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HCG Diet - Know the Facts Print E-mail

The world is filled with fads such as fashion, music, lifestyle, and yes, diets. One of the most popular diets for 2012 is the HCG diet. Although not everyone has heard about this particular weight loss method, those who have tried it claim to be very happy and satisfied with the results they got. In fact, it has been said that you could lose a pound per day with the hcg diet.

To the right side of this page is an hcg diet testimonial video. Michelle talks about her success using the hcg ultra diet drops. We want to thank Michelle for taking the time to make this video and send it to us.

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If you want to know the truth about the HCG diet, you can scour the Web for HCG reviews or you can read this review to give you all the information you need so that you can find out for yourself if this method really works.

Any Scientific Evidence HCG Diet Works?

Yes! In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 26: Effect of HCG  on Weight Loss,February 1973, pp. 211-218 it confirms HCG does work. Here is the Summary from their paper which you can go read yourself since we paraphrase part for brevity.

Twenty female patients were divided into two groups, one with placebo and one with HCG injections ( drops did not exist at the time of this study).  The HCG group lost significantly more mean weight, had a significantly greater mean weight loss per {dosage}, and lost a significantly greater mean percentage of their starting weight.  The percentage of affirmative daily patient responses indicating "little or no hunger" and "feeling good to excellent" was significanty greater in the HCG group than in the placebo group.

You can click the link here to read the full pdf on this clinical study here.

How Does the HCG Diet Work?

In order to understand how the HCG diet works, here is a brief overview. The HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin is an indicator of that a woman is pregnant. But aside from this, HCG is also administered to boys who lag in their genital development.

During the 1950’s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons observed that boys who were given HCG to enhance puberty developments were able to lose weight. This was attributed mostly to the boys’ tendency to eat less because they didn’t feel hungry at all.

Today, this concept has been used to help men and women who need to lose weight by administering HCG injections.  See the end of this review as there are HCG drops on the market as well. The current requirement is to undergo a month-long program, which will need 23 to 40 injections. As a rule of thumb, treatment should never be more than 40 injections at a time otherwise the body will develop immunity towards the HCG.Most programs have you take a low calorie (500-800) diet with HCG suppressing hunger.  We highly recommend you discuss this with your doctor as it is a very low calorie intake.

HCG Diet Dangers

Naturally, many people would become quite cynical about this breakthrough diet method. The one thing you need to know is that HCG has been approved by the FDA only as a fertility treatment, but not as a weight loss treatment. But in spite of this, there is no evidence we could find in our research that HCG itself poses any problem to individuals so as long as you take amounts recommended to you by your doctor. We recommend you discuss the use of this product with your doctor but you can buy HCG online here if you want.  The big problem with HCG diets has been people are often put on to low a calorie diet which is an issue for some people.

HCG Side Effects

Worried about HCG side effects? You would be happy to know that users have not really experienced problems with HCG. However, there have been reports that some of them experienced headaches, acne breakouts, and a few had also reportedly suffered from loss of sex drive. Other than that, there have been no major issues with the HCG diet as long as you follow a doctor’s advice on your nutrition plan along with your diet. We recommend you discuss this with your doctor prior to using any supplement.

HCG Drops

The HCG diet is not just limited to injections. There are also HCG drops such as the HCG platinum , which is administered sublingually. If anyone has mentioned to you about a so-called HCG platinum scam, you should take the time out to read HCG platinum reviews to know if this is true or not. However, based on the HCG platinum diet reviews we have gathered, there are no HCG platinum side effects and yes you can very well use HCG platinum as a means to lose weight.

