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Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner Review Print E-mail


Jillian Michaels is well known for her role in television and in the general fitness world.  Now, she has lent her name and her endorsement to the Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner supplement that claims to be able to drastically change your life.  All fat burners will do this in one way or another, but the amount of aggressive advertising that has gone into promoting this project is a little above and beyond what most people would call normal.

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The Hook

The main hook that this product has over most people is the name that is behind it.  A lot of people will see a beautiful and fit woman like Jillian Michaels and assume that any product that has her name on it must be an effective product.  If this sounds like the reaction that you’ve had, check yourself for a moment.  With the high expense per month of this product, you can’t afford to rush headlong into this particular purchase.

The Ingredients

You can always tell the effectiveness of any weight loss product by taking a close look at the ingredients that make it up.  The pills included in this product are primarily made up of two different proprietary blends.  The amount of each ingredient present within those blends is not disclosed, but the actual ingredients that are present are known.  

The impressive ingredients on the list are synephrine, coffee bean extract and guarana.  All of the other ingredients included in this product are not ingredients that have any significant effect on the final outcome.  If there is a reason to purchase this product, it would have to be within one of these three ingredients because all of the others at best are supporting ingredients and at worst are just tossed in for appearances.  

Coffee bean extract and guarana are both natural sources of caffeine.  Caffeine is easily one of the best ingredients for burning fat because of the thermogenic properties that it has.  In other words, it has the ability to stimulate the body into burning fat.  The presence of caffeine in reasonably large quantities in this pill is encouraging, but on its own is not enough to validate purchasing this product for the high price that it commands.  

This analysis leaves synephrine as the last hope for giving this product a positive review.  The synephrine ingredient has long been thought of as a substitute for ephedrine that did not have the same deleterious side effects, but to this date the research has not really validated that point.  There is no reason to believe that synephrine has the same abilities as ephedrine and therefore no reason to believe that this product will do as well as a product that still contains ephedrine.  

Final Thoughts

This product will act as a mild stimulant that will make you feel good and energized throughout the day.  However, you can get that same effect from other products that are far cheaper than this one.  It seems to be riding more on the fame and popularity of Jillian Michaels more than anything else.

