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Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore Review Print E-mail

From the Real Housewives of New York to Bethenny Getting Married, Bethenny Frankel has become a well-known name in reality TV.  However, with her Skinny Girl health products, Frankel quickly showed the world that she is more than a wisecracking ratings grabber on some of Bravo’s biggest TV shows.  The Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore is her latest offering, and it is already getting a great deal of attention.

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What is Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore?

The Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore is a dietary supplement that promotes healthy digestion, detoxification, energy and wellness.  According to Frankel, users should see a marked improvement in their skin, eyes and energy levels after taking the cleanse for thirty days. The cleanse is meant to be a starting point for a healthy lifestyle. After people complete the cleanse, they should continue on a healthy path by implementing diet and exercise into their daily routines.

Taking the Product

Skinny Girl recommends that users take the product once in the morning and once in the evening for five days.  Then, they can switch to one serving per day.  While mornings or evenings are recommended, the company states that people can take it at other times of the day or night as well.  Because of this, it is popular with people who have to work long hours or travel.

How This Cleanse Compares to Others

Those who are familiar with cleanses will immediately notice that the Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore is different from many of the cleanses on the market today . Unlike other cleanses, the Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore doesn’t require fasting or a liquid diet. Instead, people can eat a reasonable diet when they take this cleanse.

In addition, Skinny Girl founder Bethenny Frankel states that the product is also easier to fit into an on-the-go lifestyle than most cleanses are.  While most cleanses require frequent trips to the bathroom, the Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore allows people to go about their daily routines with minimal interruptions.

What Comes with the Cleanse

Knowing how the product works is not enough for savvy consumers.  People also want to know what they will receive if they purchase the cleanse.  In addition to the cleanse packets, users receive a Skinny Girl recipe holder, recipes and lifestyle tips. They can use these extras to help them as they move toward healthier lifestyles.

Is the Cleanse Right for You?

Now that you have reviewed the information about the Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore, you probably want to know if this product is right for you.   While no one can tell you which diet product is right for you, you will likely benefit from the cleanse if you:

  • Want to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Are invested in changing your habits
  • Want to try a cleanse, but don’t want it to interfere with your daily life

Most health professionals agree that crash dieting does not work. Instead, people need to make lifestyle changes so they can keep the weight off after they lose it. With that in mind, the Skinny Girl Cleanse and Restore might be the next wave of diet products.  While it doesn’t promise immediate weight loss results, it does help people get on track so they can reach their long-term health goals.

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  1. Have been on the product for a few days now. I bought the product for the purpose of cleansing the liver because I was experiencing a bad rotten egg burp when I ate fresh uncooked vegetables and I could not get rid of that taste. I googled the rotten egg burp and found that Skinny Girl Cleanse has some of the products that were listed and I am not experiencing any more problems since I purchased Skinny Girl Cleanse And Restore. I also noticed that I am feeling much better now and I can eat fresh vegetables without the awful burp. Thank you for being out there
  2. I have been using Skinnygirl Cleanse and Restore for eight months now and I am very happy with the product. I use it in conjunction with the Skinnygirl Daily (Weight Management & Energy)capsules and lost 18 pounds in about a month. I was able to accomplish this by adjusting my diet as well and doing what I could exercise wise. Now I am in maintenance mode and have not seen an increase in my weight. My energy level is still high and I feel great! Like most everything in life, it takes time and commitment and for me embracing the Skinnygirl philosophy and realizing it is a journey has enriched my life.
  3. Disappointed in this product - Don't waste your money!! I was very excited to use this product. I love Bethany and what she stands for, I believed her products would be good, but NOT TRUE! I brought this [$] expensive greentea lemonade thinking it would help me cleanse my body, but nothing happened! And the taste was GROSS :( I couldn't choke it down anymore. I don't even know why they put a flavor on the package since it tastes nothing like green tea lemonade but it tastes like DIRTY WATER.

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