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  1. ive done this diet a lil less then a year ago..ive done the injections..i dropped so much weight so fast..its crazy...but yes it is a very hard diet to follow if you are used to bad eating..but when you see the results it will make you stick to it..i am about to do it again starting tomorrow...bkz i have gained back like 15lbs since i went back to my bad eating habits..
  2. i am starting the shots tomorrow I am so ready for this if anyone has any advice on food exercise anything please email me anytime. I plan to keep my food very simple maybe just eat the same thing I like cucumers spinach chicken and apples so this is right up my alley.. I do plan to exercise some maybe the pool in the beginning . I do work and my work is phyical. So i hope i dont feel to tired.. Please dear god i hope this helps. I do everything. I dont over eat i work out alot. I dont do sugar and eat lots of veggies. and nothing makes a differnce. I am a little nervous about the shots but i think i can do it. thanks for any advice sharon
  3. where is everyone getting there hcg product? Would love to buy but dont know where to buy.I want the real thing.
  4. I'm on day 4 of the HCG Plaginum x30 diet and down 9 pounds! I'm very pleased and don't feel hungry. Still a long way to go but I'm excited :)
  5. Anyone wanting to do this diet should go to, April is a fantastic consultant and coach. I'm on day 11 and I'm down 19 pounds. Coming from the President of the Overeaters Club, I can honestly say that the first 2 load days are fun. And, since I've started the LCD I haven't been hunger on the 500 cals. I've actually felt full and have skipped my fruit for dinner on 2 occasions. Although, April informed me to just save it for later and eat it as a midnight snack. She indicated that this would keep my metabolism burning. In short for all of the skeptics just read the diet protocol and follow it to the letter and you WILL loose weight. End of Story.
  6. I started today taking the hcg drops, only need to loose about 10 lbs to reach my goal weight. If you finish the last phase and you have reach your goal weight, can you add carbs and stay on a 800-1200 calorie diet or should you stay away from carbs for good?
  7. Just started HCG today 04/18/12. Reading your comments have inspired me. Start weight is 175.8. Will update u on my progress soon. Wish me luck.
  8. I am just starting this diet and I actually read every single comment here. I noticed that alot of questions that I wondered about were here. One being can I use the master cleanse while doing the VLCD and drops. I was instructed to stick to the diet plan. Well, other questions were should you exercise. The answer I was giving was not necessarily because you will see results regardless... but was also not discouraged. Also the main thing, how do you survive on eating only 500 cals a day. The answer; with your body using the stored fat (1500 - 2000 cals along with the 500) you are actually feeding on about 2000 to 2500 a day. Hope this helps.
  9. I have been on this diet for 12 days and lost only 9lbs. I used chichen stock for flavor but notice it had sugar and oil. Does anyone know if I blew it. I also hate tomatoes. Can I substitute tomato sauce for tomatoes
  10. Just like MANY I would like to lose a few pounds. I read many success stories I hope I will be one of them. This. Is day one still got a sweet. Tooth but really working on it. Any suggestions.
  11. I started the diet today and so far I feel bright alert and energetic. I have a very hard time losing weight as my depo injections cause weight gain. I do feel hungry and I supplemented with pseodfed . I absolutely will be sticking to the regimine. I will post again in a week or so.
  12. i have been on the hcg drops off and on and every time i trulely stick to it it works real well, one week lost 10 pounds still determinded to lose alot more, coffee chicken and strawberries is all i eat everyday. the first couple days i lost 3 pounds just in one day was so happy.thanks hcg. my aunt did the shots and lost way more weight while doing it that way but its more money.
  13. i try stay on the diet put when i work i see the food they buy make me want it to so i lose eating chips are candy one or two times a week i hope that it will not hurt to much iam trying stay on the deit but i know my stomch is skinner i hate myself for slipping off the diet
  14. Im starting the diet tomorrow and i have no clue of the schedule when to eat how to eat what to cook it in cn somebody please help i really need to lose weight and i need somebody very supportive
  15. The HCG Diet Is Sooo EASY! I Cant Even Believe The Results I'm Getting. The Food Choices Are Decent And My Body Doesn't Feel Fatigue Or Tiredness. So Its Day 9 And I Have Lost 15 Pounds. I Was 229 lbs Before I Started And Now I Am 214 lbs. I Take The HCG Injections Daily And A B12 Injection Twice A Week. Oh And For Those Of You Who Had A Hard Time Finding The melba Toast Or Grissini Bread sticks Like Me, I Just Ate "Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers" Instead. Plus They Were MUCH CHEAPER. I Encourage Anyone Who Thinks That They Can Not Lose Weight To Give This A Try. I Guarantee U Wont Be Disappointed. :)
  16. I am on day 9, and I've lost 11lbs.....I am motivated to see this thru...I was referred by a friend. And was very impressed and intrigued with her weight-loss. #HCG Injections
