore version of their flagship product is billed as being "the most powerful fat burner ever created".  Well, one of the red flags in the online fat burner business has to do with suspecting anyone that touts their own horn, but in this particular case that rule is nullified by the results that this supplement is able to present to support their assertions.  With case study averages such as high single-digit decreases in body fat, massive increases in norepinephrine levels within the body and a liquid delivery method that allows all of the results to take place quickly, Hydroxycut is most definitely loaded for bear. See full Hydroxycut review .


These are just the best of the hundreds of different fat burners available on the market today.  It is a diverse community of products with varying amounts of popularity and effectiveness.  However, the above list should gives a variety of different approaches that diet pills on the market today, as no one pill works for every single person. Sometimes it will take a bit of trial and error to find the best product for your body.

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  1. I have been taking garciniacambogia referred by dr. Oz but from what I can tell is that it is making me so constipated. I think this is the cause. Can all these fat. Burners have this affect. No weight loss yet
  2. i am a nutritionist & i believe that diet & exercise are the best ways to lose weight but some people might need a push for their metabolism to kick in that's when the fat burners come in handy
  3. Thanks so much for the post! I'm happy to have found the best supplements to lose weight! I just can't wait to get started!
  4. This is a good list, I would agree with some though that AcaiPure would be at the top for me! No matter what supplement we take though t's really important to have a healthy diet to go with it. The best kinds of foods to eat for fat loss include fibers which will fill you up, proteins which increase the body’s metabolic rate by melting the fat above the muscles and foods which contain lots of water. 
Drinking lots of water throughout the day will also make a difference because we often tend to confuse hunger with thirst, and it's always best to eat foods in their natural form as transformed foods tend to have very little nutritional value for our bodies.
  5. I agree with you about losing 50 pounds in 4 months is impressive. I think that anyone should be proud of themselves when they achieve that. It takes a lot of determination and sacrifices to lose. I tried almost everything just to lose but when i stopped them i just gained more weight back. Remember, regardless of what diet program your interested in, it is always important that you consult with your doctor as well as others who would have been on the program before beginning a new diet program. because anything can go wrong.
  6. CytoPhen is the newest thermogenic fat burner on the market. With an overwhelming response and success stories we would love for you to rate our product...thank you from all of us at Body by Design Research and Supplements. Please do take the opportunity to test our product, as we firmly believe it is the finest supplement in it's category and will rank within the top 5 on your list. Thanks again
  7. this is to chris who commented on the before and after pic- i think its the same guy. the bathroom is not just identical it is the same bathroom. see the column in the first pic where there is that space, he is hiding it in the second. if u look at the second pic u realize that ure seeing more of the bath-its just the position in the shot. also for his chest freckles, u will notice that the lighting of the pics are different as well as the angle of the pose in the pics. it is infact the same guy.
  8. Stay away from Myoripped as I ordered it and was charged however never recieved the product. The company Ampersand industries and Gadd formulas are a big scam and ripp off I have been trying to get my 99.95 back and no go as the company will not call me back or refund my money. They are also listed bad with Utah BBB.
  9. i am looking to burn belly fat and lose about 30 pds plus some inches i also realize that after 10 yrs of having gastric bypass surgery my appitite has gone up maybe also because i had a MY MOTABOLIZM HAS GONE DOWN THE TUBES.So i am looking for a appitite suppresant,a thermogetic, and major fat burner also a boost in mood and somthing to help with constipation all in one. am i asking to much and i would like to get results in 3-4 mnths i walk every day and am trying to afford a gym in my budget but this comes first. i cant afford a high priced pill if i have to order 1 bottle a month thats all i can afford and with shipping not more than $50-60 at the most PLEASE HELP ME! I USED TO BE BELIMIC AND DONT WANNA GO BACK!!!!!!!
  10. i am looking for something to lose just a few inches of tummy fat my baby is 2 and its just plain belly fat and my back is horribel so i cant really work out.. i do not want to lose weight just get rid a small amount of body fat. which one would you think would be best for me?
  11. Hi Chris - That picture is of me, one of the staff here at weightloss hq and I can assure you its the same bathroom. Its just the angle. The bathroom is quite large. I wanted to test phen375 and see how it worked. Notice the watermark on the image? Its our site and did that so people don't steal ME. :) It's me, you're just being a bit paranoid. Thanks for asking though!