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  1. I just started using these pills a few days ago and I can already feel myself losing weight. I started eating better and regularly exercising (nothing complex)and they give me energy but also make me feel wonderful! If all these people are having no success with these pills if you read the box... You can get your money back!! It clearly states on the box that they will work differently for everyone and in a case that you are not satisfied just return the product to the store you bought it from within 30 days. So really it's risk free!
  2. wow... After so long of searching this forum again.. I am the le that posted about me biking and swimming in the lake. My brother gave me the hcg injections for 30 days. Guess what success... I am weighing.g 155. .... Yay!!!!!!!.. Seriously this pill was a waste of money. Great for giving a mood boost but sucked when trying to shed lbs. Started in may of this year with hcg went from 176 up to 186 and droped to 155. Did the maintenance phase kept loosing till i sloped at 145. I am so happy :-) . I did change my eating habits i don't drink any drinkswith sugar and am eating regular meals now and have. NOt gained anything back. Wow... I seriously went crazy looking for this forum for months to let other ppl know. Reason :because i seriously bought these pills and have tried so many things. I stayed on these for months and nothing.Seriously the diet did work. i am so glad i found this forum i reallllyyyy wanted to follow up.
  3. I am doing a trifecta approach to losing my fat. I have Jillian Michael's Body Media Monitor telling me how many steps, calories burned, quality of sleep I get. I run average 3 miles a day except Saturday. Now I have thrown in this pill, so far I am quite pleased with the results but I have only been doing it for 5 days. I am worried that theses aren't long term changes as I see a dramatic drop on the scale in a short time. Any one stay with this for long term?
  4. Just started these pills today. I have a burning sensation in my throat. Is this normal? I hope it goes away. I need to lose about 20 pounds and after reading everyones comments I hope this works.
  5. I have taken every diet pill under the sun, and until now the Dr Max Powers Burn supplement was the only one that worked for me consistently. But I was in desperate search for a pill that was more on the safe side and with Dr Max Powers Burn soon as i stopped taking them it seemed like my metabolism just shut off! I would gain lbs a day basically! When I started using these I got a boost of energy, and since I have taken them I don't get that hunger feeling at all.
  6. I'm on day 9 and I have lost 5 lbs without any diet or exercise changes. My wt loss started on day 8: -2 then -2.5 more today. I'm shocked since I have thyroid issues and nothing else has ever worked.
  7. I have been taking this pill for two weeks now and have lost 10 lbs. On my first week of taking the pill nothing happened except that i lost two pounds. I almost stopped taking them but decided to keep taking them and see what happens. So if your not getting results the first week and want to give up, don't give up. Because even though your taking a diet pill, it still takes time for your body to get used to it, and to really start working. Just keep your head up!
  8. I am taking capsules from one week and have lost two kilo. I love tat pills but work out is must should
  9. sat will b my first day,im excited to get started im 68lbs over weight my goal is by dec to b at 200 lbbs do u thing thats possible?
  10. I have been taking Jillian Michaels Fat Burner Supplements for 5 days along with eating healthier and going to the gym 5 times a week. I have already lost 7 pounds and a few inches off of my waist and love handles. I would highly recommend these supplements to a friend. Like every other diet pill out there, a healthier diet and adequate exercise can improve your results. I will definately use these again. :)
  11. I have taken these pills for almost 3 weeks. I am disappointed because I also started at the gym at the same time. I have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks, but honestly I am sure that is the major change in food and the weight training at the gym. I was hoping, since I have followed Jillian for quite some time, that these pills would do something. So far, not only do I not get the kick in energy, I feel like I am crashing with exhaustion by the middle of the day. When I tried her blue and red pills in the past, they made me so shakey, I had to stop taking with these, nothing. This is truly not what I expected from any Jillian Michaels product.
  12. I have noticed several people stating that it is day one of them taking the pills but I can't find anymore responses from any of them...I am wondering how they are doing on them. Would love to find something to give me energy, even if just a little, to make my day more bearable. I have fibromyalgia and I do not have one drop of energy. I try to diet the best I can and exercise is something I have not been able to do because I am completely drained. Can anyone please comment on how well their energy has been after taking the pills for several days or weeks. Thank you in advance. I don't think it publishes email addresses, but if their is anyway to do so, would love for someone to email me with their results.