  17. I just started the HCG diet, this is my first day with the 500/day calories. I am taking the injections and being monitor by a doctor. I forgot to ask the doctor. What do you do if you start your period? Im in perri-menopus. My period comes when it wants to. I haven't had a period since the first week of Jan. So I'm afraid that it will come while I doing this diet. Doese anyone know the protocol? Do you stop the injections and then start back five days later? Meaning instead of being on it for 26 days. 2 load days, 21 days of 500 cal, plus 3 days off the injections, but stead a 500/cal. equal 26 days total. You'll be on it 31 days etc. How does it work with period time? Looking for answers.
  18. my advice to those of you that want to work out while on it, I say be weary heavy exercise is going to make you burn more and if your following the 500 cals then your gonna burn off more then your putting in and get hungry and perhaps stall your loss do to your body trying to conserve what little it can. On that note of course you will loose weight only eating 500 cal!!! even with out the drops. Its called putting your body in to starvation mode, so I guess technically no you dont need the drops. However it is VERY VERY bad for you. Not to mention you'll gain it all back as soon as you stop, your body will start storing fat at a faster and faster rate, because it thinks your starving to death. I cant imagine there are many folks that would be able to stick to 500 cal a day for more then a few months and if you can get help because you anorexic!!!
  19. For everyones knowledge, you SHOULD be on HCG if you are going to do a 500 VLCD. Yes, you can still loose weight without the HCG; however, you will be loosing muscle mass and have bone defiency.....not good. HCG is a hormone which releases excess body fat stored in your body. Therefore, this is a duo combo effect which creates for a better and healthier weight loss. I've done this before and have lost 24 lbs in 30 days. I have over 5 friends that have done this and lost weight too. If you don't stick to the STRICT diet plan which is given, you will not see results, plain and simple.
  20. i am looking to try this but im on H.B tablets and a bit scared of taking anything fm the net .. im looking to loose a stone and a half by june or most of it anyway ,how safe is it can u eat anything or do u have to diet ,because ive tried dieting and cant ,,,thanx anne
  21. I would like to take the drops only 2 times a day before breakfast and before dinner. Can I do this and get the desired results?
  22. me and my mom started this diet together. on the first of february 2012. its been 12 days and i have only lost 7 pounds and my mom only 6. which is what we had lost after the first 4 days. since our weight has not changed. we dont want to get discouraged but its annoying to take a hcg shot every morning, we take 16 units. and we eat less than 1000 calories and we have also been walking/jogging everyday for atleast 2 miles a day. anyone have any feed back can email me. sabrina_31545 at i would greatly appreciate it. and thank you to anyone that will help us!
  23. I was just curious to know if you can still eat whatever you want, and lose weight. I mean the drops are effective enough, right?
  24. A lot of the top tier HCG companies have huge sales fairly often. I started HCG weight loss back in November when they were having a 50% off sale for a contest or something. I got a call a few weeks later from them asking how my diet was going, and offering me another 50% off on another kit. I wasn't ready for another round, but I realized that if the companies are throwing around these sales so freely, it might be worth just waiting for one. Just my 2 cents. P.S. This diet is fantastic! The first few days on the 500 calorie diet are really hard, but after that it's no sweat. You will be happy with yourself if you can just make it through the first 3 days.
  25. I am on my 5th round and stopped for about 6 months. I only gained back about 10 lbs in that time frame. In less than a year(10 months) I lost about 100 lbs. I have only had headaches etc.
  26. can you do the hcg drops as well as do weight watchers program? very confused with thehcg diet have not done all that much reserch
  27. I started Hcg-14 and this is my Fourth day it gives me a lot of energy not really sure its suppressing my appetite. If you go over 500 calories is it still affective?
  28. hi ! i have been doing a lot of research and i see people lossing like 5 -9 lbs a week . I'm on my 5th day of the hcg diet , but i dont see any extreme results .. i wana know how did people lose so much weight ? but i feel better , but i have a lot of headache and i feel hungry most of the time and i'm a smoker does that affect the results of the hcg diet ? also, is it bad to excersize the first week ? an I going to feel more hungry ? thank u =)
  29. I just started the diet so this is my first day on it. I really haven't felt hungry since starting but I will keep everyone posted on my progress. My goal is to lose 20 lbs and get down from 140 to 120. Hopefully, this hcg diet along with exercise will take me there quickly!!! ;-)
  30. Hello again I am on my 12th day and I am 14lbs slimmer and feeling very well
  31. I am on my 10th day and I have lost 11 lbs Chase it's for women and men
  33. I am currently on the hgc diet this is my 4th day I am down 6 pounds I'm 51 years of age and was told by a doctor that it was too late to just enjoy life, how can one enjoy life if you don't feel good about the way you look...HGC works...I am following it the way it explains in the diet book I downloaded from Dr.Simeon's web site and so far I am good...however you don't have too pay a fortune for the drops just go to Dr.Simeon's web site and order...I went there after seeing my friend go from 200lbs to 6 months I am so excited...