  12. ne1 else notice that while the bathroom in the before/after pics looks the same, it isnt? most noticeable is the pillar in front of the tub. in the first pic it connects to the tub of the wall directly, in the second the wall extends out to meet the pillar. i cant see this guy having 2 nearly identical bathrooms to take the pics. that with the unusually blurry after pic, i can see maby the 1st, since you can never retake that one, but the after you could retake till the quality isnt bad. the last part that makes me skeptical is the way the camera is held, the before pic completely blocks all facial features, making the hair the only similar feature. that and you apparently can get a portrate sized picture no matter how you hold the camera. not that you would change wether you hold it vertically or horizontally in 30 days. and the dissapearing chest freckles. i want to believe that these will help lose weight, but this guys credibility went down the drain when he lied about personally using it.
  13. I was 172 lbs. three wks ago now im 160 lbs. It does make you jittery and thirsty but it works.
  14. I agree with what Herbert Ley M.D said above. Alli is very dangerous. My friend lost an uncle due to him taking those weight loss pills. He did lose some weight but also his life. Stay away from "Alli" weight loss pills.
  15. Iam excited to start my weight loss with the right excerise in different levels. i have already loss 40LB i need to get excerise mixed in with my toneing.
  16. I have been taking this for just under a week and I have noticed a difference in energy levels. I probably won't take 2 a day as I am getting good results with 1 a day and I am worried about side effects.
  17. I am a 5'5" woman and last summer found myself weighing a shocking 177 pounds. I bought a treadmill and a pilates machine, did pilates 45 minutes every day, then the treadmill 20-25 minutes at a very fast walking pace every day, and took green tea capsules and acai. I lost 45 pounds in 3 monghs. Also, low calorie diet, pretty much vegetarian and fish. NO SUGAR at all. It worked!
  18. I would like to share with you my experience with Ultraslim Formula, a fat-burning and satiating appetite product. In my case, I started with a low calorie diet on the advice of a nutritionist and after a couple of months the results were not the those expected. Some friends advised me to use Ultraslim Formula, but I’m a bit reluctant to wonder pills and preferred to consult the nutritionist. He told me that I could try it as a food supplement and after four weeks the results were really good! I lost a bit over 6 pounds and reduced my waist with 1.7 inches. My conclusion is that combining a diet with Ultraslim Formula and just a bit of daily exercise you can see the results in a short time. I am in my 5th week and will continue using it because I want to lose another 6 pounds as well as thigh and waist volume. I encourage you to use it because it’s working for me.
  19. Really Thanks for sharing your opinions on natural health and similar topics. By the way, do you have any reliable opinions on where I can get more useful recommendations on the Web? Keep up the excellent work!
  20. There Are NO Magic Pills or Cures... And if you believe there are, you will end up being sad and disappointed in the end. There is only one method for permanent, healthy weight loss and that is following two part sentence: Move more, eat less. After a $24,000.00 bariatric gastric sleeve surgery, I have lost only 33lb in 2 months and the first 20 dropped off in the first 10 days, the next 13 have come along slowly and I feel annoyingly plateau-ed, but I'm realizing that what I have to do to get the rest of the weight to come off is to do that simple, common sense diet of eating less and moving more. As much as it may make me feel kind of sad and deprived at times, I KNOW for a fact that this is the only way to get good and permanent results. Don't be mad at the messenger, the messenger is one of you and only putting this information here to help you and others in the same situation. Save your money and your sanity. Move more, eat less. Eat less, move more. Good luck to all fellow dieters and God Bless. PJ
  21. For anyone who has been looking into taking supplements to help shed the extra lbs. I have to tell you that I agree with the first of the reviews with the Oxy Elite. I have taken "everything under the sun" at some point in my life, and this is the ONLY one I have ever taken that the side effects go unnoticed...NO tingley head, NO feeling like your eyes are going to pop outta your head...I have NO explanation as some friends have told me that it gives them some jitters but they love it. But it truly does curb my appetite to a certain degree and I cannot figure where the energy comes from, but it feels totally natural, like getting your second wind again and again. I love it and I'll let ya know how much I shed, but 5lbs. in 5 days gone already. Please don't blame me if it doesn't work for you, as all these different pills we have to choose from work differently with each of our body chemistries, so if you really liked the original stackers before they were banished, you would probably like the energy you get from these. .