  13. I took these last year and with conjuction of eating around 1200 calories a day, keeping a food journal, and an hour at the gym 4 days a week, i lost 50 pounds. im back and using them again with the same lifestyle changes and have lost 5 pounds the first week so far. Just make sure you arent expecting miracles without moving your butt and learning portion control, and how to cook healthy. You can do it! just research and keep it interesting.
  14. Im just curious if anyone paid more attention to body fat percentage rather than pounds lost? You may take this supplement and workout religiously but you may not lose 1lb! Doesn't mean it didn't work... Just means you swapped body fat for muscle!
  15. So i have took these pills before and i had a great experience with them. I lost like 15 lbs. Although i did change everything in my life style. I hate right and exersised. You cannot just take the pill and do nothing. And also if its your first day taking them, it may take afew days for this to really get in your system. So dont doubt it unless u know for sure it wont work. But i know it did for me.
  16. Today is the first day i took the pills and i'm a little nervous. Im praying to god they work i need them to work! Are they even good?
  17. Took the pill today and nothing happened. I didn't feel a rush or anything.
  18. first day of taking the fat burner,energy went through the roof, but i read all these bad comments now i dont know what to make of it, some it worked but some said not we will see i guess
  19. I been on the pill about 2 wks...And nothing has changed.
  20. Well like so many people out here in this world. I don't believe in plastic surgery, botox, pills and all these other things to change the appearance of one's body. But I decided to purchase the fat burner. This is my first day. I will put my experience in the hands of the Lord and do my part along with diet and exercise and hope for the best. Will keep you posted after a two week trial. Wish me luck.....
  21. Didn't check in during the weekend. Saturday I hit the bike trails 4 hours ..... wow, I wasn't even tired and after jumped in the lake for half an hour of swimming. Like I said before I beloved its a mood enhancer and does give me energy. No pounds lost but many ppl have been saying I look thinner. Also noticed that my muscles look leaner and tone. I am starting to think this is a great pill for those that want to tone not loose. I am gonna quit for now since a friend got me hcg shots. So I am gonna try hcg so I can loose lbs then return to these pills to tone up. Overall I am happy to have stayed on them this long. I know why now those ppl that have tried them were discouraged the first week. Overall its a good pill again to tone muscle but not for fatloss. Guess I will check into this forum in like a month since the shots are for 30 days. .....
  22. Hello everyone, I've started taking these weight loss pills because a friend and I are on a two week weight loss challenge. We've been loosing weight, and I'm happy to say that before I started the pills I'm down close to 50 pounds. The more I loose the harder it is to keep loosing, so we decided to try these. I'm almost done the first week, and I noticed a difference in weight loss withing a couple days. I already eat well and have an exercise regime, so that's already under control. The only complaint I have is that the amount of caffeine in it has caused me to have restless sleeps, and I've been tossing and turning since the first day. I started on a Sunday and by Wendesday, due to the lack of sleep and amount of caffeine, I started to crash. This may also be from the shift work that I've been put onto, so I wont blame it all on the pill.
  23. Week 3 done on the." Fatburner"have not lost anymore weight. Stayed at 175 and I am working out. I am though less hungry,less bloated , energized, alert and happy. I am truly starting to believe its a mood enhancer, things that would agitate me don't anymre. I have a sense of feeling like I can conquer things. I am Gonna stick another month with this since I am doing more outdoor events with the family and I don't get worn down.
  24. Yes... I started getting energy and have been more alert on jillian michaels pills, but for those that want high energy and love to eat try zantrex-3 on those pills you definitely have to eat. I triedvthem years ago and lost 20 lb in two months. But since the energy was too much I would wake up in the middle of the night and excercise it would scare me because the energy. So my approach now to loose my baby weight was to find something else that's less intense.
  25. I made a mistake I meant *meds not medal..... I started the burn and cleanse and I do admit that I did gain 2 lbs. When I started I weighed 178 after taking the pills I weighed 180. I actually wanted to give up(which is natural instint.) But I work at a doctors office (billing depth.)and normally the doctor tells patients that on certain meds it takes 2 weeks until the meds. Begin to kick in. So I am done with the burn and cleanse, bought the maximum fat burner and am on the second week on them (total 4 weeks when you include the burn and cleanse) and have dropped 5 lbs. Honestly I've taken the burn and cleanse last year didn't see results and stopped.. I bought this again (since it was on special) and am trying to stick with it. I will try and check back in and let you know my results. I am actually sending my comments thru my android phone. This is my second time responding and have never commented to a post.
