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Lipodrene Fat Burner Review Print E-mail

What is the Lipodrene Fat Burner?

Lipodrene is reputed to be a fat burner of immense power and according to the actual people that created the product; Lipodrene was a work in progress for more than a decade before the final product was finally brought to market.  Like most fat burning products however, there are some things to like and some things to dislike about it.  A good place to start dividing items into those two categories would be the list of ingredients. We recommend you also read our top 10 fat burner list.

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Lipodrene Ingredients

The ingredients in Lipodrene include green tea, hoodia gordonii, various other natural extracts and phenylethylamine, some of which are present on their own and others of which are present in a proprietary blend that measures about 275 mg in mass.  The ingredients that fall under “various other natural extracts” will not be discussed further in the interests of saving time and space primarily, but also because they are present in such small amounts that they are not really what define this product.  It is defined by its main ingredients by mass which are green tea, hoodia gordonii and phenylethylamine.
Green tea is an ingredient that will get no criticism whatsoever from those in the know about fat burning.  It is such a powerful product that even just normal green tea pills that contain nothing but green tea are powerful fat burners to the extent that they even made the list of the top fat burners despite only having one ingredient.  Green tea is such a powerful fat-burning product that there are those that argue that taking anything aside from green tea is not really worth it and therefore you should just take as much green tea as possible.  While that is a somewhat marginalized view nowadays, it certainly does show the strength that green tea has just on its own.
Hoodia gordonii is a product that has a lot of controversy surrounding it because of a large differential between the anecdotal and scientific evidence regarding its ability to burn fat.  Anecdotally there are people that rave about it and scientifically there is no reputable evidence available about its ability.  For this reason, utilization of this ingredient is largely a personal decision that must be made, although if you do go for products that have it, you are hoping for the anecdotal evidence to be correct over the scientific evidence and that is usually not a percentage play.
Finally, phenylethylamine rounds out the list of the three main ingredients that you can expect to find in Lipodrene.  People that get a natural rush from chocolate both in terms of their emotions and in terms of their energy are experiencing the effects of phenylethylamine. That ingredient is also present in Lipodrene and for that reason many of the effects should be the same.  This ingredient represents gain in energy and attitude, both of which are essential for a person to meet their overall weight loss goals.

Lipodrene and the Balanced Approach to Burning Fat

There are two primary approaches that products take when it comes to burning fat.  The first is the direct approach and a product taking this approach will be packed with ingredients that have been directly tied to encouraging fat burning.  The second is the energy approach which aims to empower the individual to workout and diet better and thus improve their situation that way.  Products taking this approach are packed with energy heavy ingredients.  Looking at Lipodrene however, the most obvious conclusion to draw is that this product does not fit into either category.  It is not full of fat burning products and it is not an energy boosting product on the level of some of the others available in the online marketplace.  Instead, Lipodrene takes a balanced approach to burning fat which incorporates elements from both of these strategies.
Ingredients like hoodia gordonii are put there because of the connection they have to burning fat, even if that connection is still disputed at this point in time.  The purpose of that ingredient in the pill is to burn fat from the point of view of the product’s creator.  Ingredients like phenylethylamine on the other hand are there to boost energy and attitude and for that reason are there to empower the person to do better with diet and exercise.  Green tea on the other hand is a product that does both because of its own correlation to fat burning as well as the presence of molecules like caffeine that help it boost a person’s energy level through stimulation.  This balanced approach is a good one because it makes use of both schools of thought regarding fat burning supplements, but as with all things there are trade-offs that must be made to utilize this method that cause drawbacks of their own.

Are There Lipodrene Drawbacks?

The balanced approach that Lipodrene takes is an attempt to cover all its bases.  It tries to burn fat directly, but also tries to keep a person’s energy levels high so that they can burn fat through diet discipline and good exercise habits.  It even tries to keep a person’s mood high so that they can take such things easier.  However, when a product is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the different fat burning strategies, it is a master of none.  Lipodrene does not have the same fat burning ability as a high-intensity fat burner and even something like green tea tablets would probably burn more direct fact than Lipodrene would.  On the other hand, the energy boost that it gives throughout the day is not as intense as what you would get from an energy specialist product, once again showing a diminished return in that area.  This is the trade-off when you take Lipodrene.  You will get help in all of these areas, but they will not be as pronounced as they otherwise might have been.

Final Thoughts on Lipodrene

Lipodrene is the supplement to take when you are not sure what pathway you want to take to success in your fat burning goals.  This is the attraction it has for most people.  For people that are sure however, consider a more specialized and focused fat burning supplement to better compliment your weight loss needs.

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  1. Lipodrene did not curb my appetite.It gave me a dry mouth and palpitations.
  2. I started taking Lipodrene with ephedra November of 2011. As of today, I have lost 23lbs. I went from a size 12 to a size 9. I'm very happy with this product. I took 1/2 octagon tab BID as the whole one was too strong for me. I also increased my physical activity and ate a balanced diet. This combination worked great. Two thumbs up for Lipodrene with ephedra.
  3. I tried Lipodrene for about 3 months. I took only two pills a day versus the 1 in the morning and two at noon it recommended due to the incredible amount of energy it gave me and sometimes the jitters from the caffeine. Once I got used to the energy the jitters went away. It also suppressed my appetite a lot. I don't know about others but you should definitely eat any time you take a pill or you could feel sick. I missed days here and there and often times on the weekends as my routine was more in place at work. Overall though the pill worked to an extent. I lost about 5-7 pounds during that time and maintained. Although 5-7 lbs doesn't sound like a lot, it made a huge difference visually. I lost more inches than anything and it was nice to feel that again. I will say I stopped taking this over the holidays and unfortunately gained everything back. If you do take it, just like anything, try to stick to some routine of diet and excercise or you will do it all for nothing. Happy Dieting!
  4. most fat burning pills may be used to enhance the effective of your calorie reduction or weight management plan. as a part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet....

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