  34. is this diet just for women or can men do it to?
  35. so I have been dieting for the last 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds :) I have only eaten 500 calories a day but I am not taking the drops, so I know I dont need them to lose weight. I just want to know what they do for you?
  36. Today is my last day for drops (30th day), I am happy to report I have lost 19.2lbs. I had to do a total of 4 apples days due to 4 off and on stall days. My initial weight in was 195 and my final weigh in was 175.8. IT DOES WORK! Go thru the frustration but do not quit.
  37. I started the drops and lost 5 pounds in the first week,as did my daughter,we are doin it just to lose like 10lbs,i know several people on it and all are happy,Id say by listening to people i know and my experience on it is its all about fallowing directions,its really not hard! If u had bad eating habits like fast food,chips could be hard!
  38. For those of you who are wondering if this works it does! I did the injections which was much more expensive and saw a doctor during the 40 days, I lost 28 lbs. I gained most of it back because of poor eating habits and marriage problems. But that was my fault. Any low carb diet works, I have lost 11 lbs in a month just from cutting out carbs. I miss the quick weight loss on HCG so I am going to try the drops!
  39. Can you give more information? You are down 17 pounds in 28 days which I think is really good. Are you on day 28 now or have you gone more days now with no weight loss? Just need you to clarify what you are having happen to your weight loss.
  40. Is it the heavier you are the faster you lose. It seems like I am at a stall. I have lost 17 lbs in 28-days (including load days). When I read others experience, I get a little discouraged because I feel I should be far along than I am.
  41. I'm NOT kidding. I got the drops and vitamins from a friend who distributes and have followed the diet to the letter. I've lost 17 pounds in 7 days and have not exercised!! Starting weight 197.2 as of this morning, 180.1. 2 years ago I had lost 65 pounds on the Medi-weight loss program, but gained it all back. I do suggest for anyone doing it that they get the scale that also provides your body fat % and water %. I LOVE being a LOSER!!!
  42. Question, just been working out, weights, jogging for about 6 weeks. I still need to lose about 30 lbs, I would not want to stop the exercise and get out of shape. Wondering if you can do a custom HCG diet instead of 500 calories 1200 to 1000 calories and burn the extra 700 to 500 with the exercise. In effect putting in 500.
  43. Just starting the diet today, I have to say, it is expensive. I am 25 and I have always been on the heavier side. I just turned 25 this month and I am getting married in Nov of this year, I knew it was a time for change!! I am hoping this works, i have tried everything!!!
  44. Anna, I would be very careful doing both. Did you buy hcg ultra diet or some other product?
  45. i am stariting today and i wantted to know if i can do a cleanse and the lemonade as well! i have a shotting and i really need to loose some weigh in 8 days as much as i can... do u think it would work as well, the master cleanse diet with the hgc drops?? thankkkss
  46. I had friends that did the diet..all had done the injections. I could not afford them, so I purchased the drops.. including the 2 days of loading, it has been 10 days, and I am down 7 lbs.! I am very pleased, and have not been hungry. I have followed the diet very closely, and the only thing I am really missing is chocolate. Have not been hungry. Had a very bad headache 2 mornings, but went away with asprin, and that was an expected side affect. I would totally recommend this to anyone that is serious about weight loss. I am so grateful to have lost 7 lbs. as I have tried for years to loose weight, with no success!
  47. I lived in Calif. over 30 years ago and this diet was the thing. I did it. Took an injection everyday and ate 500 cal. Lost 40# but that could have been from only eating 500 calories. This is not a new revolutionary diet.I dont remember having any specific problems.
  48. Buying anything from EBAY scares me. Get it from a reputable supplier. I bought hcg ultra diet drops after researching that product thoroughly on this website and was the one getting the most positive feedback from facebook groups as well...
  49. The HCG drops that I have purchased from ebay does not work. Its been more than a week and I still feel super hungry all the time. Im not sure if it is the where I purchased the drops from, however, totally expected because usually things like this are only gimmicks and do not work for weight loss. Though I know that if one could actually cut his or her calories down to say 500 calories a day from the regular calorie intake, they can indeed lose a significant amount of weight like others have stated previously. Sadly, I do not feel that HCG drops can assist in suppressing one's appetite. SORRY!
  50. Before i purchased i read the article here and also your others on specific hcg products, dangers and side effects. That was 5 weeks ago..and i decided to go with hcg ultra diet drops.. i have been doing things strictly for 3 weeks now and followed the directions strictly and I am down 18 pounds of my 45 pound weight loss goals.. I am very pleased with the results. I have had one side effect and that is soon as i noticed it which was like 3 days lol i added benefiber to my diet and i am fine now! I will report back in another 5 weeks after my 60 days is up!

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