  26. Ok So i started the fat burner pills today and i was very anxious to do something.....So i went runnig/jogging after i was done i wanted to do more so we see wat happends...Will let you know what happends.
  27. Just because an individual is taking a diet pill does not mean that automatically you will lose weight. These supplements are diet aide supplements. Meaning it will aide only when combined with proper diet and excercise. Not only that most people will not see results the first couple of days until by the next two weeks. Remember your body has to adjust and most things don't come into effect after the second week. That's why it's very crucial to change your lifestyle. I mean after a while of changing medal your upsetting your body, internal organs and well-being..
  28. Well I just took my first dosage of the pills.. right before I ate.. so far so good.. no stomach pains. I am however extra thirsty, but alert and ready to do something active. Today is also my first day of Insanity workout. So i am curious to see how they work together. I will keep you posted. Also Today I am 168lbs about 5ft 6in
  29. Hello everyone, today is my VERY FIRST DAY of using this product. Im very excited bc so far I have lost 23lbs, but I need help to lose the other 27. My start weight was 263lbs, and right now I am down to 240. I would love to weigh between 180-200 just to look better, and feel better. So far so good. I will deff keep you posted on my journey, I also have a walking dvd that I have started and it is the BOMB. Hoping to reach my goal by the end of December for the new year.8-)
  30. These pills are the ultimate WASTE of time and money. I took them religiously and I did NOT lose even 1 lb. LIARS ALL of them. Ladies Beware.
  32. I know all about nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep ect. & have been practicing this for years. These are the first diet pills I have tried and let me just say, my cravings are gone, I am drinking more water (without even thinking about it), I have more energy to exercise & keep up with my busy schedule, I'm sleeping better, my mood has improved and I have lost 2 pounds in 2 days. I was afraid to take them but they've given me the edge I've been needing to get off my plateau and get going again! Thanks Jillian. I probably won't try any other diet pills & don't plan on using these pills long term. My goal is to lose 10-15 pounds with taking the pills correctly, eating healthy, exercise, stress management, sleep, etc.
  33. I did the detox/fat burner program - I finish tomorrow. I have lost nothing - in fact my stomach looks bigger than before. I put on pants that I wore on Monday (the first day of the Fat Burner program) and they fit fine, but by Friday (the fifth day), they were tighter on me. Sort of wondering if I should get my thyroid checked since that runs in the family.
  34. I started taking the pills and was pleased at first, but started getting extreme headaches. I thought it was coincidence. Over a period of 3 months, every time I would take the pills within days I would have extreme headaches. Even if I only took one dose. One time I even was taken to the ER and had to have an IV with pain meds and fluids because the pain was so severe I couldn't get off the floor (this happened twice but only went in once). I finally figured out that the one common factor was the pills...stopped taking them and no more headaches!! Unfortunately I spend a lot of money in medical pills (I even had a CT Scan, MRI, and saw a Neurologist!) Will not take these pills again, and don't recommend them....its sad because I like Jillian and I did see a loss at the beginning, but it isn't worth it!
  35. I tried them and felt very anxious and bloated. I have about 10 pounds to lose, and didn't lose a single pound. I exercise and eat healthy. I would not recommend these. Waste of money.
  36. I just purchased these and realized they are in a red capsul. do you think i would be able to take them out of the capsul and put it in pudding to eat. the reason for this is i am allergic to red dyes and seeing how the capsul is red i cant take it
  37. The cleanse didn't work for me and in fact, did the opposite. I started the fat burners a few days ago and so far, so good. Jittery the first day but not awful and it was over by the next day. I already work out but thanks to the fat burners I was able to tack on an extra hour of exercise each day. We'll see if I actually lose any weight.