  22. I am on my 2nd bottle of OxyPro Elite, following a 8 week break. I am retired from the U.S.Navy where I served as a SAR (sea air rescue swimmer). After being critcally shot and nearly a year to recover I gained approx 100 lbs topping the scales at 250 lbs and at 5'11" that was a bit much. Within the first bottle I had results that took me down to 208 with little exercise and not much of an appetite. I am just begining my 2nd bottle and plan to reach my ideal weight of 175 lbs. I have more energy with no noted side effects. Thank you OxyPro.
  23. Boda extract his also a good fat burner contains cla that is proven to work.
  24. Stay AWAY from Alli.. its been shown to cause CANCEROUS Colon Polyps in Rats, yet the FDA put it out for the public anyway. "What makes me sad is that people think the FDA is here to protect them. It is NOT! It is here to protect the profits and interests of the companies that pay us." Herbert Ley M.D. and former FDA Commissioner.
  25. I decided to try Lipofuze since it was listed as #1 fat burner here. I did their two bottles plus 1 detox bottle and I lost 20 pounds in the first month. I did exercise more than I was before going from maybe once a week to 3 30 minute workouts and I did not eat junk food. But before when I did not eat junk food I still ate a lot but not with Lipofuze. I was able to just not eat as much and it was wonderful for me.
  26. [B]Do They Actually Work !!!! :/[/B]
  27. Very much appreciated,however, Im not sure if Lipofuze deservers the top ranking! I personally like AcaiPure, worked for me.
  28. I like the hydroxycut i lost about 10 pnds in 3 weeks on that pill It makes you a little nervous but it really honestly works thanks!!!!!!
  29. I heard about BODA and green tea with good results. I prefer to get those one.
  30. I disagree with Alli being #1 on the list. There are way better supplements on the market today.
  31. I am a bit overweight especially in my tummy and hips and have been very frustrated because I do workout! I decided to try phen 375 after reading the review and so glad I did. I have lost an inch on my waistline and two inches on my hips with my initial 30 days supply and just ordered some more! I had to come back here and let other women know the great results I had, especially those frustrated like me!
  32. Sometimes it just takes a little extra help to lose those 'extra' pounds. I found that I needed to take supplements to help me lose weight. Thanks for the great information.
  33. Hello, Gave birth last year and have discovered that my weight is refusing to shed off. Am 29, my current weight is 96 and height is 1.6m need help
  34. Apparently there was an abuse of the system so this was removed. BUT, they said if you order and let me know you did (with just your real name via private email using our contact page) they will get you the 2:1 deal.
  35. Robert - I will investigate and post a comment (and update the page) with what I find out.
  36. Hey, just a heads up, quote "Use coupon code 2009 to get 2 for 1 prices! " has expired 31 Aug 2009!! I'd like to try this product and like the idea of 2 for 1! Any help with this? Thanks
  37. I've been taking the Phentemine375 for a week and a half now. I"ve lost 5 lbs already. I've been eating small meals and walking at least every other day. So far this product is fantastic! I will give you an update in a few more weeks.
  38. We have not researched a review for that. How much weight did you lose on it?
  39. Any thoughts on Mitotropin? I've used it twice and it seems like there aren't great short term results, but after 2 months of cycling off, I still haven't put any weight back on, which is great.
  40. I started off taking Boda extract and was losing about 1 pound a week with no changes to my diet or exercise (which is about 2 times a week, I am BUSY with 2 kids and work). I added in Acai Ignite and I am now losing three pounds a day with Boda Extract and Acai Ignite taken daily! I am so happy! I have dropped two sizes already in just a few short weeks! If only I had known about this before, thank you!
  41. Hi Justin Fiax - We removed your plug as we dont allow that in comments. If you think there are better diet supplements then the only FDA approved one, please do discuss them here but links to promote your website are disallowed except with the homepage field.
  42. I disagree with Alli being #1 on the list. There are way better supplements on the market today.
  43. Hi Tom, I was able to find it for sale at GNC but it doesn't list anymore of the ingredients than what you already know. Also product is sold by Amazon. I did find one review that says some negative things about it:
  44. Has anyone heard of this product before? My son bought it and I took it away from him.I just don't know about it.will it help him lose weight or just speed him up? It's called Hot-Rox with A7-E Super Thermogenic Gel, developed by BioTest Colorado Springs co.
  45. Green tea and Hydroxy Cut both work,but I prefer the natural method better, the effects last longer. This is an awesome top ten list, you can post this to our site and then link back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

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