4 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Are you having 3-6 meals per day while focussing on low-carb diet and still failed to lose weight? Yes, this happens when you have 3 to 6 meals a day. Practically when you have these numbers of meals a day, it may not always be possible to stay consistent with with low-carb and high protein diet. Although whole food is always a best choice but when you need to lose your raw body fats quickly, you need to change the whole diet plan.

How Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight loss Can Help You?

Protein shakes commonly known as meal replacement shakes help you a lot when you want to lose your weight fast. Protein shakes are good replacement for the filling but junk food which you normally have in a day. Its healthier than any food on the earth. Limit your self to protein drinks when you are going to lose your weight with a meal replacement plan.

What Do You Need for a Healthy Living

Listen, all you want is a healthy living and that is possible when you have healthy diet plan altogether. Replacing your daily meal with highest rated protein drinks can help you fill all of your needs. Here are some of the things required for your body to maintain its health.
  1. Your body needs less carbohydrates and fats, Protein shakes can help you achieve your goals.
  2. Liquids are good altogether for your body health. These magical drinks consist most of liquid.
  3. Protein is not only good for your muscular health, it also help you maintain several body functions and organs like your hairs.
  4. Natural sweeteners tend to push lesser body fats in your body.
  5. Fruits are the heavenly meals, these shakes may include several fruits or the one, which is your favourite.
  6. Natural foods help you stay healthy than synthetic foods and bakery items.
  7. It includes minerals to run lot of functions, your body does in a day.

4 Highest Rated Meal Replacement Shakes You Can Make at Home

Ok lets start with the following highest rated protein shakes. These shakes are not only healthier for you, it also easy to make these shakes at home. Here are few of the recipes to shake your drinks at home with available fruits, milk and some other ingredients.

1. Berry Protein Shakes

Berry shakes are really good for people who want to lose weight fast. It includes multiple berries which are considered super healthy foods for decades. Here is the recipe to make this beautiful and delicious as well as a super helper in weight loss.

  • Blueberries 1/4 cup
  • Blackberries 1/4 cup
  • Strawberries 1/2 cup
  • Peanuts 1/2 cup
  • Yogurt 1.5 cup
Put all the ingredients in your blender and shake well. You can add some ice cubes to make it chiller.

2. Peanut Butter & Banana Shake

When you completely go for meal replacement with healthier shakes, You will cut you fats intake tremendously. This could make your body fat deficit at a level. This shake helps you maintain a fat intake in a way that your body gets it as much it needs.

  • Peanuts 1 cup
  • Butter 2 table spoon
  • Banana 2
  • Cocoa powder 2 table spoon
  • Milk 2 cups
Put all the ingredients in your blender and shake well. You can add some ice cubes to make it chiller.

3. Creamy Almond Shake

Almonds shakes are well known natural supplement for wrestlers and body builders since several centuries. This drink not only helped several popular and muscular figures in the history, its also being used by fitness professionals and their trainees. Here is the recipe to shake your favourite creamy almond drink.

  • Almonds 1/2 cup without shells
  • Bananas 2
  • Dairy Cream 1/4 cup
  • Milk 2

Put all the things into the blender and shake well unless mixed properly. Garnish your shake with few more almonds and have a healthy drink.

4. Muesli Protein Shake

This shake is a full shot of protein. This not only helps you grow your muscles, it also helps you lose your weight in weeks.

  • Muesli 1/2 cup
  • Peanuts 1/4 cup
  • Protein Powder 2 table spoons
  • Mixed fruit 1/4 cup
  • Milk 2 cups
Add muesli, peanuts, protein powder and milk to blender and shake well. When mixed well, pour into a glass and garnish it with mixed fruit.

5 Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home Without Equipment

Missing workout equipment at home? No worries. Here we go with 10 exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment. These exercises will not only let you burn fats around your belly fast, it will also make you physically active all the day. When you start a weight loss exercises, you need to focus on all parts of your body and try to lose weight simultaneously on all parts.

There are surely some exercises which could directly affect your fat pockets on your body. If you are able to adopt these 10 activities, you will not only maintain your good body shape, it will also reverse your bulky figure to a skinny one. Here is the list of exercises, so you could start doing asap.

1. Push up/Pike Walk Combo

This exercise is really easy to pose and people can do it easily at home without any sort of workout equipment. This is a best cardio activity as well as a good workout for your chest, shoulder and back. It means, it will directly affect your body on those three points. Hence you will lose some fat on those three spots. its one of the best hip weight loss exercises.

Workout Method

  1. First stand straight for a while while leaving your hands easy and straight towards your feet.
  2. Bend over your body in an inclined position. Place your hands on the floor in front of you. You should keep 3 feet distance between your hands and feet.
  3. Now bend over more to pose like push up style and have a push up.
  4. Stand up again in the straight position.
  5. Repeat this activity 10 times in a set. You need to do 3 sets of this exercise.

2. Prison Squats

This activity will affect your lower body portion. It means, you can strengthen your legs as well as losing fat around your thighs. 

Workout Method

  1. Stand up straight and then join your hands behind your head while you have 1 feed distance between your feet.
  2. Sit down like a squat position while keeping your upper body straight and look right in front of you. Remember to not leave the hands position.
  3. Stand up again with the hands joined behind your head.
  4. You should do 20 steps in a set. Total 3 steps are recommended for you on daily basis.

3. Squat and Kick

This exercise also focuses on lower part of your body. It will increase energy and strength level in your body really fast. In my personal opinion, this is the most effective weight loss exercise. Since its sort of a cardio exercise, it will cut your fat on legs in few weeks.

Workout Method

  • Stand straight with your hands joined behind your head.
  • Sit down in Squat Position.
  • Stand up again and pull your right leg and kick in front of you.
  • Sit down again in Squat position again.
  • Stand up again and pull your left leg this time and kick in front of you.
  • Repeat these steps 10 times in a set.
  • You need to do 3 sets in a day.

4. Bodyweight Jump Squat

Jumping exercises or other activities in conjunction with jumping, is a full body workout routine for weight loss at home. This exercise quickly demolish your fat cells and increase your metabolism. This will result in stronger legs which have muscular and strong figure without fats on the legs.

Workout Method

  1. Join your hands behind your head while standing straight.
  2. Sit down in a squat position.
  3. Pull your full body upwards and jump in standing position.
  4. Repeat this exercise 10 times in a set.
  5. You need to do minimum 3 sets in a day.

5. Inchworm

Inchworm exercise helps you reduce weight from your chest, armpits, shoulders and upper thighs

Workout method

  1. Bend over with your hands touching the floor. Keep 1 feet distance of your hands from your feet.
  2. Move the hands in front of you like the feet when you walk.
  3. Go ahead this way and then get back with the same steps.
  4. You need to keep doing this exercise for 3 minutes in a set.
  5. Repeat these sets until 3.


These fast weight loss exercises at home are awesome when you are away from your home or do not have access to special workout equipment. You can always use the things available around and use them for exercise. These special exercises will help you burn your body fat quickly and you will be able to lose your tummy weight in couple weeks.

4 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Are you having 3-6 meals per day while focussing on low-carb diet and still failed to lose weight? Yes, this happens when you have 3 to 6 m...

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