  38. I completely agree with what Rachel said. You HAVE to eat right, and exercise in order to lose weight! I have been using P90X for 6 weeks now, in addition to beginning a lower carb diet. I definitely saw a change in my muscle tone, but nothing on the scale. I saw the fat burner pills at the store, and decided "what the heck" and picked them up. I have been on them for one week, and I finally have seen a drop in pounds. I started out fluctuating between 130 and 134 pounds, and now I'm down to between 125 and 128 pounds (depending on the time of day i weigh myself) There is NO MIRACLE PILL that will make you drop pounds effortlessly, but with a little work.. these pills do the trick. Something someone once said to me that i'd like to share, is... it didn't take you a week to gain all that weight.. so what would make you think you're going to lose it all that fast? Time.. hard work.. and dedication are what will help you succeed. i'd also like to note, I have lost a total of 24 pounds in the last year. yes, it's a slow loss.. but everyone I know that went on crash diets, tried pills or did something crazy and lost a bunch of weight fast.. gained it right back. Now I sit with the most progess and the biggest smile out of all of us... because I am the one with REAL results.. that won't come back the next time I drink a glass of water or eat a brownie. Just something to think about.
  39. i gained a lot of weight while i was pregnant, and really struggled to lose anything. i've been taking these pills for 2 weeks, along with a diet and exercise plan. So far i've lost 6 pounds since taking them.
  40. ive only been taking for a few days..and eat healthy but not strict anyways and drink diet soda water and coffee and juice.. ive lost 6 pounds in about 5 very good..but they do make me feel a little queesy. hoping that goes away after a few more days. they make me VERY thirsty so i drink alot of water..which keeps me full.
  41. [URL=null]null[/URL][B]null[/B][B]i orde these pills cuz my friend heather tried um and was like 170 pounds in size 7-9 and she is now in a 3 im like what the heck im smaller then her but have really fit thighs n butt because im athletic n runs in the family so im still waiting to tery them dont want them to cause me to be tried because i play softball n we run alot i dont want them to make me feel exhausted n hard to breath wondering if anyone else has ran alot n how did they make u feel ??[/B]
  42. I read come of the comments on here yesterday and there were more good than bad. I have recently gained about 40 pounds I want to get rid of. Today is the 1st day! So far I really like them. I have lots of energy and am in a great mood and no jitters! So far so good!! I'll check back in a couple weeks with a progress report.
  43. i thought id try them since they were on sale at my local walgreen plus the new years is right around the corner so i thought what the heck.. ok so day 1 i weighed myself and im at a whopping 168 which is alot for me with my 5'3 frame so i took jm max strenth and all day felt really energetic and actually wanted to work out i also notice my cravings were gone it is now day 3 of this prgram i am now 164 woohoo 4 lbs in 3 days seems awesome to me ill keep ya posted
  44. I am on my second bottle of Fat Burn and I love it. Finally something that I see results! My curves are coming back and my meal portions are getting smaller without me having an empty stomach at night. It's nice to see the results and feel better about myself.
  45. I have tried these pills and this is my basic review. I ordered the Extreme Fat Burner pills from Amazon. They arrived within a few days. The pills gave me energy and reduced my appetite. I found that I was able to easily handle longer, harder workouts. I lost 15 pounds within 3 weeks, and that was due to the supplements, exercising 3 days a week, and eating healthy (no fast food or soda). I would recommend these supplements to any woman out there!
  46. To be honest i thought they were really good! I started taking the starter pack(2 weeks) and then when i was done i lost about 4 LBS. Then took the fat burner pills for about 2 weeks and in total for about 4 weeks i lost 10 lbs all together. I like them alot. Side effects that i got was the first couple of days i would feel kinda sick in the stomache and throw up but after the 5 th day i felt normal again even when i was still taking the pills.
  47. Tomorrow I will have been on the fat burner pills for one week. But I am only taking a quarter of the dose. I have yet to lose any lbs. But I am exercising and eating better so I can only assume it will show some results eventually in conjunction with the diet and exercise. I will probably increase dosage soon, just afraid it's going to keep me up all night long!! This is my first experience with diet pills and since its very mild I am satisfied so far! Def gives me the energy I have been looking for!
  48. I have been off my diet and exercise for about 3 weeks now. Decided to try the pills by themselves to see if they really work. Didn't change my eating habits at all. Tried the 1 week starter pack with the calorie control and the fat burner. It's only day 4 and have lost 2.5 pounds. I notice that if I take the pills 15 minutes before eating, but then don't end up eating for awhile I get lightheaded and queasy. So I have to make sure I'm set to eat within 20-25 minutes of taking these. So far much better results than any other diet pills by themselves. When I start back on diet and exercise I'm sure the results will be greater, but 2.5 pounds without changing a thing is pretty substantial. I'm buying the full sizes when my trial pack is empty.
  49. I did the whole 2 week program... and worked out everyday for about an hour... didnt loose any weight like the pills promise. I did tone a little but from the excersice
  50. Just an update the pills do not work!!!! At all i did not lose i gained 2 pounds. Will never take again and i wish i could get my money back.

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